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5-02-2010 Tweets @Peta_de_Aztlan

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Love All, Hate No One ~Che Peta ~ @Peta_de_Aztlan

<+>Buenas Noches Familia~May this May allow us to make our good potential manifest in connected reality.<+> ~Namaste, Che Peta > via TweetDeck

Luke 23:34: "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." via TweetDeck

Love requires faith in the human family and our collective potential to bring the light of truth to the darkness of ignorance. via TweetDeck

We have the rare opportunity to save the world from our own accumulated darkness. Let love light the world! via TweetDeck

There is never enough love in he world and always an abundance of hate. via TweetDeck

Who is just? Who is fair? Who will dare to transform this wicked world into a world of glorious wonder? via TweetDeck

If we could only all have true humane love within our hearts we could redeem the world of our own hate. via TweetDeck

True Love has no walls, no borders, no divisions ~ it seeks the embracing union of passion with compassion. via TweetDeck

The true heart feels the real nature of the truth, the mind is greatly overrated. ~Che Peta via TweetDeck

Love builds bridges of mutual respect, deep acceptance and enduring kindness that bond our hearts together. via TweetDeck

@lindahollier ~My heart is touched by yours... some folks say I am a littl' touched too! ;->~~ via TweetDeck in reply to lindahollier

We share via original thoughts, spiritual inspirations and sometimes our hearts just open up as we bleed out. via TweetDeck

RT @LoriMoreno: The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart. ~William Hazlitt via TweetDeck

Creativity arises out of the state of thoughtless presence in which you are much more awake than when you are engrossed in thinking. ~Tolle via TweetDeck

@monaksart ~Higher Spiritual Planes are here now outside of linear-time limitations. Searching within, growing outward!
via TweetDeck in reply to monaksart

Gracias @brownboyrocks: via ConFrijoles ~New Post: Real Numbers to Think About > < via TweetDeck

VIDEO: Martin Sheen at May Day March > < via TweetDeck


via CarlosDCblog ~Arizona SB 1070 Protest > < via TweetDeck

San Diego: Local Advocates Speak Out Against Arizona Immigration Law > < via TweetDeck

VIDEO: San Diego May Day 2010 Protest/Rally > < via TweetDeck

Love Sees No Borders ~ El Amor No Ve Fronteras > < via TweetDeck

VIDEO: May Day immigration protests in Downtown San Diego > < via TweetDeck

RT @Lotay: #Poll: What type of tweets do you enjoy re-tweeting most? Breaking News & Wisdom Quotes! via TweetDeck

Corporate control of Mass Media is key to keeping Amerikan Fascism 'in power and secure'. Keep people in paranoid fear. via TweetDeck

It is a bummer how CNN is really milking the attempted Times Square car bombing. > via TweetDeck

RT @CliftonR: RT @BreakingNews Update: Official confirms fourth death from severe weekend weather in Miss. - AP via TweetDeck

May Day 2010 SF Workers Speak Out "Stop The Attacks On Immigrant Workers" by Labor Video Project > via TweetDeck

May 2, 2010 ~ Immigrant wave starting to slow ~ Crackdowns, sour economy are cited > via TweetDeck

@JimenezSameul ~Catnap Time ~ Health is greatest wealth ~ Email: ~ Put Che Peta on Subject Line via TweetDeck in reply to JimenezSameul

@JimenezSameul ~I'm married to Movimiento. Liberation in bloodline, along with longevity. >
via TweetDeck in reply to JimenezSameul

Enthusiasm evaporates after initial flush of energy without community infrastructure. It takes time, focus and love. via TweetDeck

@JimenezSameul ~We need to speak of Immigrant Rights in the context of Humane Rights, not be isolated in a single-issue. via TweetDeck in reply to JimenezSameul

@JimenezSameul ...We still need to build up local Community Base of Operations: basic infrastructire for Movement building. via TweetDeck in reply to JimenezSameul

@JimenezSameul Yes, MAY DAY 2010 impacted U.S.-Mexico social-political landscape. More will be revealed... via TweetDeck in reply to JimenezSameul

Be aware people, esp. in the streets. Suicide bombers and car bombs could be a part of daily life in Amerika. via TweetDeck

If your Spirit is sick you cannot get magically well until you admit the sickness exists within. Love cures! via TweetDeck

MAY DAY Immigrant Rights rallies opened up a lot of sores and wounds in us all that need to be examined, treated and healed. via TweetDeck

