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On a Grand Strategy for Peaceful Revolution

On a Grand Strategy for Peaceful Revolution
Towards Peaceful Revolution ~

Below is a grand strategy for a Peaceful Revolution inside the United States for all to see. We are alive aboveground here now. We are neither hiding nor frozen by paranoid fear. We will adhere to our grand strategy in the process of helping to build up a mass liberation movement led by the people's vanguard elements. We will strive to work in harmony with all other progressive parties, community organizations, positive groups and liberated intellectuals based upon our HELP Survival Platform.*

We are proponents of the ideal of creating a Peaceful Revolution as a grand strategy, not as a temporary tactic for propaganda purposes. We have a sincere honest approach to helping improve the whole situation in the external world to help bring peace upon Mother Earth.

We know of the end failure of past violent revolutions. Even when rebel forces succeed via violence many foot soldiers are killed, many innocents are killed in cross fire and lasting bitter resentments remain for generations among the people. The former Soviet Union has collapsed, the People's Republic of China is another fascist corporate state, North Korea is a failed state and even Cuba has aging enemies at its doorsteps in Florida. The deep seeds of counter-revolutions sprout up out of the violence of the original revolutions.

Cultivating a humane being ~

We must seek to overthrow our own internal character defects: false pride, selfish greed, hateful wrath, resentful envy, animal lust, lazy sloth and piggish gluttony. Let us not replace one pack of rabid wolves with another pack of fools.

The bulk of the work to be done is on ourselves: cultivating a new humane being who has tender care, true concern and loving compassion for all living beings. It is ultimately our own characters that must be transformed for us to create lasting creative change in the world. We will find our true spiritual liberation as genuine humane beings, not as human animals.

Grand Strategy and Tactics ~

In war, strategy is the study of the laws of social development that govern the whole situation. Tactics involves the study of different related parts of the whole situation, their relations and interrelations. Tactics are the various tools utilized as methods of operation to achieve an end strategy. Many people confuse strategy with tactics and assume that a major tactic is a general strategy. Let us be crystal clear. A given set of tactics are the means to a grand strategy, not the reverse.

The ultimate aim of our grand strategy is the revolutionary transformation of state power by the people's vanguard elements in unity with the masses of the people in order to establish a democratic socialist state, a true people's congress and transform the present unjust state of property relations between the two main classes at war in present-day society: the haves and the have-nots.

Revolution is the ultimate solution for all our great social issues, not mere economic reforms and surface civil rights. A relevant social revolution would be a quantum leap in our evolution as a species. For revolution to take place there must be a true people's government that is of the people, for the people and by the people in the external world.

What is HELP-Matrix? ~

Let us keep in mind the basic survival needs of the people before any other considerations. We will not argue over esoteric philosophical points or split hairs over ideological debates. We will work together to build up a flexible democratic socialist revolutionary matrix to help provide vanguard leadership. We cannot do it all alone, but there is nothing we cannot do together with the support of the masses based upon our common interests, common dreams and common visions for the future.

The idea of a matrix is to create an interconnected network of basic survival programs in order to create a solid integrated infrastructure we can sustain for further liberating activities. For now, this means creating a central office, a global communication network and basic supplies. We will encourage people to get involved in a specific area of community interest that brings out their best individual skills, talents and specialties.

General Tactics ~

We will daily exercise all our basic humane rights bestowed upon us by virtue of our being born as sacred living beings. We will engage in productive exchanges of ideas and ideals, dynamic dialogues, fruitful debates and constructive conversations in order to raise our general level of consciousness about the world we live in today. No one has all the answers. If we think we know it all we can learn nothing. We will learn from each other in humility.

We will be Internet-based to reach out to all peoples of all lands, not be limited to only our local community or to the continental United States. Internet power has truly transformed power relationships in today's world. All people should have Internet Access.

