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FYI: A picture of flight ~ Refugees International


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Refugees International

Dear Friend,

Can you picture it? Two million Pakistanis fleeing violent attacks over six short weeks. Abandoning their homes and treasured possessions. Journeying a treacherous path by foot, cart or bus. It's an unfathomable picture of flight, shocking and numbing all at once.

Yet it's a very real humanitarian emergency going on at this very moment in Pakistan. And your action is needed.

Five leaders on our Board of Directors are challenging you to
help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 by December 31st.

Dollar for dollar, they will match your donation until we reach our goal.

Your gift -- whether $50 or $1,000 -- enables us to be a voice for solutions. Walk with us. Help us bring the voices of refugees to decision-makers, leveraging support for families in urgent need of food, water, shelter and protection.

As you celebrate the holidays with your family, please remember the families in South Waziristan who are waking up to harsh and frightening circumstances. Will you help us to be a voice for them?

This is a tremendous opportunity to double your impact.
Support our efforts before the end of the year and your donation will go twice as far.

In October, our team spoke to displaced Pakistani women who are isolated and confined to their tents all day long, unable to venture out because of cultural sensitivities forbidding women to be seen by strangers. They wait until nightfall to be escorted by men from their family to access latrines a mere 30 meters away. A simple solution of plastic sheeting would allow these women the basic dignity to bathe and use the latrine. But it was not a priority.

We are fighting to ensure that these women -- and all displaced Pakistanis -- receive the assistance and protection they deserve.

Support our work. Donate by December 31st at


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