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My Tweets for 4-05-2011 Tuesday ~@Peta_de_Aztlan #Revolution +Comment

Familia ~ We should understand by now that Twitter is the premier social networking website on the Internet ~without the exclusion of Yahoo Groups and commercialism of Facebook. All of us should get a Twitter Account and Join the Global Conversation happening on Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that we come into contact with anyone who has a Twitter Account.

For example, my Twitter User Name is @Peta_de_Aztlan ~Get an account today
If you have not noticed yet the situation in the so-called nation of the so-called United States of Amerika is now FUBAR (F- - - ed Up Beyond All Recognition). US Debt is in the Trillions; the smiling con artist POTUS Obama is going for a 2nd run and he wants a billion for his campaign;
GITMO is still going on; there is No Relevant Immigration Reform; Government Shutdown
is possible Friday midnight; Libyan War is going bad for the Rebels; gas prices will get higher than ever before; etc. etc. etc.

On Twitter there is a huge global conversation going on among millions of people. We may communicate with others who may have opposite ideological beliefs that we think we do and
as we communicate more with each with respect we may find common ground ~common beliefs ~common concerns and yes ~common fears. We may find that indeed we may all be one great
family of humanity with the same basic survival needs and dreams for the future!

So here are my Tweets from yesterday. I hope you will not consider this just more shallow spam but take them for what they are worth. We must evolve beyond preaching to the choir, not be
afraid to engage in communications and create a unified consciousness to help bring about real change in the world by changing our collective consciousness together!

Venceremos! We Will Win!

Sacramento, California
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Tweets for 4-05-2011 Tuesday ~@Peta_de_Aztlan #Revolution

4-05-2011 Blogpost Collage

My Tweets for 4-05-2011 Tuesday @Peta_de_Aztlan #Revolution

Peter S. López AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan Barrio Cinco, Sacramento CA
A Spiritual Healer who Loves Truth, Peace & Wisdom! Let us come together as one family of humanity! Get activated! Create Peaceful Revolution! We Will Win!

@seawoodelectra We are all beginning to awaken more to the loveliness of our own humane divinity. Good Night from California

<+>Buenas Noches Familia/Good Night Family<+> Pleasant dreams with angels watching over Mother Earth! ~Namaste, @Peta_de_Aztlan

@monakart First got hip to it when I saw @DeepakChopra use it ~then explored. I will be an expert reading the small print in docs.

RT @majeedb: الجيش والشرطة والمخابرات أبناء الشعب، لكن بعض الأنظمة بتربيهُم على كيفها، مش على كيف أهاليهُم اللي خلفوهم وعلموهم وبيصرفوا علي

@monakart Yes, sometimes I create Column for certain News Items. Love TweetDeck.

@lurainpenny Good Night Sister Lurain ~Pray you had a creative, productive day ~OK OK OK ~A pleasant day! ;->~~

@monakart @AnthonyLawlor I only have one private Twitter List for a very few Tweeters ~otherwise lists can be redundant.

@seawoodelectra Remember Love, there are great lessons to be learned from great tragedies.

@seawoodelectra Know that there is much love and concern in the hearts of many in the world for Japan.

Many have been betrayed after they believed in good faith ~demons are deceivers.

For sure much of the deep healing that needs to happen in the world is in Spiritual Realms.

Let us pray we can share our ideas, thoughts and opinions with mutual respect and emotional maturity.

IF there is a GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN does that mean the US Wars will be over?!?!

Was we living in the Divided States of Amerika of the United States of America?!?!?

@lurainpenny 'Crisis' in Chinese characters generally means 'danger' and 'opportunity' ~READ

NATO's Fascist War by Fidel Castro Ruz:

Good to see many of our Followers @davidcnswanson ~Keep networking!

@davidcnswanson Thank you for fighting the good fight. Truth is our greatest tool to educate and weapon to combat fascism.

@davidcnswanson David Swanson by Peta_de_Aztlan
Building a Nonviolent Movement for Peace in Afghanistan 1 of 4 via @youtube

@davidcnswanson David Swanson by Peta_de_Aztlan
Building a Nonviolent Movement for Peace in Afghanistan 2 of 4 via @youtube

@davidcnswanson David Swanson by Peta_de_Aztlan
Building a Nonviolent Movement for Peace in Afghanistan 3 of 4 via @youtube

@davidcnswanson David Swanson by Peta_de_Aztlan
Building a Nonviolent Movement for Peace in Afghanistan 4 of 4 via @youtube

RT @laloalcaraz: RT @SOCIALMEDIAINF0: In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. Albert Einstein (and the Chinese)

American Fascism Requires the Disguise of Surface Reforms:

I will pray 4U RT @masg66: @Peta_de_Aztlan I don't need to see a video Mr. Spiritual healer my Ass. You sound like a racist Teabagger.

