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Norma> Info. on Racism

We should all be aware of the usage of racism as a divide and rule tool of the master ruling class of corporate thieves, but racism as traditionally understood needs to be re-examined in relation to seeing it more as a cultural prejudice than a real believe in the inherent inferiority of a given ethnic group. Fear is at the bottom of much of the mischief in the world, fear of the truth, fear of there not being enough and fear of being left out.

The Origin of Racism

The Term Racism

The term racist has been around since 1936. The concept has been in the English language since 1907. It appears that the conflict between Hitler's Germany and the Jewish culture was the catalyst for the predominance of the term racist. I say Jewish culture, because there are three racial groupings within the Jewish community: Hebrew, mixed-breed Hebrews, and non-Hebrews. This is an established fact within the Jewish community and in their written records, including the scriptures (torah.) It was considered to be a problem in Jewish society, to have other races or gentiles in ones bloodline.

There is a dilemma which has not been fully investigated -- that of -- what groups of Jews were being targetted by the SS Nazi genocide machine? Doug Collins, a newspaper columnist from Vancouver, Canada, may have stumbled onto material, which he did not know how to fully interpret, within the synagogue records of Jews killed in Second World War Europe. Is that why Jews do not want others to look into the story of the Holocaust? Interestingly the bible records a fact of Hebrew society -- race is the predominant determinant in selecting the Priestly and Levitical class in Israel. Moreover, all Israelites were to keep their genetic strain pure. Is racism wrong on its own, aside from hatred? The scriptures (torah) are clear on that point, that racism is a fact of Jewish culture. Israelites are a chosen people firstly based on race.

Definition of racism: "(1936):  1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race  2: racial prejudice or discrimination -- racist"

Definintion of racialism: "(1907) RACIST -- racialist (Webster's Nineth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1988)



Although the term racism usually denotes race-based prejudice, violence, discrimination, or oppression, the term can also have varying and hotly contested definitions. Racialism is a related term, sometimes intended to avoid these negative meanings. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is a belief or ideology that all members of each racial group possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as being either superior or inferior to another racial group or racial groups. The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines racism as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular racial group, and that it is also the prejudice based on such a belief. The Macquarie Dictionary defines racism as: "the belief that human races have distinctive characteristics which determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule or dominate others."


The concept that discrimination can be based on "race" presupposes the existence of "race" itself. However, the US Government's Human Genome Project has announced that the most complete mapping of human DNA to date indicates that there is no distinct genetic basis to racial types.[2] Based on this evidence, "racial characteristics" logically cannot exist either.


According to the Human Genome Project, skin color does exist as a matter of science.[2] So, that which is commonly referred to as "racism" could be more scientifically referred to as "skin color-aroused discrimination". The term "skin color aroused discrimination" has the benefit that it is based on verifiable science, is not based on disproved notions of science, and does not perpetuate a false belief in the disproved concept of biological "race".[2]


Key findings of Genome Project:


1. There are approx. 24,000 genes in human beings, the same range as in mice and twice that of roundworms. Understanding how these genes express themselves will provide clues to how diseases are caused.[citation needed]


2. All human races are 99.99 % alike, so racial differences are genetically insignificant. This could mean all humans are descended from a single original mother.[citation needed]


3. Most genetic mutation occurs in the male of the species and as such are agents of change. They are also more likely to be responsible for genetic disorders.[citation needed]


4. Genomics has led to advances in genetic archaeology and has improved our understanding of how we evolved as humans and diverged from apes 25 million years ago. It also tells how our body works, including the mystery behind how the sense of taste works.[citation needed]

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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From: Norma J F Harrison <>
Cc: Marvin X Jackmon <>
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:17:28 PM
Subject: Re: Humane-Rights-Agenda Re: Elvira> Re: Serena & Racism


Racism has a cause.  You know what it's cause is.  It's not skin color; it's the usual - allocation of resources. 
End ownership of Earth by the profiteers. 
Work on what we can do to the end that we can all share it and protect it together for our mutual benefit. 
And terribly important -
make sure that EVERYONE  has thorough access to birth control - including the right NOT to have/engage in/be coerced to have/ be forced to have sexual intercourse; including the right always to be able to use birth control devices including abortion - which is safer than sticking pills - chemicals - down your throat.
That way people will be able to enjoy life here as much as that's possible - all people will be able to.  This will obviate racism. 
Racism is imperialism' s tool. 
We here on the ground would not resort to racism if we felt secure that we'd be able to eat well, be well housed, do good work, etc. - all those matters that are our right - all these being stolen from us, commodified, by the profiteers.
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From: Elvira Williams Elvira52@bellsouth. net To: Humane-Rights- Agenda@yahoogrou Cc: Marvin X Jackmon jmarvinx@yahoo. com Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 6:23:06 PM Subject: Re: Humane-Rights- Agenda Re: Elvira> Re: Serena & Racism
Marvin X can find the letter for you it's not in the link below Wikkie lynch letter Marvin please help us find it.
Thank You,
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From: Elvira Williams Elvira52@bellsouth. net  To: Humane-Rights- Agenda@yahoogrou  Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 6:05:16 PM Subject: Re: Humane-Rights- Agenda Re: Elvira> Re: Serena & Racism 
I Think you can fine many answer in the Willie Lynch Letter maybe we can get the letter this way www.willielynchlett I hope every Human should read that letter. it really need to be in Schools to me your father was right hair humm if you look into history you will also find we all come from Africa we just some went North East South and West.
This is something I myself would love to learn more about we must think for ourselves there's a very good reason I wasn't educated look at me now and what's going on in my life. I'm no one yet someone fine me so important you know my story.