For whatever reasons, we will find that many people who are close to us in our immediate existential environment will be afraid to get involved, afraid to stand out and afraid to be labeled as radicals. We will not be hypocrites and deny our basic social beliefs and spiritual principles. To seek true liberation in life is a natural right of all humane beings.

We will consciously exhaust all legal, peaceful and non-violent methods of struggle for our humane liberation, including electoral politics to promote the virtues of social democracy. We will have community education classes, open community meetings and work together to find common solutions to common problems. For all practical purposes, we are now in a Great Depression in this new Millennium with extremely limited resources. We will do what we can with what we have and pray for help from all who share our grand strategy.

We must have faith in the people, faith in our collective leadership and a higher faith in the Creator. We need as many active allies and working alliances as we can gather together so we do not become isolated and targeted for extinction by the reactionary forces of fascist repression similar to the original Black Panther Party.

We should all come to see ourselves as being members of the same humane family, no matter what our personal orientation is in terms of race, sex, tribe or ethnic identity. We seek strong mass unity based upon our genuine common interests.

We admit we are in uncharted territory here. There is no popular vanguard party now inside the U.S.A. nor is there even a united front against the common foe of Amerikan fascism. Many partisans cannot even agree on a general definition of who our common enemy 'is'! Our common enemy can be identified as the Amerikan Empire on three levels:

1. Controlled on top by corporate ruling class circles,
2. Legitimized by a fascist federal government, and
3. Protected by the largest military machine in all of human history.

Before us is a new wild frontier for us to deeply explore and experiment on in order to test our various theories in the fields of social praxis. We will constantly refine our analyzes using the scientific ideology of dialectical materialism as the basis for our system of thinking, yet be open to new spiritual insights. We desire the power to determine our own destiny in harmony with our basic survival interests and spiritual growth. This is not brain science. Social power is the capacity to have clear perception of, correctly define and transform phenomena in connected reality.

This essay is not a final frozen state of conclusions about Peaceful Revolution. Indeed, revolution is a quantum leap in an on-going creative process of evolution that has reached a nodal point where it can sprout out into other directions. True revolution is not a ready-made set of final conclusions for all times and places. It is a living process. We will be learning by doing, open to new experiences and overcome all our false fears with the courage of our convictions.

We are up front about these strategic matters so others have a good understanding of where we are coming from in our quest for a Peaceful Revolution. Ours is another way, not the only way. With our grand strategy in mind we will gradually build up a new kind of democratic-socialist party with a major emphasis on mass education and elevating mass consciousness.

Educate to Liberate! Power to the People! Join the Humane Liberation Party!

BOOK: The Huey P. Newton Reader ~Edited by David Hilliard, Donald Wiese:

LINK: The Art of War ~via Sun-Tzu ~

HELP 5-Point Survival Platform

First Posted Online: January 1, 2001
Sacramento, California, Aztlan

#1. We demand our basic humane needs for the survival of our species: nutritional food, proper clothing, decent shelter, health care and quality education for our present welfare and future success in the New Millennium.

#2. We demand complete employment for our natural energies, relevant job training or a guaranteed income for our continued life existence as humane beings in order to work in decent positions as functional mature adults.

#3. We demand worldwide socialist democracy with proportional representation: wherein the majority rules, protects minorities and cares for all based upon 'one human being, one legitimate vote' in fair, free and open monitored elections.

#4. We demand equal respect for all humane rights: no matter the economic class, blood race, gender sex, national identity, native tribe. cultural origin or personal orientation and the conscientious resolution of violations against the humane rights of all indigenous native tribes.

#5. We demand true Peace on Earth and an immediate end to all evil unjust wars, regional conflicts and territorial disputes in conjunction with the total elimination of all Weapons of Mass-Destruction by any and all means mandatory.
HELP: the Humane-Liberation-Party Blog
Update: ~Peta-de-Aztlan~11/25/2010

Venceremos! We Will Win!
Sacramento, California
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

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