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5-01-2010 Tweets @Peta_de_Aztlan

5-01-2010 Tweets @Peta_de_Aztlan

<+>Buenas Noches Familia~Our love-motivated peaceful war for peace will march on!<+> ~Namaste, Che Peta > via TweetDeck

Join Our Yahoo Progressive Latino News Group! > ~Che Peta via TweetDeck

Pure Love from my heart to all those who supported today's Immigrant Rights Rallies for our human family! via TweetDeck

11:53 PM ~ Prayers up for the safety of the people of New York City and all our human family ~ Stay Alert! Stay Alive! via TweetDeck

"4-28 to 30-2010 Tweets @Peta_de_Aztlan" on ~Spiritual Journal for Peta-de-Aztlán:>~~ via a Ning Network

"4-26 & 27-2010 Tweets @Peta_de_Aztlan" on ~Spiritual Journal for Peta-de-Aztlán:> via a Ning Network

READ ~Women Who Run with the Wolves ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes > via TweetDeck

@URNemesis108 ~To forgive is empowering to the forgiver. ~Che Peta > via TweetDeck in reply to URNemesis108

@MindFortune "For all things difficult to acquire, the intelligent man works with perseverance." Lao Tzu via API

via @huffingtonpost: Arizona: The Wrong Answer by Desmond Tutu > via The Huffington Post

Ajuá @californianewsn: Thousands turn out to support immigrant rights > via TweetDeck

via - ~ L.A.'s May Day immigration rally is nation's largest > via TweetDeck

Watching White House Correspondents' Dinner on C-SPAN... humor is good and often revealing. via TweetDeck

May Day Rallies Draw Thousands ~ ...protesters... against Arizona's tough new immigration law. > via TweetDeck

Ajuá @UFWupdates: VIDEO: More than 100,000 rally at the Los Angeles May Day Immigration Reform Rally > via TweetDeck

Gracias~ @brownboyrocks: Pictures of Houston May Day March. Some say 7,000, others 20,000.We are all one...> via TweetDeck

Under the Power of the Amerikan Empire there are no true independent nations, only vain illusions of mental inventions. via TweetDeck

We speak in different languages and many using the same language speak with different definitions. Confusion reigns! via TweetDeck

Our minds have gotten so lazy we have forgotten the true etymology of many key words used daily in life. via TweetDeck

A true independent nation must have safety, security and total domain over its territory and the skies above it. via TweetDeck

Why do we call the United States united when they are divided by separate state administrative structures? via TweetDeck

Why do we have the facade of the United Nations when obviously the nations are not united but are Divided Nations? via TweetDeck

A true independent nation must exist in connected reality and possess complete territorial integrity without fear of invasion. via TweetDeck

A true independent nation must have complete control and ownership over the land and the institutions thereon. via TweetDeck

The Amerikan Empire rules the roost among global social powers, who can compete with its military might? via TweetDeck

@ElyssaD ~I pop out with something intelligent from time to time ~ definitions are unlimited and often subjective. via TweetDeck in reply to ElyssaD

DNA from all organisms is made up of the same chemical and physical components. > via TweetDeck

We are all one human family, one human race, one endangered life-species upon one planet ~ our Mother Earth. via TweetDeck

Oh say can we see... the illusion of a separate racial identity? Social race is a social construct, mere delusion. via TweetDeck

The traditional concept of race as used by most folks is a social construct fabricated by the divided mind. via TweetDeck

The concept of one superior race over others is the consequence of a crippled soul. We are innately created equal. via TweetDeck

There is no scientific basis for the idea of separate races of people, humans share the same basic DNA. > via TweetDeck

In a way, La Raza Cosmica comes close to incorporating the features and attributes of all people of Mother Earth. via TweetDeck

The human race has no one color, culture, religion or sex. Who benefits from divisions among our human family? via TweetDeck

Some truths easily understood by innocent children can baffle the tortured minds of many adults. via TweetDeck

Wrap your mind around the concept that there really are no separate races of people, there is only the human race. via TweetDeck

Many oppose certain causes in the name of a false patriotism that disguises social racism ~ via TweetDeck

A warm day here in Sacramento. Life will start heading up in more ways than just the weather. Liberation is HOT! via TweetDeck

Ajuá ! @HoustonChron: At least 20,000 walk in Dallas immigration march > via TweetDeck

@AmanpourCNN I'm going to ABC News to do "This Week" - a Sunday-morning current affairs program starting August 1 via TweetDeck

@AmanpourCNN After 27 amazing years covering intl news at CNN, I've been given the opportunity broaden intl. news for an important American audience. via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 20 others

May Day rallies take immigration fight to the streets - > via @addthis via web

RT @theirannews: World celebrates 'May Day' amid protests: People across the world have taken to the streets to
... 6:54 AM May 1st via TweetDeck

To me May Day is a Humane Rights Day > ~Che Peta 6:22 AM May 1st via TweetDeck

<+>Buenos Dias Familia~Sabbath~May Day 2010~May Humane Liberation Move Forward ~Che Peta ><+> 6:14 AM May 1st via TweetDeck


Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!
~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Killed November 22, 1963

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