Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carnel David ~ Re: [NetworkAztlan_News] Mexican Americans and Latinos

Carnal David y gente ~ I am at the point where I can accept the term Latino as interchangeable with Chicanos. It can cover a larger group of people than just Chicanos, though we need to evolve beyond any form of narrow nationalism, including Chicano cultural nationalism. I definitely do not relate to the term Hispanic ~ a Nixon-era invention by a Tia Taco. Let each one figure it out for themselves, though I do try to educate my 'White' comrades.

As Chicanos we really do need to evolve beyond the old stale arguments about what to call ourselves. Many of us who call ourselves Chicanos, those who have not died out, should keep in mind that we are actually indigenous natives of these lands. I no longer consider myself an Amerikan of any kind, though I still have U.S. citizenship.

Any 'racial' term is going to be defective since we are all of one human race called humanity. Hell, now I could be politically incorrect and should spell Chicano Xicano, but I am old school.
Thus, I remain a Chicano de Aztlán.

On Being A Chicano de Aztlán
Besides we need to evolve beyond racial and ethnic categories in terms of politics, mass mobilization for liberation and all dedicated efforts towards an eventual seizure of state power and overthrow of the Evil Empire led by the fascist U.S. Regime.

We are one people, an endangered species, on one Mother Earth. Global Revolution is the ultimate solution for us to establish a basis for peace, justice and true democracy in the world (though democracy has its inherent defects as it usually means tyranny by the majority).

Venceremos! We Will Win! Educate to Liberate!
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California


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In my opinion, I feel that most people do not understand Chicano Power.
This is an ideal that has been pushed under the rug by many Latinos.
Probably because many Chicanos do not accept the word Latino. Some

Chicanos feel that Latino is a European word used for the people from
Spain and Italy, Or a Greek word like Latin. Nonetheless, there should
be unity among all Brown People and on solidarity of issues which have
some common ground. At the other end, Prof Julian Zamora said that,
Latinos do not understand that Mexican Americans have been singled out
throughout time and are left out. And that most Latino Americans are
volunteer immigrants and not native by local conquest of the Southwest
which was once a part of Mexico. Hence, divisions in the Brown community
do exist, Nonetheless, the forging of common issues needs to come first.

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