The best way to fight racism is with humanism ~ working, playing and creating together in solidarity to topple Amerikan Fascism. via TweetDeck

@ladypfeiffer ~I was just wondering... getting steak going now here. Enjoy! via TweetDeck in reply to ladypfeiffer

RT @KJ_MayorJohnson: Had a great convo w/ Bon Jovi. Expressed an interest in what we're doing in #Sacramento to address homelessness via TweetDeck

Whether Left Right Up Down In Out ~as one human family we should be open to sincere open debate and rational dialogue. ~Che Peta via TweetDeck

@STOPOBAMA2012 ~Woulda Coulda Shoulda ~Study History: Afghan= Graveyard of Empires! > via TweetDeck in reply to STOPOBAMA2012

Gracias~ RT @heidiko44: RT @ssanquist: "Suffering" -Jung At Heart > =A keeper! ~Che Peta via TweetDeck

@azcentral ~Violence is not up on Arizona border despite Mexican drug war > via TweetDeck

We need to evolve consciousness beyond Left vs. Right bi-polarity. Google origins of Left-Right Wings. via TweetDeck

@STOPOBAMA2012 ~I am a straight up Radical ~not a liberal dreamy eyed leftist. USA cannot win in the graveyard of Afghan. via TweetDeck in reply to STOPOBAMA2012

@ladypfeiffer Good Nite?!? It is 2:42 PM on sunny Sunday afternoon here in California. Oh well, sleep well. ~Che Peta via TweetDeck in reply to ladypfeiffer

POTUS Obama is not going to have the progressive vote tucked in his left back pocket in 2012. about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck

@STOPOBAMA2012 ~I am glad you are not a Hater. I am not hot for Obama, esp. after Aghan Escalation. via TweetDeck in reply to

@CliftonR: Curtis Mayfield is one of the Ol' Gs
> via TweetDeck in reply to CliftonR

@STOPOBAMA2012 ~Why be a hater? Feel Spiritual Love towards all sentient beings. ~Che Peta > via
TweetDeck in reply to STOPOBAMA2012

via @NewMindMirror ~Alcohol Effects on Psychological Health and Mood ~by Dr. Hester, Ph.D. > via TweetDeck

@NewMindMirror Out-of-body experience and autoscopy of
neurological origin (full text online) via

I am building bridges & now Following ~ ~ @CliftonR ~ Name: Clifton Whitley III ~ Location: Mississippi via web

Help Vietnam Veterans Now ~T-Shirt Vendor Takes On New Persona: Reluctant Hero of Times Square > via TimesPeople

Now Don't Hear This By GEORGE PROCHNIK > via TimesPeople

~Hugo Chavez on Twitter @chavezcandanga.~The potential this has... it's not capitalist, it's not socialist, it depends on how
it is used. via TweetDeck

@flashnomad ~Che Guevara would be greatly pleased by Bolivia today with Che Evo at the helm.> < via TweetDeck in reply to flashnomad

@DR_E_WATERS @CliftonR ~There is great power and potential in 'colored people' coming together in unity! > via TweetDeck

via CNN~President Obama speaks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner> via TweetDeck

@gassho We know that the bottom line of business is profit. But *to profit* means "to benefit from." -Thich Nhat Hanh via Seesmic Retweeted by you

@gassho When we're doing something for the benefit of all humankind and the environment, our work has meaning. -Thich Nhat Hanh via Seesmic Retweeted by you and 1 other

@truthout Camillo Mac Bica | Atrocity and War: Most learn about war by watching a Hollywood production or by re... #Truthout #p2 via twitterfeed

@RogerBezanis Remember the liver is a chambered filter like your car air filter, kitchen sponge or vacuum filtering system. It must breath. via web Retweeted by you and 3 others

Sí @MasterMindCoach: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt
> via TweetDeck

NAACP Joins Arizona State Conference~Outrage Over Racial Profiling Impact On Arizona's New So Called Immigration Law
> via TweetDeck

"5-01-2010 Tweets @Peta_de_Aztlan" on ~Spiritual Journal for Peta-de-Aztlan> via a Ning Network

<+>Buenos Dias Familia~Welcome to New Followers!~Great Morning to All our Co-Creators ~Che Peta ><+>
7:10 AM May 2nd via TweetDeck
Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!
~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Killed November 22, 1963

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