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Message to Online Connects via @Peta_de_Aztlan

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I love the power of the Internet and its potential to connect with all others who are on the Internet on a global scale. This connectivity power has the potential to help bring us all closer together as one family of humanity, not as separate individuals, but as a common family with common basic survival needs and common dreams. We need to come together and create a new world of peace, harmony and justice.

My main platform for advocating and transmitting a basic humane rights agenda for Global Liberation, my personal interests and individual insights is via Twitter ~though I also use Google+, Facebook, Blogs and Yahoo Groups. We need to utilize all forms of communications with common sense wisdom, not childish cowardly paranoia.

In order to combat Corporate Media Power each of us, on an individual basis, needs to become our own creative channel to more and more create an active online presence, promote alternative social media sources and help liberate our collective consciousness together.

My main Internet connection is on Twitter ~ @Peta_de_Aztlan

I also have an Alternate Account ~ @Humane_Being

When I first got onto Twitter I was working as a Case Manager and Counselor at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. In order not to have any hassle with the Salvation Army bigwigs I created my first Twitter account using my Dad's ol' Pachuco nickname 'Peta'. My Dad or Padre Pete M. Lopez was in the Cherry Gang as a youth in Logan Heights, San Diego. My Dad told me that 'Peta' means 'a rope hard to cut'. Thus, came about my Twitter user name of @Peta_de_Aztlan.

I still identify at least the U.S. Southwest as Aztlán. I no longer consider myself as a patriotic American, though I am still technically a U.S. citizen. I do not subscribe to any form of nationalism. Any patriotism I have is to all the world's suffering peoples. I am a global citizen.

I will not waste time here going into the whole truth about the U.S.A. being the result of a double genocide waged against its original indigenous natives and Black Africans during the Slave Trade. If you really wanted to know about it chances are you would know already, unless you are a young student still open to learning the truth.

For further study go to ~
A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn ~

In a way, the Internet with its zillions of web pages, discussion groups and online social media platforms has become a new Tower of Babel. The attention span of people online is usually a short-attention span of a few minutes at most, if not only several seconds. For those of us online activists, there are changes occurring in the neuoplasticity of our brains, especially our cerebral cortex. There is a lot going on here when we are online that involves our natural cognition, mental capacity, processing of incoming information, especially our neurotransmitters.

It is easy to suffer from Internet addiction because our dopamine can get hyped up when we are online. We get an actual dopamine 'turn on' when we receive feedback or our name is mentioned online. This can easily become chemically addictive with harmful consequences without the ingestion of an external substance.

An addiction results in negative and harmful consequences. It impacts on our daily functionality, certain matters we need to attend to are neglected and our own personal relationships in life can be damaged. Keep in mind that the wide spectrum of addiction varies from use, to abuse, to addiction. There are many kinds of addictions. We live in an addicted world. Having a beer on a daily basis does not mean one is an alcoholic. It is a matter of degree, intensity, focus and preoccupation.

We need to see our right to Internet access as a part of our right to freedom of speech. We have the right to express ourselves as we see fit whether anyone else approves of our creative expressions or not. At the same time, we need to not create a separate high-tech caste of people who are online and divorced from the masses ~divided from those who are not online. We need Internet access for all and must help others come online.

We need to avoid information overload when we are online, if not in our interpersonal communications in general. We should communicate with conscious intention and purpose, not just babble whatever comes up to mind to take up space. Before we say something of importance to us we should think first. Sharing is caring, but share with a higher level of consciousness. We live in an era when many are dying because of a lack of basic information and others who are online are overwhelmed by information. Thus, we need to be mindful of keeping a balance in our lives in the trinity of the mind, body and soul. Express your love for your loved ones with genuine affection. Feel it and show it!

I am a straight up hard core radical. Most of the folks around me in my existential life are apathetic conservatives (if not fools and drug addicts). I am not a co-dependent here to help enable the dependency of others. Each of us should strive to be as independent as we can in life. Naturally we must admit our natural dependency in the world in terms of being dependent on the air we breathe, the need for human contact and the need for being in an environment within which we can evolve as humane beings. The ideal here is that I am my own man with my own philosophy on life among the living. I do not require your approval or validation. I am a liberated being.

Let us do what we can to express ourselves freely without fear. Honor and share your truth as you know it. Amerikan Fascism has a comprehensive psychological program in place to inhibit your freedom of expression. It has manufactured censors in the repressed mentality. Even if I languish in chains in a filthy prison cell I can remain free and liberated in my mind. Cosmic consciousness cannot be censored, curtailed or crushed.

Venceremos! Peter S. López AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan ~
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