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INDIA’S VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: & British Sikh Rashpal Singh Dhesi elected as President of Midlands Co-operative Society

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Subject: INDIA'S VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: & British Sikh Rashpal Singh Dhesi elected as President of Midlands Co-operative Society

The African Americans were brought to the Americas during the colonial period by European imperialist powers on ships to work as slaves. Their status within the United States before and after gaining their freedom was that of a second class citizen or sub-human. For example, they were prohibited from going to the same churches as Caucasians, they had no civil rights, and they could not attend the same schools, and lived in isolated and poverty ridden neighborhoods. Moreover, they held a position of social inferiority; e.g. many instances wherein African Americans were forced to give up their seats on a bus for a white person if all other seats were full. A human being is the best of creations because he/she has been blessed with the ability to accept mistakes and make amends. Similarly, after centuries of struggle, certain basic rights were granted in 1967 after numerous sacrifices were made by various social movements and human and civil rights activists. They have finally gained equivalent political and civil rights. Even the Canadian Government granted permission in the 1995 Quebec referendum asking voters for the second time in the Canadian province of Quebec whether Quebec should secede from Canada and become an independent country.
Upon the request of Indian External Affairs Minister Mr. Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna that radical extremism is being raised in the Sikh for their separate Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan), Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is vowing to prevent extremist activities in Canada by Sikhs campaigning for a separate homeland in India. "We are committed to doing whatever we can within the limits of the Constitution to curb activities of such extremist groups in Canada," Baird said at a press conference in New Delhi alongside Indian External Affairs Minister Mr. Krishna. The Toronto Star reported: Wednesday September 12, 2012 under caption "John Baird vows to prevent Sikh extremism in Canada."Please refer to the link:
When India claims to be an ally of Canada, it should follow suit in Canada's attempt at rationalizing differences with the Quebecers. It should also treat the Sikh, Assamese, Dalits and Muslims (Kashmiris) the same way. On the contrary, Mr. Krishna's suggestion to the foreign minister of Canada John Baird clearly confirms that the Sikhs of Khalistan have no liberty and rather they are under strict confinement and physical restraint. Additionally, they don't have the power to act, speak, or think as they want without hindrance or restraint. This is political oppression which has been ongoing since India received freedom on a platter from the British and made the Sikhs their slaves.
The human rights organizations counts show more than 270,000 Sikhs has been killed by the Indian army. The recent arrest of Sardar Kulbir Singh Barapind and Sardar  Daljit Singh Bittu  on 20th September, 2012, on the charges "Police has registered F.I.R. No. 183 dated September 21, 2012 against Sardar  Kulbir Singh under Indian Penal Code Sections 120-B (Criminal Conspiracy), 121 (Waging War against the State), 121A (Conspiracy to Wage War against the State; Sections 25, 54, 59 and 25A of Arms Act; Sections 3, 4, and 5 of Explosive Act and Sections 17, 18, 18A, 19, 20, 38, 39, 40 of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.," indicates that the New Delhi administration (NDA), have no regards for human rights or human dignity. These activists are participating in a peaceful struggle for the liberation of their homeland and instead of being granted their right for freedom they are being labeled terrorists.
The fact of the matter is during the partition of the Indian sub-continent, the Muslims received Pakistan and the Hindus were given India. However, India's leadership of that time treacherously merged the Sikhs of Punjab (Khalistan) of 15 August 1947 without any plebiscite. Due to their expansionist policy it did not stop there and India forcibly occupied Junagarh, Hyderabad, and a two/thirds portion of the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is still under Indian occupation to this day. The question that comes to mind is that when the Hindus are entitled to freedom after 3500 years of slavery, then why can the incumbents of Khalistan, and Kashmir not enjoy the same right? Recently, East Timor and South Sudan have been given the right of self determination, so why are all the oppressed not considered along the same lines. As an alternative to rectifying the mistakes, anybody raising a voice against human rights violations is easily labeled as terrorist and a threat to the state.
Instead of taking the lives of innocent Sikhs and Kashmiris, it would be better to return to them what is theirs and get out from their Homelands. The Kashmir Diaspora alliance condemns any sort of violence whether it is based on caste, colour, creed, religion or nationality and will always stand with the oppressed. The Canadian government should do the same.
British Sikh Rashpal Singh Dhesi elected as
President of Midlands Co-operative Society
Rashpal Singh Dhesi was elected President at the Midlands Co-operative Society Board meeting in May 2012. He is also Chair of the Western Regional Committee.

The non-executive board is responsible for the governance of Midlands Co-operative Society, and appoints the chief executive to manage the business with the senior management team.

The Society's main board of directors comprises of 16 members appointed from four regional committees and is chaired by a democratically elected president. The board meets every month.

Rashpal Singh Dhesi son of Sher Singh Dhesi from village Raman Khela, Jalandhar, Punjab has been a member of the Midlands Co-operative Society for over 41 years. He was employed by the society for over 33 years at Central Dairies, of which 25 years were in a management capacity.
He has served on the Greater Midlands Area Committee for 17 years, of which 8 years were also on the Central Board. He is also a Magistrate in the City of Birmingham, Board member for the West Midlands Probation Board, Chair of the Audit Committee and also a member of the Sikh Community & Youth Service UK.
Having been a member of the society for over 41 years, he has a keen interest in the society and the Co-operative movement and a particular interest in developing active membership of the society.
Group Photo (from left to right)
Balwant Singh Bahia – World War Veteran, Major General A. P Farquar – British Armed Forces, Magistrate Rashpal Singh Dhesi – President of Midlands Co-operative Society, Dal Singh Dhesi – Director of SCYS UK.

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