People's War against Evil Power is a struggle between the oppressed remembering and the oppressor wanting us to forget.

@masg66 Wake Up! USA= mature fascist state & POTUS Obama= war-mongering fascist. CLICK & LEARN>

"It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." ~George Carlin

Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist 'democracy' ~ ~Please take the time in your pre… (cont)

RT @lurainpenny: @Peta_de_Aztlan - there's an optical illusion in it. Best viewed 125-150% mag. Enjoy! Codifyer ~^~

Great Website: ~Check it out from time to time

#THINK 12.8 Trillion in the U.S. Bail Outs to Wall Street= Largest Transfer of Money in US History ~

Recall: VIDEO~13:09~ Sen Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech DEC 02 2010:
~Make time

@seawoodelectra Appreciate your RTs today. Love, learn and live life to the fullest.

RT @thisiskhaledm: Some background on me and why I'm compelled to speak out #Libya #Feb17

I have great belief in the fact that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a gift. ~Septima P. Clark

LINK: *William I. Robinson ~Sociology, Global Studies, Latin American Studies, UCSanta Barbara:

@morsemusings Then, truth be known, some I follow are way off the mark but have good heart. Have known for long time now.

@morsemusings I have always been a little conflicted about who to Follow back or not. I kind of go by Feedback, ReTweets, Interaction
@morsemusings I am Following some pretty heavy, dedicated and sincere people now on Twitter.

Lifting the Veil ~ Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist 'democracy' ~ ~Make time!

@donnapoteclark Pleasant dreams Donna. Let us continue to grow, develop and learn together in unity for all of the humane family.

@ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement by Peta_de_Aztlan
@nationalpost: Gaddafi planned civilian killings- #gaddaficrimes This is NOT a civil war. #Gaddafi is not #Libya!

Wake Up! US Two Party System is one two-headed monster ~Democrats are the foxes & Republicans are the wolves

Lifting the Veil by S DN ~ Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist 'democracy' #RT

US Libya Intervention Is Aggression ~Glen Ford: US intervention does not have humanitarian objectives:

@masg66 POTUS Obama is a smiling fascist ~thinks he has Latinos in his back pocket, takes Latinos for granted. #LATISM

@rachaelmaddox I am glad you back ~clean and cool ~whole global situation gets more intense daily.

@masg66: Who is your "We" ~People are naturally the Majority ~Both parties suck= Two-Headed Monster #LATISM

Lifting the Veil ~ Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy ~Video: ~Experiment

@rachaelmaddox Well hell you're my kind of gal!

@rachaelmaddox Rachael Maddox by Peta_de_Aztlan
Took 1st shower in 5 days. I feel unbelievably sexy. #madward

@rachaelmaddox Rachael Maddox by Peta_de_Aztlan
Best part of my day? Vagina washing. This was critical for you to know. #madward

HEAVY WEBSITE: Prison Planet ~

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,394

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,761

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan $1,175,822,753,431

@infowarsstories infowarsstories by Peta_de_Aztlan
Secret Illegal War Of Aggression Has Been Raging In Libya For Weeks: Steve Watson | UN Resolution or no UN reso...

@ninaaarocket Karina Macias by Peta_de_Aztlan
This house is a FUCKING PRISON. On planet BULLSHIT. In the galaxy of THIS SUCKS CAMEL DICKS.

Ventura Urges Ron Paul To Run For President As Independent:

RT @TruthExcavator: Memo suggests FBI had mole inside ABC News in 1990s

@justamexican @masg66: Yes. Numbers are good, NOT ENOUGH, Mobilized Numbers are better! Suggest Hashtag: #LATISM

Why Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Will Be Tried In Guantánamo ~politics has trumped justice:

@kau_ilani Kelli Rodrigues by Peta_de_Aztlan
Today (Tuesday 4/5) All-time record high of $1,456.40 an ounce for #gold !

@GirlDictionary The Girl Dictionary by Peta_de_Aztlan
Good friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. Fake friends are like fallen leaves, found everywhere.

The Politics of Heroin: Chasing Nugan Hand ~Book Excerpt:

@AI_808 MUSIC: The Rolling Stones - Miss You > ~Blast It!

