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On Homeless Refugees in Amerika via @Peta_de_Aztlan

On Homeless Refugees in Amerika via @Peta_de_Aztlan
May 4, 2011

To know the true nature of a given society we must examine its domestic homeless refugees in the streets. In a sick class society they seek refuge and have been largely abandoned in these worst of times because of the basic mismanagement of those 'in power and secure'. Homeless refugees reflect the larger society and are the early warning canary in the mine.

All basic social issues are inherently interconnected with the social basis of power in society. The basic question is: Who controls the power in society today? If we are awake without denial, we can clearly see that the Amerikan corporate ruling class is in power and secure at the top of the power pyramid in society.

Life is an interconnected matrix. We cannot properly analyze the question of homeless refugees unless we see the Big Picture, not just a single snapshot. It is like walking backwards while trying to see forward. How did so many people become homeless refugees? They did not parachute down from outer space! There were definite social circumstances that brought about their refugee status. What kind of social system results in so many refugees? It is the existing government that must be criticized, condemned and radically changed. It is a failed social system of a foul failed state.

The US government is fascist, corrupt and rotten to the core; its social institutions are dysfunctional. It has long been co-opted by huge corporate powers in conspiracy with the corporate controlled mass media that daily manufactures, molds and shapes so-called 'public opinion'. Refugees are not only oppressed and repressed, but also stigmatized by society as the new untouchables. We need to stop blaming the victims and in a clear light see who the victimizers are. We must condemn the sick social architects of our nightmares and wake up out of the stupid role of sleeping beauty.

Corporate capitalism has evolved to the point in the USA where we now have a vast potential army of people who are unemployables ~a lumpen-proletarian class who are not employed members of the typical working-class proletariat. Much of the old classical Marxist ideology, terminology and philosophy is not applicable to define our present situation and must be put up on a shelf as outdated reference materials. We require bold fresh analyses to help us design a new General Plan of Action for revolutionary praxis in our present situation.

Our whole educational system has failed. Many have not been taught the basic skills necessary to function in society as productive members of society. Many are illiterate, cannot read or write. Many do not have a college education, marketable job skills or decent jobs today and require job training and rehabilitation. The root of the word rehabilitation is 'habilitate', which means 'to equip'. Many people are simply not equipped to cope with connected reality in this Information Age of high technology, especially with the outsourcing of high-tech jobs to Third World countries. Inside the USA, the systemic solutions we seek are not even possible under the present state of power relations between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' today. The USA is now in a Great Depression.

To sincerely address the whole issue of homeless refugees we need to create a comprehensive social services system that will help create fully functional humane beings with high self-esteem, spiritual values and relevant survival skills. It is more complex than simply feeding people and putting a temporary roof over their heads.

As social engineers, we need to educate, equip and enable people to take care of themselves as much as possible as independent functional adults. We need to teach people how to fish, not merely give them a fish. If some cannot take care of their own self because of one disability or another it is our humane duty to help care for their survival until they can get help or help themselves. We do not throw people away as if they are garbage. People are precious human beings with humane rights that should be respected at all times in all situations.

Homeless Emergency Shelters for the homeless should be humane rehabilitation centers to help equip people with the survival skills they need to become productive spiritual beings. Shelters should not be warehouses, where we shelter and feed people then put them on shelves in their bunks at night until their time runs out. We must also pay attention to the deep spiritual needs of people. Beyond physical needs, people also have the needs for attention, affection and recognition of their innate human dignity. Many people in shelters are the walking wounded. We need to examine their wounds, dress them if necessary and provide compassionate counseling when appropriate. Overall, we should assess clients, create client profiles and help them understand the real roots of their refugee status.

If we dig deep enough we find that the fundamental roots of homelessness can be found in system failure, social-economic conditions and low or no self-esteem among homeless refugees. There are a whole range of related social issues here, including government cutbacks of social services, high unemployment levels, the collapse of traditional family structures, various mental disorders and severe drug addictions. In the overall context of the general social matrix, homelessness should be seen in light of existing social conditions, that is, not isolated from surrounding social conditions. Direct causes of homelessness are specific to each individual case so we should not over-generalize causes, yet the basic roots are the same.

From a long-term grand strategic viewpoint, the masses of the people must come together as one and transform the situation via an honest attempt at creating a Peaceful Revolution that will help us topple the evil Amerikan Empire and transform connected reality. Until then we can work on creating central city communes, learn to live together in harmony and continue to raise mass consciousness as one family of humanity.


Venceremos! We Will Win!
Sacramento, California
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

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