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Ravinder>Re: Humane-Rights-Agenda USA has 50 States, India Need 150 States – Climate Change – Exclusive (C)

Gracias Ravinder ~ I am not sure that more states are the answer. The United States are in many ways divided amongst themselves, the IRS is hated and the FBI is not trust. Nonetheless. I appreciate your sharing information with us and being a leader and spokesman for humane rights related to the glorious Indian people. India seems to a very complex country. I hope all of us see the central role that India has and will continue to have for us here upon Mother Earth.


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Subject: {Humane-Rights-Agenda} USA has 50 States, India Need 150 States – Climate Change – Exclusive (C)


USA has 50 States, India Need 150 States – Climate Change – Exclusive (C)


Leaders of National Parties should seriously consider 150 smaller states to make sure India is better governed, its natural resources are efficiently used in sustainable manner and avoiding corruption. 


Big states means, in second biggest nation in population has big districts but villages in comparison are too small to assert any influence in policy making. In Delhi we have over 20 cabinet ministers responsible for Climate Change, Environment, Steel, Power, Irrigation, Water, Industry, Mines, Roads, Railways etc thus India has 5.5% of global emissions for 2% of world GDP.


We have seen recently how Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh had to fly in helicopter in adverse weather conditions to a distance of 600 kilometers that was well within state.


Neither the legislature nor administration nor people have effective interaction/ communications thus no one is accountable and responsible to each other. Above all it is an environment disaster.


While in USA people use cars and transport for recreation purpose – predominant movements in India relates to accessing state, district and national administration. But still administration can't reach people. Public funded schools are not monitored by administration effectively – teachers & lecturers get highest wages but don't work for even 600 and 300 hours in a year respectively.


We have seen Rs.15,000 crores or more sent for Vidarbha Farmers from Delhi and Mumbai disappeared in transactions or went in to wrong hands.


Money sent from Delhi to Bihar for repair of Kosi River embankments went into the pockets of contractors but no work was done. People and state suffered from such chronic corruption for six decades already and no one was ever accountable for such catastrophic failures or rather manmade tragedies.


Fact is Nitish Kumar didn't have time to see the breach site – so busy he was counting, accounting and siphoning of Rs. 14,000 crores he got as annual budget that year. Bigger states mean bigger resources and biggest failures and frauds – even more importantly biggest SLUMS. Mumbai, Delhi , Kolcutta and other capital cities expanded furiously because they were capital states.


Contrary to politicized views 30% to 50% of slums dwellers in Mumbai belong to Maharashtra and majority of them are controlled by Maharashtra politicians. In Delhi also most of the slums and unauthorized constructions were contributed by local people in NCR.


I am glad Mayawati has opined in favor of smaller states. All the resources of UP is invested in Noida or Ghaziabad . Even though Supreme Court indicted her for wasting $500m on statues, in the largest state of India she remain above law neither accountable to Judiciary nor Public.


Most of the industries in Uttarkhand go to Dehradun or Haridwar region. Area bordering Chandigarh in Himachal and Punjab get most of Industrial units of Himachal and Punjab .


150 states will have firstly 150 state capitals so the focus of development will shift to 150 regions. Money available will get productively invested.


UP split into 20 states (four districts each) would not have approved Rs.3000 crores Metro Line for Noida. Industry would have been evenly distributed.


Even a small state Goa with just 1.4 million population can control mining mafia but in bigger states – 50 times larger in area or 10-30 times larger population like Jharkhand, Andhra, Karnataka, MP, Orissa and other states people have no knowledge of massive plunder of resources.


Not just in big states, even Delhi and Mumbai have no control over water inflows and water distribution in few hundred square kilometers – there is colossal waste of water.


Only issue of concern in Law & Order and for that there is better solution indicated in USA administration – strong IRS and FBI. India shall have strong Revenue Service and Central Police Force with powers to investigate all economic and serious crimes from frauds to murders.


 Here I may add bigger states are able to "Resist Penal Action" like dismissal even when they are indicted for Genocide.


The big states ignored or politicized local issues resulting in 1984 Blue Star, Anti Sikh Riots, Babri Mosque in 1992 and Godhra in 2002 – and no one is convicted for such crimes on humanity.


Most disgracefully officers who connived in these man slaughters were simply transferred in some other parts of the big states.


In conclusion it most import to mention – in big states local people perceive Public Waste on useless projects as beneficial for local development be it NREGA or Statues of Mayawati or Metro Line in Noida.


A smaller desert state comprising Bikaner , Jaisalmer and Ganganagar would neither have afforded 18,000 cusec canal nor wasted precious water – 500 BCM in last 4-5 decades but installed smaller but efficient system instead avoiding environment disaster in the form of water logging generating methane.


Smaller States Will Definitely Have Big Advantage.


Ravinder Singh


December12, 2009


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