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Re: Live from Copenhagen!


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Right now, Maggie L. Fox and a team from the campaign are in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Vice President Gore is on his way there this weekend.

Copenhagen is an important opportunity for America to take a leadership role on clean energy, and we want to make sure you are part of it.

To give you a firsthand look at what's happening, Giselle Barry, the Communications Director for Repower America, will be posting updates and videos from Copenhagen on our blog and the Repower America Wall.

Watch a short intro video from Giselle and share your message with the international community in Copenhagen.

Click here to watch.

The negotiations in Copenhagen provide an unprecedented opportunity to initiate bold and immediate global action to combat the climate crisis.

With the world looking to the U.S. for leadership, it's essential that here at home we show our commitment to leading the way toward a new clean energy economy.

The best way we can do this during the Copenhagen Conference is by telling the world that we're going to keep fighting to make sure our elected leaders pass a strong clean energy and climate bill. 

Watch the video and send your message to the leaders of the world on the Repower Wall:

The world is watching. I hope you can take a moment to let them know we're ready to be a part of a historic solution to the climate crisis.


Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager


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