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On This Day: In 1874 Apache Chief Cochise passed away. He was a chief (a nantan) of the Chokonen ("central" or "real" Chiricahua) band of the Chiricahua Apache ...and a leader in defending his people's land from continued invasions. For Cochise, the invaders held nothing sacred and had violated the rules of war by capturing and killing Mangas Coloradas during a parley session. Cochise and the Apaches continued their fight against American and Mexican invaders and military positions throughout the 1860s.
Amazing...i live right in the heart of Apacheria and nobody in masse knows anything about Apache history, resistence, removal, and genocide. There are absolutely NO large Apache groups here. Why? Because there is a massive copper mine right on the spot where the Apache's made their homes. These Gabachos around here don't want to know who this land belonged to. They say, "Well, we really don't know who was here". But, they're real quick to dig up our ancestors, steal pots, stone tools, arrowheads, and put them behind glass in a museum to continually perpetuate the lie that we are no longer here, of the past, unknown, and gone forever while they continue to celebrate their status arising from their sick imaginations, laws, and illigetimate authority as squatters, frontiermen, trappers, traders, surveyors, homesteaders, miners, wranglers, cattlemen, Indian Agents, Governors, priests, Ethnologists, policemen, Judges, posses, and killers.
Long live Cochise, Mangas Coloradas, Victorio, Monica, Nana, Monteras, Taleluz, Yaque, Delgadito, Miguel Narbona, Josecito, Relles, Chato, Dostehseh, Vicente, Mahko, Cuchillo Negro, Chato, Itan, El Compa, Phalios Palacio, and all the Chiricahuas, Chokonens, Chihenne, Bedonkohes, Nednhis, Mescaleros, Jicarillas, and all our warriors hailing from what they now call Grant County where I live, where my Apache brothers & sisters resisted European invasions, theft, & murder for nearly 200 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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