Sunday, August 16, 2009

Re: Welcome New Humane-Rights-Agenda Member!~from Group Moderator

Domingo, August 16th of 2009 ~ Welcome to the Humane-Rights Agenda!

I am here sitting down actually typing this with my own hands and fingers. From where
I sit
life looks good and safe, then I am five stories up from the street level below, far
above the maddening crowd. See attached Pix.

The Humane-Rights-Agenda Yahoo Group has been around now for several years. I am
humbly proud of it all and its longevity before 911.

It kind of started by accident, though some believe there are no
accidents. It has gotten
a momentum and life of its own. People continue to post up whether I am online or not, have Internet access or not and there were times when I became homeless without
easy  home access but it kept going, especially with help from Shelita in Australia..

Anyone can join, anyone can post anything and get away with it. Unless someone is just being stuck on stupid. So sometimes we get porno invites and other drivel. That's OK!

I will always uphold our
RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, with all its occasional drawbacks. Sometimes we need to know about the evil sickness that lurks in some people's demented minds. The ideal is to keep it as an OPEN FORUM ONLINE!

Some years back I was a member of a relatively progressive group that was heavy into
monitoring and control freaking people who posted up. It later degenerated because of
its own internal rivalties and pettiness. Anyway I was kicked out of the Group for not
being a cyber kiss-ass, which is stupid because we rarely actually ever met anyone in a
group in the flesh (I myself have been blessed to have met some Group Members in person).

Anyways, I took the initiative of starting up the Humane-Rights-Agtenda because I saw and still see the need for establishing common ground among people, having a common way of looking at life and a common denominator. Most rational-feeling beings will relate
to the core
concept of advocating for humane rights!

Remember: You can EDIT MEMBERSHIP on our Home Page in terms of how you view
Group Messages. I want all of us to at least be receptive to rare Special Notices.
Nowadays there is a Humane-Rights-Agenda Blog and a Website, but the Yahoo Group
is still our main format. Some folks have not taken the leap to crossover. Hell, some
Members might be dead on the other side.... wonder if they got Email there!?! ;->

When we get around to it I want us all to fill out their Profile and hopefully have a Yahoo
Email Address as you do. Feel free to JOIN THE WEBSITE VIA THE LINK BELOW and we can
cyber chat!

I am generally busy every waking moment, need to get more of a diverse life but as a Caseworker and Counselor in a homeless shelter I get plenty of human interaction and drama!

These days I am single with no children I am responsible for so I have the time and situation to do what I do online, offline and inline with my meditation, prayer and
personal quiet time
for writing on spiritual growth and spiritual liberation.

As a Christian Ministry I work with homeless people who are into what I call PROGRESSIVE RECOVERY, but I am not a religious fanatic nor a fanatic of any kind. WHEN I am in the
Spirit I am into creative writing, do some photography and have made a few videos!

We should learn better how to utilize the Power of the Internet and other communication
devices to raise consciousness, boost moral and bring people together as human beings!


It is around 10:15 AM HERE NOW. I need to go to Cook's Hardware and Pay my COMCAST
Bill... someday we will all be free... More will be revealed.............


Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka: Peta

Sacramento, California,Aztlan

CASA NUMERO: 916/346-4483

Yahoo Email:  


Links: Join Up! 



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