RT @ileducprof: One can't speak seriously about educational reform, without discussing issues of race/racism and funding inequality.#Educate

Saturn Watch: Ringed Planet's Exalted Opposition: visible to naked eye in April 2011: by Karen A. Kay

VIA @RRowleyTucson: PLEASE: Spell #Libya with capitol "L". This denotes a certain honor. Lower case "l" kind of shows a disrespect.

4:10 PM ~Well hell. Time for this ol' brujo to take his catnap! I usually like to take m siesta at 3 PM when I am privileged to do so.

@misterwordplay You are always welcome! I truly believe sharing is caring! Especially good when others appreciate.

@gracealera On TweetDeck we can see in lower right corner the Twitter application one is using. Most are stuck on web.

@misterwordplay Gracias! Let us not forget Prisoners Of War (POWs) such as #Bradley, Leonard Peltier and others.

@gracealera Remember on TweetDeck you are not on a regular Web Browser ~unique Twitter Application superior to regular Twitter

FAMILY VIA @SaveBradley: We made Facebook Page for Art for #Bradley Manning ~Check it out ~post your work!

@SaveBradley Remember Bradley Manning! He is a Prisoner of War inside the United States! #Bradley

Let us come together as a FAMILY and be WINNERS in life, not sorry LOSERS!

We start losing in life when we give up on ourselves, lose our faith and abandon all hope.

We start losing in life when we forget about what really matters and settle for blase mediocrity.

We start losing in life when we are more concerned about what our friends think that what our heart feels.

We start losing in life when we fail to speak up, to speak out and when needed shout out!
We start losing in life when we get stuck in a relationship for sex and a false status symbol.

We start losing in life when we begin to settle for less than what we really deserve in life.

We start losing in life when we give up on ourselves because something is too hard to too far.

We start losing when we start forgetting who we are, where we came from and the dreams we had.

We start losing in life when we hold back from saying the truth to stay on good terms with our boss.

We start losing in life when we are in stuck in denial about our own character defects.

We start losing in life when we start compromising our basic humane principles. Stick to your guns!

@Peta_de_Aztlan Blog: My Tweets for 4-04-2011 Monday ~Follow @Peta_de_Aztlan #Revolution:

@laloalcaraz I am not sure I am curious enough to want to Read More after "President Pookie" !!!

As for myself, I question the sanity and inner courage of folks who do not ever question the insanity of authority!

@AI_808 You're right. Each of us has our measure of faith and dose of fervor. For me, being radical is as natural as living free!

@drlouann Men are dogs from Mars ~Women are cats from Venus ~Some folks are a mixed breed. Tango is a dance.

RT @laloalcaraz: WTF is "President Pookie" ?? OHHH, my bad, it's another NON RACIST MOMENT by the idiot racist… (cont)

@WarOnErrorDKos Hell we ought to consider a Presidential Voting day a Federal Holiday! Encourage conscious voting.

@AI_808 Didn't you see the Bruce Willis movies? Die hard could be someone who is hard to kill or sticks to his guns.

@kau_ilani Blessings to you in Hawaii ~Pray all our family are safe over there! #tunetuesday

Twitter is an endless stream of consciousness pouring down through Tweets ~catch them before they disappear into cyberspace!

@morsemusings I Unfollowed a lot of aimless folks yesterday ~Do not make time for petty individual bullshit.

@sangre_jaguar We should of toppled this pieceshit of a government in the 70's! Government shutdown!!! Insane!!!

@sangre_jaguar Daily in my life I witness the anger, depression and confusion of people right outside trying to survive.

@saclib_Central Appreciate your response about Twitter Order. Will go to Your Homepage online. ~Love @Peta_de_Aztlan

@AI_808 Time waits for no one. People are dying now who could be saved. We must respond to the urgency of the moment. Activate!

Tweets + Taxes = Karmic Confusion: VIA @dailyscopes:

@AI_808 ~Simply LOVE your Twitter Avatar ~ ~#Twitter Avatars symbolize us

We need to survive together, struggle together and fight for our collective success together.

We need to evolve beyond the single solitary I and merge with the masses of as one species of life.

@RandallBeggs Do you support liberation? Do you relate to the People's Revolution? When is enough enough?!? #followrequest

@AI_808 Let's get radical ~compared to the sleep walking sullen grumpy folks I see walking around here in my life. Get ACTIVATED!

@betterbodytoday A BETTER BODY by Peta_de_Aztlan
Your health is everything..... No matter who you are or what you are doing. You will be your best with a strong healthy body.

@AI_808 Yes, had to UnFollow folks who do not respond ~interact or focus on my main Humane Rights Agenda. Was missing others.

