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[HELP-Matrix Blog] The Planet is a Conscious Living Entity

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(Deepak Shrivastava) Many think of our planet, the Earth, as simply a complex assembly of elements that we consider inorganic lifeless elements. It's interesting then that such a lifeless entity can and does support life isn't it? Life is more that the sum total of all the "inorganic" and "organic" chemical reactions that many scientists think that it is. There is a definite consciousness that we all are part of and we all experience daily whether we choose to be aware of it or not.

We have our own consciousness i.e. the thoughts that run through our minds about our lives. We are also part of the consciousness of the other people we know. Additionally we are a part of the consciousness of the rest of humanity living and dead. Going further we are part of the consciousness of "Mother Earth". That expression, "Mother Earth", isn't simply a metaphor it's a fact ! The Earth bore us and sustains us in life with the help of the Sun and the rest of the Universe and hence the idea that we are somehow separate and distinct from them is only a belief that we have become conditioned with. It is by no means the truth, is it?

The Earth's consciousness manifests as its weather and other natural events that we experience. We too however, as I said are a manifestation of the planet albeit in a different form. So the life that we call our own "sprouted" so to speak from the planetary will or consciousness. It is still attempting to support us here but something strange has happened hasn't it?

We have forgotten where we came from, what we are a part of and now believe ourselves to be separate and distinctly independent beings. We also now see the planet as an uncooperative force that needs to be controlled or tamed.In believing this we have, shall we say, desynchronized our minds and bodies from the planetary consciousness, the very consciousness that is the source of life here. In other words we have and are moving away from being "life" forms altogether.

When you look at all of the death and destruction that we are choosing to wreak upon ourselves, each other and the planet one could say we are transforming into "death" forms. It's no wonder that we are experiencing more turbulence in the Earth's weather patterns lately. You probably thought is was due to global warming and other such insults didn't you? Well although this is partly true the Earth can and does feel the sum total of the dissonant thoughts and feelings that we as species carry in our consciousness.

Now such thoughts and feelings, as I said, are mostly aligned with death, and this is against life and against the life force of the Earth itself. So what does the Earth attempt to do? Well it tries to protect itself and its creation! Isn't that what mothers do? The "natural" catastrophes that we are experiencing could be seen as an attempt by the Earth to purge such negativity from its consciousness and therefore itself. There's one problem however.

We, as a species are putting up a great deal of resistance. We have identified ourselves with all this negativity and we now believe that it is inherently who we are. In other words we have chosen to lie to ourselves about who we really are. This, as I'm sure you can imagine, will only create "tension" in the collective human-planet consciousness, which is really all one consciousness. The ripple effects of this tension we experience as the chaotic natural events that we are witnessing today.

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