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Read: [NetworkAztlan_News] Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria against Assad & Israeli intervention

Appreciate Brother Cort ~ Many are not sure who to support in relation to the power forces in Syria. Surely it is not all black and white. We need to look at what is in the best interests of the people, not just go by what is popular.

The whole idea of 'Left' is so outdated. We need to adopt new vocabulary and terminology to better explain connected reality today.

At the same time we cannot get so consumed by events thousands of miles that we forget what is going and what is to be done here now inside the United States. There are many form of what can be considered escapism.

We need to be aware of not becoming long-distance analysts about events far away and escape doing coherent analysis about what is going on in our own immediate situation.

We need a comprehensive humane rights agenda that can relate to helping oppressed people in general, yet not fail to address specific 'ethnic issues' peculiar to specific people.

For example, what the hell is going on with Chicanos aka Latinos who are caged in Nazi Amerika's concentration camps? Who is going hungry in our local communities? Who needs shelter from the storms of life? Remember our basic survival needs!

Nevertheless, I appreciate your contributions to this Group, suggest you get hip to Twitter and that we all become better communicators via social media online AND in our local areas.

Venceremos! We Will Win! Educate to Liberate!
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
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For the original in Arabic

Statement: the victory of the popular revolution for the liberation of Palestine and the Golan Heights

Posted on May 5, 2013

This is a very short synopsis, since it has not been translated from Arabic as of yet. 

The regime has accused the opposition of rejoicing about the Israeli attacks  but it is a lie since they are also against all interventions including Israeli intervention.

 But how did the regime respond but attacking several cities with rockets and bombs and the bombing of the Yarmouk refugee camp for Palestinians.

Politically for such a strike, especially as it came a few days after the massacres committed by the forces of the dictatorial regime in the village of Beida and the city of Banias, which sparked outrage and condemnation great for heinous inhuman and raised the degree of build-sectarian who plays him both the system Al-Assad and some of the reactionary forces of the Syrian opposition.

The objective of these raids, which corresponds with the positions of the United States and other Western countries since the beginning of the revolution, but the desire to destroy the infrastructure and economic potential and military to Syria, to be the next order, and no matter what its nature, weak and anemic and subject. 

Because the victory of the popular revolution in Syria while continuing to Egypt and other countries is the real threat to the Zionist state

The fact is, we do not share those who rejoiced raids Israeli.The enemy is not necessarily my friend, in the case of the Zionist state they form a trench front of imperialism in our region responsible for the misery of our people and plunder the riches of our country and its rights and the rights of the Palestinian people, and responsible for the support and protection systems agent has ruled our country for decades, but the rebellious peoples began more than two years ago in Tknysha, and coming to her role

Ongoing revolution in order to overthrow the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie

Continuous revolution for the liberation of Palestine and the Golan Heights

All the power and wealth of the people

Damascus on May 5, 2013
Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria


From Israel:The Da am Workers Party for months has been warning Israelis against the governments intervention and they are also against Assad.

Israeli aggression in Syria is provoking a war


One of the explosions on Mt. Qasioun, north of Damascus.
Early on Sunday morning, huge explosions rocked northern Damascus.
Scientists said that the explosions measured between two and three on the Richter scale, a scale designed to measure earthquakes. Giant balls of fire rose above Mt. Qasioun, a mountain that overlooks the capital and is at the center of Syria's largest military complex. The very symbol of Assad's control over Damascus was on fire.
Immediately, Syrian officials stated that an Israeli airstrike had hit a military installation in the area. Within a short time, unnamed American officials confirmed Israel had struck Damascus, a sign that the US government likely greenlighted the attack.
This strike took place within days of another Israeli airstrike that apparently targeted a shipment of rockets en route from the Syrian military to Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.
Some analysts have said that a stockpile of rockets, made in Iran and bound for Lebanon, was the target of this second strike.
However, this analysis ignores the fact that several important military installations appear to have been the targets of this most recent strike.
The Syrian government claimed that a military research facility was struck (map). In addiion, there have been many videos of the explosions, taken from many different angles, which suggest that a much wider range of targets, across a wider area of the military installation, were struck and not simply a convoy of rockets.
An initial analysis by Stroyful's Félim McMahon suggests that the research facility itself was not hit, but rather the nearby headquarters of the 104th Brigade. Beyond this, videos suggest that huge stockpiles of weapons, likely artillery shells and ballistic/artillery rockets, were also destroyed in the airstrike.
The 104th Brigade is an elite group of Republican Guards tasked with defending one of the most sensitive areas of Assad's defense network in the capital. 
The precise locations of the targets are still being nailed down and confirmed, but some insurgent leaders are reporting that an even wider stretch of area was hit:
The 4th Armored Divion is Assad's most important unit, run by his brother, Rifaat Al Assad. If the 4th Armored Division was indeed the target of the airstrike, this is a major blow to Assad and to the regime.
The Israeli airstrike did not target stockpiles of weapons deep in storage.
These are the most important fortresses that the regime maintains, and are instrumental to Assad's ongoing defense against the rebel offensive. These artillery and rockets from this area are used to routinely target insurgent positions, and civilian neighborhoods, all across the capital, from east to west, north to south.
These stockpiles are particularly important to Assad's efforts to retake Darayya, the largest suburb of Damascus which has been at the front lines of the fight for the capital for over six months. There are unconfirmed reports that the 4th Armored Division and the 155th Brigade SCUD missile base were also hit, but even if this is not the case, the Israelis have struck at some of Assad's most important bases, just kilometers from the Presidential Palace.
The message to Assad is clear. If the regime continues to move rockets across the border to aid Hezbollah, Israel willnot only strike at the immediate threat, but will deal serious body blows to the regime, severely hampering Assad's efforts to counter Syria's insurgency.
The question remains, however, as to whether destabilizing Assad was the ultimate goal of this airstrike. At the very least, Israel has proven that it is willing to pick a side and go all in if it feels threatened.
This incident should also permanently put to rest the debate as to whether Assad's air defense is capable of standing up to external threats. Assad is completely vulnerable, and has been dealt a serious blow. As a result, Israel may have completely changed the debate about foreign intervention in a single instant, and may have catalyzed an international drive to remove Bashar al-Assad from power.