2:04 PM ~Back up in Aztlán Sanctuary ~We have a great Free Lunch at Loaves & Fishes ~Nachos and stuff. Ate with friends.

Let us pray the Lord blesses us today with miracles and favors us with blessings.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are" ~RIP Kurt Cobain VIA @Deprogrammer9:

YouTube - Big K.R.I.T. - The Vent - Return Of 4Eva: via @214TURBO

9:22 AM ~I need to get ready for NA Meeting at Loaves and Fishes now. Catch ya all later.

@214TURBO Thank you Manic Hispanic! Sometimes I feel I am just whistling as I pass the graveyard. Glad you are there!

@gracealera Yes, Yoga as a way of being. I prefer the concept of Shaman. You know Sting ~know Sting? ~is a Yogi.

@JohnJoerg We need an online organization/political party beyond or before Twitter lad > ~

CIA waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times:

@gracealera Yes, Yoga should be part of our collective life style ~so much that people need to change in their lives.

@BE_PURE Now I see the interconnections between spiritual conflicts, the War on Drugs and corporate capitalism.

@BE_PURE I see in my life how street drugs and alcohol has ruined a lot of lives ~some of my old friends are now dead.

@BE_PURE My sobriety date is June 24, 2004 now of being Free from alcohol and methamphetamine AKA Crank.

Maybe it is time for you to give a few thoughts as to WHY you are on Twitter. What do you get out of it? How do you prosper?

As for me, I am a recovered dope fiend, drunk and former tramp. Being online helps keep me sober and straight.
If you have to do in life is sit on your ass and Tweet stuff then more power to you. Guess you are blessed.

On Twitter we are dealing with micro-blogging, short attention spans and usually people with busy lives.

If I want a ReTweet of my Tweet I will usually Send a Tweet leaving about thirty character spaces or more free.

Twitter can help you condense your writing ~if you are interested in being a creative writer as I am. Twitter helps focus.

If you want a ReTweet by me please keep your Tweet within the 140 Regular Twitter Limit ~including characters for your User Name

RT @WarOnErrorDKos: HUD takes applications in five states for #mortgage assistance program to help #UNEMPLOYE… (cont)

HUD takes applications in five states for #mortgage assistance program to help #UNEMPLOYED save homes <> #99ers

Aztlan was a term used by original natives for what you know as the U.S. southwest. Other native peoples use Turtle Island.

So I thought I would use an ALIAS and chose @Peta_de_Aztlan instead of Peter S. Lopez as my User Name. Thus, my Twitter Name.

When I first got onto Twitter I was working for Salvation Army ~Suspended for unauthorized videos by the Director about homeless winners.

Peta was my Dad's old nickname when he was a young Pachuco in Logan Heights, San Diego, though his Birth Certificate says Pedro.

FYI: @Peta_de_Aztlan= Peta is Pachuco for 'a rope hard to cut' + Aztlan is Nahuatl native word for U.S. southwest

We all have a responsibility as humane beings to take care of ourselves and to help others we can in practical ways!

We do not need to witness to endless stream of trivia, trivial pursuits and get information overload. Help others.

Believe it is foolish to get hung up on the Numbers of #Followers and forget all about the Quality of People you Follow.

Let us be Here Now ~Go with the Flow ~Let Go of the past not meant to last ~Seek Inner Peace ~Look for a Vision

@gracealera Of course Yoga affects all of our being. It has great health and healing benefits and I should always do more.

@gracealera Great to hear that! Yoga as a physical art form of exercise connects us with ourselves as a complete being.

I am concerned with the matrix of life ~global issues that impact on all of us ~linking up with kindred spirits ~and blossoming

I try to go with the Flow ~Will Follow people I think who are positive and progressive ~Know that decisions are subjective.

Yesterday I Unfollowed a bunch of folks who to not really respond to Tweets ~Give me Feedback ~Or Interact on Twitter

@gracealera Buen dia! How is life today for you? Are you well? Are you working out? Are you happy? Do you have inner peace?

8:15 AM ~It is another beautiful Spring Day in Sacramento. I am still online. Anyone wishing to Donate Go to ~

<<+>> Tuesday, April 05, 2011 <<+>> Buenos Dias Familia!/Good Day Family! <<+>> Educate to Liberate! <<+>> @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s

@osamasolieman osama s by Peta_de_Aztlan
Today a man told me (translated) 'If you have half a bread you split it with your neighbor. Either we both die or we both survive.' #Libya

@EarthBornAkil Just imagine all the crazy Tweeters on #Twitter all over the world being able to connect with a simple @

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