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On Love for the People via Peta_de_Aztlán

On Love for the People via Peta_de_Aztlán

Love All of Mother Earth

First of all, we must be motivated by a sincere love for the people, not a phony love, but a true love for the people born of the love we have for ourselves. The desire to help other people, to raise consciousness up into higher levels of understanding and to participate in connected reality in positive ways comes out of our true compassion for people. Without a true loving compassion for people it is impossible for us to be sincere in our relationships. Revolution is motivated by our great love for the people. Each of us on an individual level is a single unit of that great collective we call 'the people'. We love the people, because we are one of the people and should try to live in harmony with the people.

Let our love for the people help guide us in all our ways. Nowadays the word 'love' is tossed around so lightly that in many cases it has lost the power of its true meaning. When we speak of love for the people we speak of the union between the people and our own individual self. It is logical that we put the needs of the people, the basic survival needs of billions of people, before our own individual needs. Our own individual needs are included in the needs of the people. Each of us as an individual is one of the people.

Many people do not have a strong love of the people because they do not have a strong love for themselves. If we learn to love ourselves better, if we learn to take care of ourselves better, if we learn to accept ourselves better, with all our flaws and faults, then we will naturally have a greater love for people.

Many people know of Che Guevara's famous quote: "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love."

It should never be ridiculous to be guided by great feelings of love, especially love for the people. In fact, our efforts at bringing about a Peaceful Revolution should always be guided by love, never by hate. Our true love has the power to conquer hate. There is always too much hate in the world today and never enough love.

Our love for the people should come natural to us as humane beings. A humane being will have a natural love of the people. To repeat a zillion times, a humane being has tender care, true concern and total compassion for the people. For us to evolve as a human being we must develop into being a truly humane being. That means we care about all people of all lands, of all cultures and of all orientations. It does not matter if someone is black, white or striped. It does not matter if someone is straight, gay or crooked. It does not matter if someone is left, right or center. Each of us is a human being, whether one is truly humane or not. As a human being one is blessed by having basic humane rights. Even if someone is an enemy combatant and has been captured as a terrorist, that person still has humane rights!

All of us upon mother Earth are one family of living beings. We have a huge family that includes all species of life, including insects, plants and trees. We are all on the same planet Earth. We must learn to live together, we must learn to respect each others space, and we must uphold our sacred right to life. When we expand our consciousness to comprehend that we are all one family, even though we have big family feuds we call wars, then we can better learn how to respect one another, how to work together despite our differences, how to settle our disputes without trying to kill each other.

There is so much negativity in the world on different levels and different realms. All these negative energies have resulted in great imbalances that threaten our existence as an already endangered species of life. Many scientists say that we are destroying Mother Earth. Our natural resources are drying out and running out. In the main, our governments are corrupt and rotten to the core. No single government can claim to be free of the corrupting capital influence of the great Amerikan Empire, especially because of its great military might.

The so-called People's Republic of China has betrayed the original vision of the Chinese revolution espoused by Chairman Mao. China is now a mega-corporate capitalist state and a major competitor of the almighty U.S. dollar. The former Soviet Union does not even exist. The great American Empire rules the world, especially because of its dominant military technology.

All these negative forces must be brought back into balance or we are all doomed to self extinction as a species under the threat of mutual annihilation. All these wars in the history of mankind and we still have no world peace. We must balance out the drive for war with the deep desire for peace. We must balance the hate in the minds of men with revolutionary love in the hearts of the people.

We must gather the positive forces of pure love to inspire us to come together in unity, to inspire us to change the world for the better and to inspire us to evolve as loving compassionate humane beings upon our one and only precious Mother Earth.

I John 4:7-8 "My beloved, let us love one another; for love is from God; and every one who loves is born of God and knows God."

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

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