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From Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator>Re: Humane-Rights-Agenda Shy, but not in bed

12-14-2009 @10:30 AM ~ PST

Greetings All ~This HRA Member is now being Moderated. In fact, if anyone is interested in being a Co-Moderator let me know.

I am really getting weary of these kinds of sexually-crazed New Members. At least this one is not talking shit like some of our 'political' members can do ~ do not take everything personally. Remember, as a Group Moderator, I get some Emails  out of the group context from members of this group. Sometimes it gets bizarre and I wonder what kind of meds or dope the sender is on! ;->~

Reluctantly, I still dig the idea that this group is open for any intelligent being or crazy fool to join.

When I am online, I am generally on Facebook or post Tweets on Twitter. Yahoo Groups as a platform to me has become real limiting. I did the Ning Platform as it has more features than Yahoo Groups.

The idea is for us to express ourselves, to check out the expressions of others and to share our ideas with others in order to raise a cogent collective consciousness utilizing the power of the Internet.

All the same time, we should not get strung out and satisfied with only being online, especially when we are only regurgitating News Items from other News Websites. We must integrate theory with practice, get into community life on the local level.

While I am at it, I am off work today and tomorrow. I have a bad cold or flu right now, but so far I have refused to take the Flu Vaccine ~ which seems kind of insane to me ~ and might go get some Tylenol later.

As a recovered dope fiend I do not take taking any kind of medication and do not take any. I do take a handful of vitamins on a daily basis,
including Gingo Balboa.

Feel free to call me if you want to talk personally, though I do not auto answer my home phone: 916/346-4483

I have given up on any kind of paranoid fear about communications. I am not going to let the fascist pigs warp my lifestyle.  I am not hiding and anyone who comes out of their bomb shelter can be had. Anyone who bursts into my own personal sanctuary would have a fight on their hands. It must be fast, with fury and could be fatal.

When we let the fascist pigs block our freedom of speech or influence us on a subconscious level where we freeze up in speaking our minds, then they have won the psychological-spiritual war. Never give up!!! NEVER!

Let all these apparent sex-starved creatures post whatever they want. I have seen that a lot of social networking online also have elements of online prostitution involved and it reflects these hard tough economic times. On the other hand, I know a few people who are in a happy and healthy relationship who first met online. Go figure!

Be careful, take time to know somebody, how they think, their opinions on key subjects and relevant issues. Meet people face to face or  first IM them. Some people are unemployed or get a nut check so they have to free time to fart around. I do not. There are evil predators online and child creeps stalking, but just use your own damn common sense!!!!

Above all, protect the children ~ including youth who still have a child's mine though many are waking up quicker than when I was a youngster.

Remember Jesus Christ is the reason for the season! Just stay off of

While I am at it ~ Check out this website:


Venceremos Unidos! Education for Liberation!

Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta





From: Deina <>
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Subject: Humane-Rights-Agenda Shy, but not in bed


I'm kind of quiet and not very forward. My personality changes though when I get in the sack. I don't like to go out much. Like to lay my apartment and hopefully soon to be with a man.
Let us see if we wanna be together:

Liberate Brother Leonard Peltier and Prisoners of Amerikan Fascism!
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