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Being Thankful on a Thanksgiving Day of Mourning ~ November 25, 2010 via Peta_de_Aztlan

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It is that time of year again here inside the so-called United States of America ~more accurately described as Divided States. Time for Thanksgiving Day ~ Turkey Day! Millions upon millions of innocent turkeys have already been slaughtered and prepared for big family gatherings today when they will be devoured by millions of Americans for Thanksgiving Dinner. Many will have turkey sandwiches around for a few days until it feels like turkey is coming out of our ears. The mythology behind Thanksgiving Day involves the crafty Injuns helping the poor Pilgrims to survive one rough late November winter. Then they celebrated it all by having a big joyful feast together. One big happy family pigging out ~or rather ~ turking out!

The truth: In 1637, Thanksgiving Day started out a Celebration of the Pequot Massacre of 700 Indian men, women and children during one of their religious ceremonies. "Thanksgiving Day" was first proclaimed by the Governor of the then Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 in recognition of the blood-lust victory.

I am indigenous to this land I call Aztlan ~Our Land~ in reference to the U.S. Southwest. I identify with the cultural term 'Chicano'. I am not your typical Amerikan. I am a U.S. citizen, not subject to deportation, yet! I was born, bred and raised in Sacramento, California, Aztlan. My street name is 'Peta' ~ a Pachuco term meaning 'a rope hard to cut'. On my Dad's side, my direct bloodline goes back to the Chiricahua-Apache Warrior Chief known as Geronimo and a great great grandfather who was a Sonoran Yaqui Chief of a tribe never conquered by the Spaniards in Mexico whose name I do not now know, according to my Father/Padre Pedro M. Lopez who was born near Chandler, Arizona.

I have been on the Internet for several years now. Every year it is traditional for many Native-American advocates online to dig up the bones about the horrible history of the Thanksgiving Day Massacre. Let us not forget to educate others about the key lessons of history in order to more clearly understand out present situation. Let us accept the truth of history as a guide to action. At the same time let us live in the present here and now without the burdens of bitter past resentments, the haunting of history. Like the Garth Brooks song, we need to bury the hatchet but keep the handle sticking out!

We can appreciate Thanksgiving Day as a special day of being sincerely thankful for the blessings we have received in life; yet we should also reverence today as a day of mourning for all the indigenous native victims of genocide in the Amerikan Holocaust. Keep it real! Free Leonard Pelier Now!

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