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Ravinder > Re: Humane-Rights-Agenda Hindus Killing Hindus for Ages – Exclusive [1 Attachment]

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Subject: Humane-Rights-Agenda Hindus Killing Hindus for Ages – Exclusive [1 Attachment]

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Hindus Killing Hindus for Ages – Exclusive
June03, 2013
As you have asked almost everything about India so I have provided you with a short answer. Up to 80% population would be lost in drought but irrigation facilities were not developed – even today 80% river waters are lost. We were over 32% in population could have been much more dominating the world.
For ages we have caste system people of lower castes were systematically exploited by upper caste and traders who in league with rulers would make sure that poor remain poor, but produce all the wealth for the rich yet not even entitled to minimum wages.
You must be puzzled to see a company allocated say 20 billion tones of Coal worth $2Trilion at international price - nobody is interested in recovering it – everyone is after PM. India is like UK a Parliamentary Democracy. For nine years opposition is holding key positions in Parliamentary Committees they knew everything, all these policies were approved by the government with their voting. Actually Loot started in a big way only after Ruling Congress was defeated in 1996.
Sir Cotton in his book in 1850-75 has reported India could have produced over 10 times more food or literally feed the world but nobody was interested because that would make poor and untouchable healthy and prosperous. We had resources and technology for well over thousand years much before muslim invaders came to India. In fact some of the huge old temples are made of granite.
Similarly Florence Nightingale wrote how farmers were exploited by Moneylenders who would charge exorbitant interest rate and made him give Thumb impression on Mortgage Documents to take over their properties.
All knowledge was kept as Closely Guarded Secret in Sanskrit Language – there was severe punishment for anyone learning Sanskrit. 95% population was illiterate.
90% young Indians can read at least is great achievement of the government. Poor People are getting Smarter and Intelligent. Most State governments are these days Ruled by Farmers, Backward Castes. There is already a political transformation.
Nation is passing through REVOLUTION phase when Rich Have Joined Forces and are resisting change. Eventually Majority shall prevail.
With this background I think you have learnt the truth.
Now your specific questions  
1.  Obviously I am disappointed with the state of our people.
2.  I post messages to PM and other Leaders directly and to other groups as well. I was moderating Indianthinkers for some years.
3.  I do make IMPACT EVERYTIME but there are 50-100 times more people who don't want change for various reasons.
4.  Most of my letters are acknowledged but there is SLOW progress most times – and not properly implemented mainly because of Gross Incompetence also.
BABUS – Babus don't perform because there are VERY FEW PROPER & CORRECT complaints and they believe all others are Happy.
5.  INVENTIONS & MACHINES:  All the inventions are made by Workers Engineers who are working in factories not by Officials and Clerks.
All machines perform as per design specifications.
India definitely invents but Inventors are denied PATENTS funding and Inventions become Property of Factory Owners – Government official Steal Inventions also.
R&D and product development is VERY VERY expensive.
Yes I agree India has no Intellectual Culture but there is IDIOT culture in its place unqualified speak on subjects. I have stated earlier how IDIOTS were awarded NOBEL prizes.
I agree Rulers in our democracy are Old with outdated ideas but tragedy is Opposition is WORSE are in reality Clowns, are in politics for 40 years but know nothing. Indian Universities shall not improve unless they get better students and work with Industry linkage.
School children are overburdened with useless subjects when focus in present times ought to be Maths and Science. They don't learn much for first 20-30 years other than prescribed given in in text books that too is mostly outdated or useless.
You are right Children must be allowed to Play With Toys and let their brains develop naturally learning than forced learning.
Observations of Mark Tully or VS Naipaul are largely facts but –
China – All the World's Technologies are available in PATENTS freely available. China has tapped in to this source – invested heavily in R&D – every company in china has R&D establishment – China killed all Traders – so China is advancing 5 times faster than USA as an example.
INDIA can learn and adopt this model.
DELHI METRO:  I was referring to Delhi Metro technology that allows 30 trains in each direction per hour. Earlier single Railway Tracks served 10 trains in each direction in 24 hours.
India can also add and additional track and achieve 50% higher average speed at negligible extra cost and serve more people at one third cost than China.

Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant

--- On Sun, 6/2/13, Eddie wrote:

Subject: Re: Human Intellect, Healthy Body & Mind Produce GDP

Date: Sunday, June 2, 2013, 9:34 PM
HI Ravinder,
You are an unusual guy. From the stream of impassioned letters you write to high officials (PM Singh down), it is clear that, as 'inventor consultant' (as you call yourself) you must be intensely frustrated and disenchanted by India's continued backwardness on all fronts – development, technology etc.
1.  And I agree with you. What I don't understand is why you have chosen to send your letters from an insignificant forum like IndiaThinkersNet, virtually unknown for original thinking or rational argument (barring Xavier William). Sadly, forum members don't bother to comment on your plentiful views. I felt I must.
A more scholarly platform to launch your views would surely earn you greater credibility and response.
Don't you think? My next question is: given the dearth of basic courtesies from Indian officials, how often do you receive an acknowledgement? What impact do you believe you have made on the minds of the Delhi babus after so much dedicated writing on topical issues? I'd be interested to know.
2.  As for specifics: on 1st June, you wrote about the role of intellect and health in contributing toward GDP. And you quoted a 'brilliant speech' made in the British House of Commons in 1846 on working conditions. You remind that
"Important inventions were made by Factory workers in UK. Cotton mills productivity per worker in UK was 100 to even 1000 times more than Indian factories". You advise that Indians do likewise. 
I fear your argument doesn't hold. What works for westerners does not for Indians.
India does not invent or innovate. India has no intellectual culture to speak of. Can you name an Indian public intellectual of international standing? The rulers have no ideas, no vision. No high quality and excellence in educational institutions. There may be hundreds of 'Universities' but they are mostly sub-standard and should not be called universities. In the annual global ranking of Universities, the top 50 places go to the West and East Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Singapore). No Indian institution has ever appeared among the top 300 !!
Do the Delhi babus care?
This simply suggests that the Indian educational system (from schools up) is seriously defective and, since existing teachers themselves don't know better, improvement can only come about with foreign help (preferably from East Asia). School kids must be taught how to think and reason. Else India will forever depend on foreign thinking on ideas, technology, security etc.

3. VS Naipaul in his early essays wrote:

"India is profoundly dependent on others, both for questions and answers. - a country held together by no intellectual current.  The state is withering away for lack of ideas.  Every discipline, skill and proclaimed ideal of the modern Indian state is a copy of something known to exist elsewhere. Indians, including the holy men, have continually to look outside for approval. Local judgment has no value. Without the foreign chit, Indians can have no confirmation of their own reality."
Mark Tully (former BBC correspondent in India) wrote in his book No Full Stops in India (1992):.
"Indian barely rates as a trading nation - with no monopoly of any essential commodity. It can only threaten its smaller neighbours – it does not count in the capitals of the West…

"India's elite have never recovered from their colonial hangover and so they have not developed the ideology, the attitudes and institutions that would change the poor from subjects to partners…"
"India is still dominated by foreign thinking. Colonialism teaches the native elite to ape the ways of their foreign rulers. That habit or mind continues in independent India."
I could quote more but that will do.
Ravinder, in your email of 31 May, you say "I admire China for its rapid economic success through R&D but India can do better than China in all sectors with Japan..."
Poor India does not do R & D – its scholars are simply not up too the mark.
Research output is pathetic. India may do better but only with foreign help, not on its own.
You refer to Delhi's metro – but the knowhow and design was Japanese while the trains are Korean. So what world class engineering projects can India design and execute?
Until India's education institutions are upgraded (with foreign help), tech progress will depend on foreign help.
Good wishes.

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