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Get ready for revolution!

Sunday ~ I agree Warrior Woman. Keep writing. When I click Send in this Email it will also go to Four of my Blogs. We need to learn how to use these damn computers when we are online. Learn to use Internet Power to help raise consciousness. All of us should have blogs, do videos and really believe in ourselves enough to share our truths without fear. Even if we are wrong and we are given creative criticism we learn, BUTTT we all have to wake up and quite playing sleeping beauty.

Brother Leonard Peltier got locked up around the same that #Mubarak came into power in Egypt. We need to each drop our little flags and come together based upon our basic humane rights as humane beings ~beyond illusions and hallucinations.

I think Yahoo Groups leave a lot to be desired, esp. when we mainly just preach to the choir. Rarely do I get Feedback, like I am just posting to myself, but writing helps me sharpen my writing skills, helps me to be more creative in writing and gets me to focus on my own ideas and ideals.

I have been following closely the events in #Egypt and was thrilled that Mubarak left the scene. However, in connected reality there has been no real Egyptian Revolution that is now 'IN POWER AND SECURE'. There is a great beginning which will be hard to advance and develop into a true REVOLUTIONARY VANGUARD IN POWER without any established Vanguard Leadership. In Egypt there was basically a behind the scene military coup-de-etat which was recommended by ElBarbieri and others.

Now it is up to the Egyptian people to follow through to completion even though there is no established leadership and chain of command.

Here now in the USA we are divided and scattered without any real countrywide political-social organization. I will continue to try to do what I can here in Sacramento but we inside the United States still have not broken the barrier of fear as the Egyptian people have.

Some in Egypt I have communicated with are wondering why us here in the USA do not do the same. Our analyses must be based upon factual analyses of actual conditions. Revolution cannot be easily imported. It must spring up from the conditions of a particular country, though we can and should learn from others, including Venezuela.

Brother Leonard Peltier is still our foremost Prisoner of War and he will remain so until there is a strong uprising by the masses of the people.

We need to strive for Peaceful Revolution inside the United States, exhaust all legal methods of struggle, yet not be fooled by any false fantasies about the nature of the Fascist Beast.

We need to look to building up vanguard leadership, building up a basic community infrastructure and come to understand the real merits of democratic socialism for us. We are now living under a sophisticated form of authoritarian fascism inside the United States. we have a passive population that is suffering yet not suffering enough to openly rebel.

The ultimate aim of fascism is to destroy all truly revolutionary consciousness.

Many figure, "Well at least it is not as bad for us as it is for the Third World people. Let's get our piece of the pie!"

Those of us who are in a position to know do know that we do have Third World conditions in many of our poor repressed slums, barrios and ghettos all across the country.

The Amerikan Empire is in power and control. There are no independent nations under Empire. Chicano nationalism is not tangible.

Hell we don't even know how to use Internet Power now. All our online groups should be open to all who want to work with us. We need to engage in constructive debates, dialogues and general discussions.

In the process of evolving we must all comprehend that we need a real revolution, not phony reforms. I no longer belong to either major political party, POTUS Obama is a fascist and we need to become more and more independent of even thinking of ourselves blinded by notions of Amerikan nationalism. The majority of White folks are still racist. many other non-White peoples are still racist towards others, including Browns being racist against Blacks and Blacks racist against Browns.
A lot of the work to be done is on ourselves, getting rid of all remnants of racism, nationalism and individualism.

I am mainly on Twitter these days, have about 1500 Followers now and am reaching out to a lot more people than I ever did in all the years I have been working with Yahoo Groups. Go figure!

Each of us need to look at our local situations where we live. Let the example of Egypt be a great inspiration. Go to work!
Join the Humane Liberation Party!

Venceremos! We Will Win!

