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Checkout: Black Bird Press News & Review Dr. Nathan Hare's Fictive Theory and the Global Village

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dr. Nathan Hare's Fictive Theory and the Global Village

Dr. Nathan Hare's Fictive Theory and the Global Village

In prognosticating events in 2011, we must employ Dr. Nathan Hare's Fictive theory, i.e., everything the white man says is fiction or a lie until proven to be a fact. Additionally, we must utilize Elijah's thesis that the wisdom of this world is exhausted. And this includes much non-white thinking because it originates from those educated and trained in white supremacy institutions, whether academic, corporate or political, and cultural as well. So we must discount and dismiss the thinking of state intellectuals and/or the colonial elite who are mere imitations of their masters.

photo Gene Hazzard

Wikileaks has given us an inkling of the lies emanating from the Euro-centric white supremacy world. And yes, sadly, our first black President is guilty of joining the tradition of misinformation
to advance Euro-centric world hegemony. We must be highly suspect of any Eurocentric pronouncements and prognostications, for Dr. Hare and Elijah are correct that it is mostly fiction derived from an exhausted mental apparatus, grounded in fictional white supremacy.

The reality is that the West is in decline and the non-white world is ascending to power, this includes the African, Asian, Indigenous (Americas) peoples, especially the BRIC nations, i.e.,
Brazil, Russia, India and China. They are the new boys and girls on the block of the emerging global political/economic order.

We must discount all theories and thinking from the Euro-centric world. The West must be assisted off stage as happened last night with Rock and Roll king Chuck Berry. African proverb says the king may be strong and hearty but he shall not live forever.

We seriously doubt whether the king is strong and hearty for we have written about broken systems originating in broken minds, e.g., the cause and response to the Gulf oil spill, Katrina, the cause and solution to the global economic meltdown. Such irrational behavior is justification to have the guilty placed in the mental ward since they are a danger to themselves and others.

Euro-American thinking is totally inept, incompetent and paralyzed by its addiction to white supremacy in a rapidly ascending non-white world. We must therefore separate ourselves, North American Africans, from such irrationality and unify our thinking with the new world order which is the Afro-Asian, Indigenous people, specifically those in the Americas.

We must not listen seriously to Euro-American thinking on China, rather we invite the Chinese to speak directly with us as a nation of forty million people who have the right to self-determination is all matters. Why do we need information filtered through the Euro-centric prism, especially when we know he speaks with a forked tongue as Dr. Hare and the Indigenous people have taught us? Even Jesus told us there are liars and murderers who abode not in the truth.

As independent people, we must invite the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Africans and others to town hall meetings so we can be informed people. We don't need CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, BBC, Pacifica or Democracy Now to tell us second-hand information. Even though Al Jazerrah is owned by the ruling class in Qatar, at least we get a better perspective than the Euro-centric or Jim Crow Media, the title of Ishmael Reed's latest book.

While we see the Euro-American world in a mental, political and economic crisis, the non-white world is booming. Euro-centric political thinking is bleeding, e.g., no solution in Afghanistan other than more mass murder; certainly no solution in Pakistan, absolutely not in the Israeli/Palestinian crisis; Iran, North Korea. Even when the non-white nations offer solutions, in their arrogance, the West ignores their plans as it did recently when Turkey and Brazil offered a solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis. As the former president of Brazil told his French counterpart, "You blue-eyed people think you are so damn smart. But you can't solve world problems because you are the cause of them."

In the Middle East, it is Turkey and Iran with some semblance of a democratic tradition, although we know Iran's democratically elected president was overthrown by America. Nevertheless, Iran, despite it's theological madness, will be a regional power. The Arab nations of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states make no pretence about democracy, meanwhile they are American protectorates in collusion with Israel to prolong the suffering of Palestinians and obstructing Shia rule in Iraq. For sure, Shia power is expanding from the Tigress and Euphrates to the Mediterranean.

As per Africa, we are witnessing the slow death of presidents for life regimes. Zimbabwe and the Ivory Coast being the present examples of states in the last days of dictatorial rule, although it will be some time before neo-colonialism dies a natural death. A functional African Union is slowly advancing though it is in danger of morphing into a tool of Euro-American imperialism, if not a whore for Chinese economic aggression, trading infrastructure trinkets for precious metals and oil.

We see America using Christian Ethiopian soldiers in her proxy war with Somalia. The Europeans are persistent in their desire to control oil in Nigeria, grabbing gold, diamonds and other precious metals in the Congo and South Africa. The neo-colonial governments are tempted to surrender their sovereignty as in the days of old but democratic forces are on the move with Ghana the leading example. The persistent challenge is socalled tribalism, a psychosocial disease bound in ethnic and religious myth-ritual.

North American Africans must take off our rose or white colored glasses to think and see clearly beyond the box of Euro-centrism, for our addiction to white supremcy is so profound and pervasive we are known as "the other white people." If we refuse to consider Dr. Nathan Hare's fictive theory and Elijah's thesis that the West is exhausted, we shall only find ourselves deeper in the box of Pan Americana. We shall continue wandering in the wilderness, lost and turned out on the way to grandmother's house (the Whispers).

We must exercise critical thinking with special attention to the political economy of our brothers and sisters throughout the non-white global village, especially the BRIC nations, Africa and the Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas.

As per the future of the Euro-American West, it shall have no future unless it is able to make radical structural changes in its notion of white supremacy free market capitalism. The greedy accumulation of capital at all costs shall be put in check by the demand of sovereignty and respect of non-white nations.

Minor changes in capitalism will not suffice, such as CSR, i.e., corporate social responsibility. The capitalist baby must be destroyed for the primary notion of profit and growth is anathema to human dignity. Economic value must transcend the growth metric and aspire to the social metric of human development, including living wages. This involves thinking beyond the quarterly reports and pure profit, beyond inducing consumerism, doping people into wanting things they do not need. Such putrid thinking has corrupted the global village. This holiday season one of my students begged his girlfriend not to buy him anything. He has been trying for months to convince her he is not a material man, but so far she has not grasped the concept of the spiritual man and woman who have detoxed and recovered from Euro-centric conspicuous consumption or the world of make believe.

The capitalists must detox and recover from their drunken orgies and short term gains that in the long term cause human and environmental destruction. At the present hour, capitalist business is bad for business. If the genetically altered crops kill pests and insects, why will it not kill man?

North American Africans shall neither advance or progress until they sever the umbilical cord of
dependency on the decadent, hurtful Republican and spineless Democratic parties who represent the very worse political economic thinking deriving from the corporate/military/university complex.

We must envision economic independence through collective economics or do for self, i.e., self determination. Your political economic leaders are derelict in their duties if they cannot present an economic agenda that addresses perennial joblessness in the hood with the concomitant criminalization of millions who are ultimately incarcerated for economic crimes, mostly petty.

Minus a revolution in the capitalist system, there is no alternative to micro loans and entrepreneurship, especially in the face of continued discrimination, outsourcing and wage slavery jobs.
--Marvin X


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