Syria Today: Obama Maintains Cautious Line on US Intervention

Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 10:53 | Scott Lucas in EA Middle East and TurkeyMiddle East and Iran
Protest in Beza'a in Aleppo Province on Friday

1400 GMT: Refugees
The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon topped 450,000 in April, amid a wave of violence bordering the northern Bekaa Valley.
A UN report said 50 families were arriving each day with close to 1000 crossing into Lebanon in the last week of April. About 90% of the arrivals were women and children.
1205 GMT: Sanctions and Computer Equipment
Documents establish that large amounts of computer equipment from Dell have been sold to the Syrian government through a Dubai-based distributor despite strict trade sanctions, according to The New York Times.
The computer equipment was sold by BDL Gulf, which is based in Saudi Arabia and is an authorised distributor for Dell in the Middle East and Africa and a reseller for other computer brands, including Samsung and Acer.
BDL sold the equipment to Anas Hasoon Trading, a Damascus-based company with contracts to provide computers to the Syrian government, according to billings records and e-mail exchanges between the companies.
1125 GMT: Assad Appears
President Assad attended the unveiling of a statue to "martyrs" at Damascus University on Saturday.
"President Bashar al-Assad joined thousands of students and the families of martyred students at the unveiling of a statue to the memory of the martyrs of Syria's universities at the University of Damascus," State TV reported.
A photo showed Assad being greeted by enthusiastic students.
On Wednesday, Assad visited a Damascus electrical plant on Workers' Day. His last reported appearance before that was on 20 March.
0950 GMT: Israeli Airstrike
Israeli officials have confirmed an airstrike early Friday on a shipment of advanced missiles.
The officials said on Saturday the shipment was not of chemical arms, but of "game changing" weapons bound for the Lebanese Hezbollah group.
It is unclear if Israeli forces hit the target outside Syria or fired from Israeli airspace into Syria, for example, from the Golan Heights. The Israeli officials gave no location for the strike --- US officials earlier said that the Israelis fired from outside Syria into the country.
0648 GMT: Kurdish Clashes with Insurgents
Wladimir Van Wilgenburg writes....
Kurdish news sites claim that the Kurdish People's Defence Units have killed 11 insurgents and captured others in fighting close to the cities of Hasaka and Ras al-Ain.
Among the insurgents involved were members of the Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra.
Clashes have persisted despite an agreement between the YPG and Free Syrian Army which declared areas as "liberated". Fighting is also reported near the Kurdish city of Efrin and in Aleppo.
0538 GMT: Casualties
The Local Coordination Committees claim 139 people were confirmed dead  on Friday, including 37 in Damascus and its suburbs, 35 in the Bayada mass killing, and 22 in Aleppo Province.
The Violations Documentation Center puts the confirmed death toll at 59,262 since the conflict begin in March 2011, an increase of 149 from Thursday.
Of those killed, 46,542 were civilians, a rise of 107 from yesterday.
0530 GMT: Israeli Strike?
Two US officials have said that Israeli warplanes fired into Syria, targeting a weapon site.
The officials said US and Western intelligence agencies are reviewing classified data showing Israel most likely conducted the strike overnight on Thursday.
0520 GMT: US Intervention
At a Friday news conference, President Obama maintained a cautious line while holding out the possibility of tougher American public action against the Syrian regime: "If in fact there is the kind of systematic use of chemical weapons inside of Syria, we expect we are going to get additional further evidence and at that point we will absolutely present that to the international community."
While ruling out direct involvement by the US military, Obama said additional steps will be based on the "facts on the ground" and what is in the best interests of the American people and US national security":
I'm going to make those decision based on the best evidence and after careful consultation, because when we rush into things, when we leap before we look, then not only do we pay a price but oftentimes we see unintended consequences on the ground. So it's important that we do it right.
While American officials have said that a decision on the public arms supply of weapons to insurgents is weeks away, the US is already involved in a multi-lateral covert effort to provide arms and to train opposition fighters, primarily from a base in Jordan.
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