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Response: MISSION STATEMENT of NAOTAC by Peta_de_Aztlan

Gracias Hermanos Aztatl & Henry & All! I wish the Mission Statement had more meat in it, though it is a good general statement about humane rights related to indigenous peoples.

I no longer even consider myself an American, not when U.S.A. refuses to recognize the natural rights of indigenous peoples to be upon their own native lands, as it wages unjust wars in the Middle East.

Logically I am not going to renounce my U.S. citizenship and make it easier for the fascist pigs. I am not hiding. If I was hiding I would certainly not be posting on the Internet when authorities can easily locate my ISP (Internet Service Provider) Number.

Remember you can use Bcc: in your Emails to keep others anonymous. I myself have no fear of self-exposure. I am convinced we are living under the boot of the Amerikan Empire and there really are no independent nations, including Native-American nations. Who can stop the Amerikan Warlords from crossing any border it chooses?!! Nada mas ahora. Join Up Today~

If certain professionals or lurkers do not want to openly join our Groups then they can just stay in the shadows of their fears.
Root Website:

Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!

~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Killed November 22, 1963

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Henry, please do not use my mailing list for mailings or pass these email addresses along. They will respond to you if they are interested. If we keep peoples privacy in tact we form a wall of security among ourselves by de-centralizing, and we gain people's respect and trust.
Thanks for the info,
let us stay in touch,
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NATIVE AMERICANS OF THE AMERICAS COMMITTEE, (NAOTAC) is an educational organization for the purposes of the fundamental rights and recognition of all of the Indigenous Nations of the Americas.
(1.) Human Rights.
(2.) International Issues.
(3.) Federal Law.
(4.) International Law.
(5.) American Indian Law.
(6.) Constitutional Rights.
(7.) Jurisprudence=Science of Law.
(8.) Culture and History.
(9.) Civil Rights.
(10.) Indigenous Languages.
(11.) English, Spanish, Chinese, and many more.
(12.) International Treaties.
(13.) Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
(14.) To endorse the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
(15.) To support the American Indian Movement (AIM).
In 1978, Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota medicine man, was my first spiritual teacher.
The founder/President of Native Americans of the Americas Committee, has 32 years of Knowledge of American Indian Law, Federal Law, Constitutional Law, and International Law.
By: Henry Guzman Villalobos (Aztec-Yaqui Native American) Founder/President of Native Americans of the Americas Committee (510) 363-3052,,
cc: Native Americans Nations of the Americas, United Nations, Media, General Public, Renee Saucedo, Civil Rights Attorney, Patrick J. Maloney, Attorney at Law Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, Ph.D, Patrisia Gonzales (Kickapoo-Macehual) Ph.D, Patricia Hibbeler, CEO of Phoenix Indian Center, Inc., American Indian Movement,

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