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Turkman > Re: Humane-Rights-Agenda Moslim Female Killing

Please forgive. I am doing other stuff these days than trying to police this group, it pretty much takes care of itself. BUTTT there were a lot of your Posts that were being held up. So I approved them today, though I am suppose to have two other Moderators. I know, people are always busy or else have other matters to attend to.

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Not Women Arif, all the victims of John Wayne Gacey were Boys. He was Homosexual and I lived 8 miles from him. We can not change sex of his Victims now. Facts can not changed just because you say so.
You had written, " ... 90% of all murdered in the US are women,..." without mentioning, what you are trying to tell now after being caught lying, 'by Serial Killers'.
So, are you trying to tell us because Serial Killers kill Females, women in USA are more exploited than in Moslim Countries?
Well, I prove my case with facts not lies. World Moslim Female Population is 95 to 100 Moslim Male Population. 39 million short of Male Population, when God creates 106 to 108 Females on every 100 Males in Human Specie.
Statistics proves 93 to 94 million Moslim Females have been killed in this world in last 55 years. Have any people of religion killed this many Females of theirs in last 55 years or has Non Moslim World kill this many Humans in all their wars in the last 55 years, Savages?

From: Arif Khan <arif12@verizon.net>

In John Wayne Gacey all were Women !! and in Case of Jeffery Dahmar all were Gay Men But most serial Killers in America mainly Kill Women just Google it    Arif  I ama avid Watcher of the Channel I.D Discovery Ch 192      Arif
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From: S Turkman

Could you please tell me, which of the 48 that John Wayne Gacey or which of the dozen that Jeff Dahmer killed was a Woman?
Please also provide info about the study that says "90% of all murdered in US are women" ..!
And please explain if all your B.S. is correct, how come there are more Female in US Population than Males and not in Moslim Countries ...!
Why Pakistan's Female Population is 92.7 to 100 Males and USA's despite so much Male legal and Illegal Immigration is 103 to 100 Males?

From: Arif Khan <arif12@verizon.net>

Jimmy have you ever Watched "Investigation Discovery" 90% of all murdered in the US are women, Women are the target of most killers like the Green River Killer in Oregon, John Wayne Gacey, etc etc. More women are Abused in America than anywhere and Exploited by Pimps and Porno industry with D.P and all kinds of Torture . How canyou say that Men are wimps.. The Women here contribute a lot of money to the household and are NOT SOPHISTICATED Child producing Machines and Servants like in Pakistan    Arif Khan
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You mean kissing-ass of & being enslaved to women as in the West the wimpo men are; is being FORWARD??!! If this is forward, all real men would prefer to be BACKWARD...................

On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 4:01 PM, Arif Khan <arif12@verizon.net> wrote:
Zina Pakistanis are TOO BACKWARDS as far as Women are concened? They want to enslave them and NMarry another Young Teenager when they are in their Fifties.... Than Others are Shit Scared of their wives and Do whatever they say to them...Its a "Genetic Problem" because of too many Cousin marriages     Arif Khan
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From: Zina Khan

You mean the Imam is now going to follow your Aboo brand ? and then call it "Islam" like you do...lol !!! Stop your Jokes...they have become stale like you now.....
In 1990 a woman in Pakistan was suspended from her job for shaking hands with a man....and ex air force officer and a Pakistani businessman had this to say...
"I tell you, this country is being sodomized by religion"....and then a Mullah says...
"let these women be warned...we will tear them to pieces...we will give them such terrible punishments that no one in the future will dare raise a voice against us...." - he is a Mullah from Rawalpindi....
Today in some muslim countries respect for women is virtually no-existent....and you can see from what I have shown you folks here as an example that the two wives of the Sunni Imam are still struggling to get their just settlements....crimes against muslim women have increased significantly....
The Mullahs have "islamized" the women ever since Zia the "Saviour" of "Mullaism"gave them powers..now every Mullah feels that he can get hold of any muslim woman and "tear her apart"...lol ! scary huh !
We have seen that in the brand of "Islam" Gulshan boasts about, women  lose all rights to men as the man acquires her reproductive organs "al-bud" but the converse is not the case...
In fact the woman has no rights over her own "bud"...the woman even loses her right to maintenence and protection even if she refuses to "give herself" to her man....and she is considered insubordinate and the husband has a right to punish her....
The Aboo's sunnah says..
"better for a man to be splashed by a Pig than for him to be brushed by a woman's elbow.."..."three things that interrupt the prayers of the pious males...a black dog, a woman and a Pig..."
Umar gave a sunnah.." prevent the woman from learning and writing...say No! to their capricious ways"
And then he gave another "sunnah"..." adopt positions opposite of a woman..there is a great merit in it....impose NUDITY on woman because clothes are one reason for leaving the house.."
"the entire woman is evil and what is worse is that it is a necessary evil"
"You should never ask a woman for her advice because her advice is worthless"
"do not spend too much time in their company for they will lead you to downfall.."
And so now who would want to be part of this kind of bizarre cult that calls itself "Islam" Gulshan Jee.....it is a gift for you...so enjoy it ! and remove your Burqa as per the Fatwa of your caliph...

--- On Thu, 2/23/12, Gulshan Aalani <pardah52@gmail.com> wrote:

Even your own Imam has declared it by giving fatwa of changing it.
Why would he order you to change it, if it was already the same Islam?
Again the facts are in front of us, accept it or keep quiet and go and
practice your
religion that is not approved by your own Imam.

On 2/23/12, Abdul Quddoos <moderate53@gmail.com> wrote:
> Akhtar saheb,
> You said:
> "Even if he has done something wrong. Does that give you and your ilk the
> right to bring his personal life into public and call it.......
> Does the above not apply to Kaukab Siddique in the case of the Aga Khan and
> the Ismailis?
> You may call me whatever my brother, but the fact remains that in your
> hatred towards the Ismailis you have closed your eyes towards Kaukab's
> unethical behavior. Supporting him amounts to Kufr.
> May Allah guide you to see the truth.
> moderate53

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