Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Greetings Sister Rebecca ~ Times are tight right now for many of us here and I know you are aware of the general Great Depression that the people of the U.S.A. are caught up in nowadays.

We will do what we can and your Email helped to give me hope and encouragement at the potential for unity amongst all peoples.

Venceremos Unidos! Education for Liberation!

Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta

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From: "Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace" <info@jewishvoiceforpeace.org>
To: peter.lopez51@yahoo.com
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Subject: This and more


Jewish Voice for Peace

Double your impact by midnight, Dec. 31st.
Your tax deductible gift to JVP will go twice as far-for a limited time.

Please give today.

A just peace is possible.
Please make your tax-deductible gift in support of Jewish Voice for Peace's work by December 31.


I am living in New York now, but just a few months ago I was living in Israel with my husband and two young daughters.

I am still surprised by how much being in Israel affected me.

In my three years there, I spent time with Israeli organizations that were working with Palestinian partners to build a future based on trust and equality. I picked olives near Qalqilya…drove Palestinian kids from the West Bank to Israeli hospital in Haifa…defended mosques in the Negev. I was tear-gassed while protesting the construction of the Wall.

With each new experience, my eyes opened even more. By the end of the three years, my life could never be the same. Like so many others who have seen firsthand the complexity of life in Palestine and Israel, I was changed.

Even before I went to live in Israel, seeking peace and human rights in the region was one of the great passions of my life. But afterward, it became my life's work. And, I'm beyond proud to do so with Jewish Voice for Peace. I guess I'm biased, but I can tell you that your support of JVP truly matters. If you can, I hope you'll include us in your year-end giving this year.

The things I experienced in Israel and Palestine will stay with me forever. And not just the bad - though there is plenty of terrible, heartbreaking bad - it's also the good. Like the amazing and courageous people -- the Shministim, the young conscientious objectors; and brave activists like Bil'in's Abdallah Abu Rahmah, now in jail, and Ezra Nawi, whose courageous work in the South Hebron hills may yet lead to jail time, but who still keeps doing it. 

The courageous people who speak for a just peace there rely, perhaps more than you know, on the actions of Jewish Voice for Peace members.

When I demonstrated with the Shministim in Tel Aviv on December 18th last year, I saw how energized they were by the international support and media attention generated by JVP supporters. And in Jerusalem this year I saw the incredible impact your advocacy for human rights activist Ezra Nawi made in supporting his defense-and his spirit.  

Every single day I see firsthand the impact made by our tiny and dedicated staff, our enormous network of committed activists, and every donation we receive.

If you've never given to JVP before, now is the time to give. JVP is lucky to have a small group of donors who have put together a $36,000 match for our year-end campaign. They will double every dollar you give before the end of the year-dollar for dollar, up to $36,000. Make a tax-deductible donation by midnight on December 31st and your gift will go twice as far.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, goes half way around the world to the tiny prison cell where Palestinian human rights activist Mohammad Othman sits in solitary confinement with only the hope of international pressure to make a difference.

It goes all the way to a small house in Turkey where a teenager named Abdi who has risked his own future for human rights is inspired by an Israeli teenager his own age, willing to serve jail time for his belief in universal humanity.

It travels all the way to Tel Aviv and to consulates around the world--demanding the Goldstone report be heard and that Abdallah Abu Rahmah and other prisoners of conscience be released.

And it goes all the way to Washington DC and the AIPAC conference where our billboard served as a reminder to Congress that we will not sit by quietly while our money is used to harm others; and all the way to Toronto, Canada where we challenge an Israeli campaign attempting to use culture to distract from the ugly realities of the occupation.

Your donation to JVP does all this-and more.

Now is the time--please make a tax-deductible gift today and help us meet our $36,000 match. In Israel and Palestine, they are depending on us.

In hope,

  Rebecca photo


Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director
Jewish Voice for Peac

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