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[HELP-Matrix Blog] The Failed War on Drugs VIA @Breshvic

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September 26, 2012

As the financially and morally expensive Drug War rages on, it's become all too obvious to most of us how futile the efforts of those 'powers that be' have been. Virgin Group's Richard Branson sponsored a global survey that found over 90% of respondents around the world say the War on Drugs has failed. Technology giants like Google may even make a bigger difference when it comes to battling the big Mexican cartels, and Anonymous has even joined the digital fray. While still a very dangerous game (the cartels have been deadly and merciless in their retribution against online critics in the past), it is clear that the current actions of our governments are not working. In fact, incompetence, mixed messaging and/or collusion have only benefited the drug trade.

Since all the facts and figures can be overwhelming, here is a tasty infographic (sent by Camille Brockman) on the wasted tax dollars, inverse consequences, and cost to human lives:

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