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Venceremos! We Will Win!
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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

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From the desk of  Harvey Arden

Author:  WISDOMKEEPERS: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders

DREAMKEEPERS: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia

  NOBLE RED MAN: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King

TRAVELS IN A STONE CANOE: The Return to the Wisdomkeepers



WHITE BUFFALO TEACHINGS  by Chief Arvol Looking Horse   

 VOICE OF THE HAWK ELDER  by Seneca Wisdomkeeper Edna Gordon


 My Life Is My Sun Dance

 Audio CD 



An Eagle's Cry


Listen to me!


I am the Indian voice.

Hear me crying out of the wind,

Hear me crying out of the silence.

I am the Indian voice.

Listen to me!


I speak for our ancestors.

They cry out to you from the unstill grave.

I speak for the children yet unborn.

They cry out to you from the unspoken silence.


I am the Indian voice.

Listen to me !

I am a chorus of millions.

Hear us !

Our eagle's cry will not be stilled !


We are your own conscience calling to you.

We are you yourself

crying unheard within you.


Let my unheard voice be heard.

Let me speak in my heart and the words be heard

whispering on the wind to millions,

to all who care,

to all with ears to hear

and hearts to beat as one

with mine.


Put your ear to the earth,

and hear my heart beating there.

Put your ear to the wind

and hear me speaking there.


We are the voice of the earth,

of the future,

of the Mystery.


Hear us! 




 This CD is riveting... I could not move.
Reviewer: barbara
The musicians, Leonard and Harveys spoken words along with the music, are so powerful I could not move until the CD was over. Heart wrenching.


My heart soars when I listen to it
Reviewer: Doug Draime
When I listen to it my heart is broken and my heart is enraged, and my heart soars. Every man and woman and child should be exposed to it. It is outrages what has happened to Leonard and we must all stand up and say, no more, no more ...


A must have for any ethical person. Tino pai!
Reviewer: Jon Pawson
The words of this CD resonate with anguish and pain, yet a staunch resolve remains. We hear Leonard's experiences through Harvey's voice, a powerful performance. This CD should be with every conscientious supporter of justice in every land on this earth. Ka mau te wehi, e hoa ma! (Awesome, my friends)


incredible insight from a political warrior, thank you for your continous teachi
Reviewer: HaidaMaiden
I listened to the CD over and over. The message is so powerful; I send prayers out to all spiritual warriors that have served unnessary time in prison.


The Ripples are Reaching Out!
Reviewer: Risha
I sat and listened to this in my room, a few candles flickering in the darkness and I could FEEL the pain, the loneliness and the emptiness of Mr Peltier as his powerful words reached into my mind and painted many disturbing and despairing images, they reached in and touched my heart and I felt so sad, yet I could also feel such strength and dignity. That amazed me. I don't think there are many people who would be able to stay as strong and not lose their dignity under such a disgusting and disgaceful injustice forced upon them! I am here in England and like a pebble dropped in the water the ripples are reaching out to other lands and other people who also fight in their own way for Mr Peltier... and the injustices of the American Indian Peoples.


heart rending
Reviewer: Peg Shriner
Having read the book and other writings about Mr. Peltier including "In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse" by Peter Mathiasson. Harvey brings Mr. Peltiers feeings to light in a vocal way, to where we can not only read the words but FEEL the heart of this great man. I honor him and will continue to fight for his freedom in anyway that I can. He will not be forgotten by this simple woman. Walk in TRUTH, HONOR and BEAUTY with PEACE LOVE and LIGHT always


It held my heart from beginning to end thought of all the incarcerated bros and
Reviewer: Shelly
I think the CD is a wake up call to our spirits and our humanity. Harvey reading Leonard's words spoke to me those inside prison are our brothers,sisters our family. It's not ok to forget infact its our responsibility to remember them. This CD will keep me mindful of that and I will carry Brother Leonards words everyday for the rest of my life. shelly


This is an important CD
Reviewer: Come Again Moon
How can we rate this CD, it is like trying to rate the experience of the heart beat of GrandMother Earth. This album is important. I agree with the good people, here. Leonard invites you into his cell, with the care and grace of a loving, holy spirit and Harvey Arden's riviting, narration carries us through the journey of Leonard's Sun Dance as we are all, accompanied to new levels of understanding, by Rev. Goat and the New Orleans Light. Ording more than one copy of this CD, really is, a good idea and Little Eagle, Thank you for the excellent suggestion. One of my copies will be given to my Congressperson. Mitakye Oyasin Moon


This CD rocks!
Reviewer: carol j.
It made me feel as though I were sitting in the cell with Leonard and listening to his every word. The whole cd bears witness to what needs to be done! FREE LEONARD PELTIER!


i feel the pain
Reviewer: Ivy
hey i get this site sent to my inbox, would love to hear mre about leonard peltier, as a ntive i love to hear about my people...take care leonard iam behind you all the way..((((HUGS))))


Very Impressive Work
Reviewer: Little Eagle - Earth Citizenhsip Network
Very impressive work. It will take the listener to a place where most of us will never be but all of us are all familiar with. The place is Leavenworth, Kansas the residence of a Native American and Earth Citizen political prisoner by the name of Leonard Peltier. The spoken words you will hear is from Leonard's personal story and it will ring to your heart, go ahead and buy it. In fact, buy one for a friend and send another to a politician. Free Leonard Peltier!


Sure I felt compassion, I felt anger again for the FBI
Reviewer: Llye K'ang
Sure, I felt compassion but at the same time, I felt anger again for the FBI, there arrogance and unbelievable ignorant ways. "If I can get away with it-why not", kind of attitude. You know what I mean...


Being There
Reviewer: barbara
I can feel myself in that cell with Leonard listening to this CD....


Demand Freedom for Leonard NOW!
Reviewer: John at CD Baby
The powerful words of Leonard Peltier are not to be ignored. This one man has done more to promote Human Rights while unjustly held within prison walls than most of us can ever hope to do outside of them. This CD is a compelling reading of Leonards own words, read by the man (Harvey Arden) who helped him get those words out to the world. A must have for anyone who cares for the future of the generations yet to come and the realities of a man currently being denied freedom due to a gross miscarriage of justice



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