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It certainly seem that the whole #WikiLeaks Website, #Cablegate and Founder Julien Assange has dominated a lot of the global news for me and others, as it should. In fact, the #WikiLeaks website has been attacked, evil forces are trying to pull it off the Internet and hideous hackers are seeking to sabotage it. Irregardless, the Internet genie is out of the bottle, the cat is out of the bag and truth always prevails in the end.

As usual there is the usual dysfunctional state of the U.S. Congress in disarray. A lot of the shame being exposed by #Cablegate is the dirty dealings and devious diplomatic discussions that has been going on for long decades by U.S. diplomats. In the past, how many U.S. Ambassadors were involved in counter-revolutionary plots to overthrow established governments in Latin America and other countries?!?

The truth is that there is no true representative government inside the United States of actual democratically elected public officials in a free democratic society. One has to be rich to even run for public office with a real chance of winning or at least a viable candidate who has access to rich deep-pocket supporters behind him or her.  If democracy involves a representative government elected by the majority of the people living under it then we need to examine the whole electoral system of politics. We need to question the legitimacy of Amerikan democracy. If the electoral system itself is corrupt then the results from elections under such a system are going to be corrupt. The whole Electoral College system needs to be thrown into the dumpster. In a true democracy why should a state of the United States with a only a few million residents have equal representation to states with many millions of residents living in it?

True democracy must be a participatory democracy that people are involved in on a personal basis with the belief that their single one vote per human being is properly counted and actually counts! On the local level we need to engage in basic community education about government, about democracy, about social issues and a whole array of other global issues. Why do we have a government? What good is a so-called democratic government if it cannot meet the basic needs of the people?

#Social Networking
As for myself, I monitor some Yahoo Groups that I consider to be positive and progressive in nature and orientation. These can be good groups but one has to join a particular group to get its posts in their personal Email or be a member to see Messages at the Group Website. Of course there are Group Settings that can vary from group to group.  Yahoo Groups get cumbersome and often we are merely preaching to the choir without constructive criticism occurring. Nowadays I feel that I reach out to more people via Twitter and Facebook. The problem with Yahoo Groups is that only a few people are regular posters (those who post to the group on a regular basis). Plus, the lifeblood of social networking websites should be posters getting relevant feedback by others, engaging in online discussions, debating ideas and ideals and polishing mirrors so we get to know the cognition processes and belief systems of others. Why do we believe what we believe? Where do our beliefs come from? Online chit-chat or direct existential experience?

For now, Twitter is my favorite social networking site because it is wide open and accessible to all with a Twitter account and Internet Acess. On Twitter anyone can post to anyone else via the @ symbol before the User Name, such as, @Peta_de_Aztlan for Twitter. We can Tweet someone who is famous and well known with a recognizable User Name or we can Tweet an unknown who is isolated with a laptop in a rural cabin with wireless connection. There is a kind of democracy with Twitter, we just need to have a valid Twitter Account and Internet Access

Certain Yahoo Groups have a main central topic that its members post to about. Others who go too far away off-topic from the central topic can be chastised from a Group Moderator. This is understandable for those who keep to a narrow group focus. However, when we are dealing with a larger field of investigation, such as real life, we quickly find that one issue is naturally interconnected with another related issue. With Twitter one posting via a Tweet can stand on its own with its own meaning and merit and be completely fine to others who are Followers or not. One is always free to Follow or Unfollow with a simple click of the mouse. With hashtags using the # symbol others can see who posts what on Tweets that have the # symbol with a connected word or term on their Twitter Timeline. In other words, on Twitter if you see a #Truth, just click it and you can see who else did a Tweet post with the term #Truth in the Tweet. It takes time, patience, practica and perseverance to get better at a given skill.

We need to see life in the clear light of consciousness from a cosmic level, a global level and a local level in order to better see its vast beauty, diversity and fascinating intricacy. All of us are upon this one lonely planet we call earth on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. I think of this puny little planet as Mother Earth. I am always at home when I am on Mother Earth.

We should see each human being as a member of the human family. In connected reality, we are one family of humankind. Narrow terms like race, nation or tribe are ultimately irrelevant to get to know a people or a person. We should see all living beings as part of the larger living family of living beings. We should love and respect other species of life besides our own. We all have a right to be here now. Namaste, Che Peta

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