Sacramento, California
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

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Kodah-Greeting, Where is Peltier in this REVOLUTION? Over 30 years and counting! We the 1st People. OYATE-Warrior Woman

On Sun Feb 13th, 2011 8:41 AM EST dorinda moreno wrote:

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  Companera, please consider posting these two attachments/announcements
  along with the events you listed below, in keeping with LIBERATION, and
  other struggles.
  Thanks much.
> Tony Gonzales
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> ****Feel free to spread far and wide****
> * *
> *Tonight … get ready for revolution!*
> As we debate whether military rule is better for Egypt than Mubarak and
> whether yesterday's victory was really a revolution, let's ask ourselves
> whether the demands of the youth who sparked the rebellion are our demands
> too. Don't we too need an end to police brutality, poverty, unemployment and
> corruption?
> It was the young people who've been protesting since the police beating
>> murder of Khaled Said last June and shouting and posting on Facebook, "We
>> are all Khaled Said<>,"
>> who called the rally Jan. 25 in Tahrir (Liberation) Square that 18 days
>> later ended a 30-year dictatorship. (A story on this is about to be posted.)
>> What could the youth who say, "We are all Oscar Grant," do here?
>> Here are some great ways to get ready for revolution:
>> **
>> Friday, Feb. 18:
>> - 4 p.m. New Huey P. Newton documentary, 20 minutes
>> - 4:45 p.m. "Justice on Trial: The Case of Mumia Abu Jamal,"
>> director Kouross Esmaeli
>> - 7 p.m. "The Trials of Henry Kissinger," a film about the war
>> crimes of diplomat Henry Kissinger, 80 minutes
>> - 9 p.m. "Cointelpro 101," a film that makes it quite clear the
>> U.S. government is involved in terrorism, 56 minutes
>> Saturday, Feb. 19
>> - 3:30 p.m. "MOVE," documentary, narrator Howard Zinn, 55
>> minutes
>> - 5 p.m. "Too Short – Life Is, the Life and Times of Todd Shaw,"
>> documentary by Rene Moncada, executive producer D'Wayne Wiggins, 58 minutes
>> - 6:45 p.m. "Throw the Rope," music video by Adimu Madyun, 8
>> minutes
>> - 7 p.m. "When We Were Kings: Ali," documentary, director Leon
>> Gast, 89 minutes
>> - 9 p.m. "Jean Michel Basquiat: Radiant Child," filmmaker Tamara
>> Davis, 88 minutes
>> *Tomorrow, discuss how to improve The State of Black San Francisco*. From
>> the Chinese Exclusion Act to the bulldozing of the Fillmore, Harlem of the
>> West, to the current exodus that has brought its Black population down to
>> 3.9%, San Francisco has long encompassed the poles of opportunity and
>> inequity. Organized by the young people who pushed Mandatory Local Hire into
>> law, the Osiris Coalition, with the Bay View as one of many co-sponsors,
>> this gathering will be held *Sunday, Feb. 13, 1:30-5 p.m., at the Bayview
>> Opera House, 4705 Third St., San Francisco.* Child care will be provided.
>> Here's the schedule:
>> - 1:30 p.m. Doors open: BVOH Cafe, meet and greet filmmaker
>> Kevin Epps
>> - 2 p.m. Film screening: "Straight Outta Hunters Point," 75
>> minutes
>> - 3:15 p.m. Welcome from Supervisor Malia Cohen
>> - 3:20 p.m. Osiris Coalition remarks from Julian Davis
>> - 3:25 p.m. Panel: Landmark Local Hiring Legislation and the
>> Promise of Economic Equity, moderated by BART Director Lynette Sweet;
>> panelists Joshua Arce, Brightline Defense Project; Utuma Belfrey,
>> Sustainable Futures Consulting; Macio Lyons, South East Community
>> Development Corp.; Raquel Redondiez, legislative aide to Supervisor John
>> Avalos
>> - 4:10 p.m. Panel: Organizing Across Racial and Ethnic Lines in
>> the New San Francisco, moderated by Derek Toliver; panelists Alicia Garza,
>> POWER; Vincent Pan, Chinese for Affirmative Action; Rene Saucedo, La Raza
>> Centro Legal; James Tracy, Community Housing Partnership
>> - 4:50 p.m. Osiris Coalition Awards

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