Sunday, August 08, 2010

FYI: Google Alert - Latinos + Comment

Greetings Gente/People! It is a Sunday morning here in Sacramento
and my day off from regular work. There are many forms of work
and much of the good work that needs to be done is done on a kind
of volunteer basis because we believe in who we are and what we are
doing to help raise revolutionary consciousness.

These days when I am online I mainly use Twitter, Facebook and will
post comments on different popular news sites. Plus, from a distance
I help moderate some Yahoo Groups and manage some blogs. All this
online activity is very time consuming.

Internet Power is a great way of leveling the playing field to help combat
the gatekeepers of corporate-dominated mass media that goes out to the
masses. Progressive liberation movements ~not necessarily aligned to any
one rigid ideology~ must learn how to wisely utilize social media.

For example, I can post a Yahoo Email, such as this one, and also cross-post
to related blogs to gain more exposure. Use the intelligence of your imagination
and do what you can do reach out to more people online and offline in your
local community.

We can operate in three spheres of connected reality: cosmic consciousness,
global news and local activism. In all our ways let us be mindful of the urgent
need to help meet the people's basic survival needs. No survival, no life.

I have found that with simple Google Alerts we can be aware of what is up
online on a variety of subjects with creative imagination. I pray that when
people are given basic information, relevant news and practical knowledge
we can raise a new humane consciousness. At the same time we must be
aware and mindful, not clog our minds with useless information overload.
Life is meant to be lived with enlightened energy and compassionate action
performed to help others, not wasted in useless trifles. Recall: people are
dying now in fruitless violent wars who could be saved if we all act together
as one humane family.

Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!

~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Killed November 22, 1963

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Garcia felt he could help students, Latinos more in higher office
The Colorado Independent
He plans on helping the Latino community the same way he planned on helping the rest of Colorado, through jobs and educational excellence. ...
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Vuvuzelas welcome at Latino Festival
News & Observer
The tournament was a core component of the city's sixth annual Latino Festival, a celebration featuring food, music and soccer, three cornerstones of Latino ...
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Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson Challenge Arizona Immigration Law
Us Magazine
Not to mention the lawsuits against the State on behalf of legal immigrants and native-born Latinos wrongfully stopped and detained for either being ...
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Legacy of distrust puts Arizona's future in doubt
Arizona Republic
Only 37 percent of non-Latinos agreed; 73 percent of Latinos agreed. When asked if people were more likely to wonder about the legal status of Latinos today ...
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Ozzie Guillen blasts Major League Baseball for treating Latin players unfairly ...
There's legislation that's clearly racist but Latinos and other supporters are fighting vigorously against the law because it unfairly targets Latinos. ...
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Hispanic home-buying on upswing
As Latinos move up through the US workforce, their rising income is enabling them to purchase homes. But they face challenges of language and cultural ...
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Now, however, she is running in the general election, and has shifted positions, trying to reach out to Latinos and claim more moderate stances on ...
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Hispanic assimilation
One wonders, who are these 1500 Latinos who speak for millions? The speed of assimilation depends on desire and need. The bombardment of Spanish language ...
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Edward Fitzpatrick: Traditional assumptions about candidates and their parties ...
Providence Journal
In a statewide race, you would expect teachers' unions and Latinos to support the Democrat candidate, West said. "But Caprio has identified small business ...
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Poll: Language a barrier for Latinos in schools
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WASHINGTON – English only? With Hispanic enrollment surging in schools, many Spanish-speaking parents are having trouble helping their children with homework or communicating with US teachers as English-immersion classes proliferate in ...
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Garcia felt he could help students, Latinos more in higher office ...
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"The Latino population is an increasing share of the state. It is an increasingly important demographic, especially when it comes to education," Garcia said. "I would help them by focusing on economic development and education the same ...
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Poll: Language a barrier for Latinos in schools - Yahoo! News
An Associated Press-Univision poll highlights the language and cultural obstacles for the nation's Latinos, who lag behind others when it comes to ...

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