you know Peter if I was rich I would build many Multy for give my spelling Culture art centers all over the world so people will get to know who they are.. while learning others cultures at the same time and we will find we have so much in command I also have Spanish blood Indian that is the one thing I loved about The President he brought all......... ......... ......... ...races together and now many want to destroy that because of the Willie Lynch letter.

2.Walk in another mans shoes or Woman child?
3.Malcolm X was another who learn late but better late than never there are many more like one just left us MJ. they don't like open minded people.
but the most important don't believe every thing you hear more so from the most educated lie after lie who can we really trust.
for give me I'm seeing nothing but hard times and my thinking isn't that good each night it's so hard to get sleep with out interruption.
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 From: PETER S LOPEZ <peter.lopez51@> To: Humane-Rights- Agenda@yahoogrou Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009  Subject: Humane-Rights- Agenda Re: Elvira> Re: Serena & Racism
Hola Elvira ~ Gracias.. then we are in agreement: THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE OF PEOPLE UPON MOTHER EARTH!

I am coming off one week's vacation, have a meeting this evening then it is back to Camp Chaos tomorrow. I work at the Salvation Army  Emergency Shelter here in Sacramento.

When I was young my father told me about there only being one race, but having all the answers at sixteen I just thought he was being conservative or even reactionary. Now that I am older, wiser and relatively more knowledgeable I agree with him nowadays on issues we use to argue over back in the day. In fact, I know I am actually ignorant of all that I do now know, so that is most of what is actually knowable.

HOWEVER, this is not to say that there is no such thing as what we perceive as racism, nor does thiat discount the bulk of analyzes on racism, such as those by Malcolm X. It is to say that we need to be more accurate and scientific in our assessments. Much of what we perceive as racism is better seen when we comprehend that the notion of racism is actually a man-made social construction, in fact, it was first widely used by the Spanish Empire to rationalize their treating the indigenous natives of these lands {called America by many but lands I now refer to as Aztlan ~ our land} as these people being less than a full human being, thus, inferior.

A lot of what we perceive as racism is actually a kind of culturalism in terms of seeing one specific culture as superior to another one. A lot of people have been confused over all this stuff over these last several decades, but we are alive and learning!

Yes, there is only one race but much diversity in this dominant race based upon superficial matters: skin color, hair texture, native language, dress and customs.
Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!   Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~   Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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From: Elvira Williams Elvira52@bellsouth. net  To: Humane-Rights- Agenda@yahoogrou  Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 Subject: Re: Terry> Re: Humane-Rights- Agenda Serena
1.there is really only one race of people, the human race.
I agree,
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From: PETER S LOPEZ <peter.lopez51@> To: Humane-Rights- Agenda@yahoogrou   Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 Subject: Terry> Re: Humane-Rights- Agenda Serena
Yep...... racism is alive and well... no worries on that score... yet there is really only one race of people, the human race. A lot of so-called racism is actually bias and prejudice, plus, a false sense of cultural superiority.
Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!     Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Aztlan  Yahoo Email: peter.lopez51@ 
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From: Terry Howcott terrylynnh@yahoo. com  To: terryhowcott@ terryhowcott. com  Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 1:39:58 PM  Subject: Humane-Rights- Agenda Serena

Serena's LAST face off with the same player:
"It was nasty and it developed into blatant racism. Now, eight years after the crowd booed Serena Williams's victory over Kim Clijsters in the women's final at Indian Wells,"
Also see:   Returning Volleys
"Given U.S. racial history, I wrote summarily, it is easy to consider that the loud booing of Serena owed partly to her being, as a black woman, perceived as an intruder."
Richard Williams
"When Venus and I were walking down the stairs to our seats, people kept calling me nigger," Richard Williams told USA Today. "One guy said: `I wish it was '75." (referencing the Los Angeles uprising).
He went on, 'we'd skin you alive' "That's when I stopped and walked toward that way. Then I realised that [my] best bet was to handle the situation non-violently. I had trouble holding back tears."
Tennis Umpires Were "subjected to racial slurs . . . limited opportunities in a hostile work environment. "
Fear of the Williams Sisters
"Venus and Serena just seem out of place in the lily-white world of professional tennis."
Williams' Sisters Expose Tennis' Racist Heart
Williams Era
"McEnroe implored Chris Russo, the show's host to "move on to the men" after apparently talking too long about Venus and Serena's domination of the women's draw.
McEnroe calls Serena's Behavior Unacceptable - The Same Conduct That Made Him Famous

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