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Flashback: How to Connect and Build Genuine Relationships on Social Media

How to Connect and Build Genuine Relationships on Social Media.

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I don't know about you but I'm fairly new to all this social media stuff. I first got started on Facebook just to keep in touch with family and friends. I thought this would be a good way to keep tabs on what's going on in everyone's life. Little did I know that there was so much more to it.

Before long I heard people talking about how important it was for businesses to market themselves on social media. Everyone was touting how this was a great way to reach so many more potential clients and prospects. It was quick. It was easy. And most importantly…it was FREE! Hey…if it's good enough for Starbucks, Home Depot, and the President of the US, who am I to argue.

One thing lead to another and before long I was setting up a Fan Page for our business. I was quick to receive advice that if you wanted to market your business on Facebook you should get a Fan Page set up. So I did. We have found that a Fan Page is a great tool to interact with people that are clients and potential customers. You can answer questions they have and post testimonials they have about your business, product, or service. You can keep them informed of upcoming specials and promotions… There's a wealth of ways to use your Fan Page.

Before long, I ventured into new territory and I found myself on Twitter. I have to admit…if you've never been on Twitter then the first time you look at it could be a little confusing. There's a whole new language to learn but for the most part it easy to pick it up. Once I became more familiar with Twitter I quickly realized that this was a happening place. There was a ton of activity and a ton of great information. At the same time…there's a ton of people out there on this site and the others.

It's pretty easy to see the ones that are doing nothing but constantly blowing there own horn and promoting there business repetiitively. Update after update. Tweet after tweet. In no time you have a lot of people wanting to be your friend and one of your followers.

The nice thing is, it's pretty easy to ignore these people or not follow them in return. On the other hand, there are some Great people out there…all over the world. They have a ton of value to offer and are worth building a relationship with.

So, the BIG question is…How do you find them and How do you connect with them?

It's called Social Media for a reason. You have to be social! You have to interact. You have to start a conversation or comment on something you find interesting and that you like. The key is to be positive. Interact favorably. Share something by spreading a good thought or information that somebody shared with you. You'll soon see that the people that offer value and give it freely will rise to the top. And, if you do this correctly they will notice you and thank you and comment back to you.

This is where the connection begins. You've found somebody that you resonate with. The "like minds" are connecting. Before you know it a budding relationship begins.

In the Offline world there is a concept that applies to the Online world as well. It's a concept that says you have to Know, Like, and Trust someone before you'll refer them to a friend or do business with them yourself.

It's the same online too. The more you can build a relationship that is solid and based on the fact that you Know, Like, and Trust someone the easier it is to connect with them and build win/win relationships. You can help each other grow and prosper. The sharing of knowledge and skills to help people further advance in life is tremendous.

It's really pretty simple. In the offline world, when you first meet somebody you're usually polite, nice and hopefully looking to learn more about them. You want to be conversational in nature. Be interested in them. Get to know them.

Don't jump on them and start telling them about how great you are or what you've accomplished or how you're the next "Big Deal".

Sadly, there are people like that in the online world. Avoid them. Make contact with people that appeal to you. Be polite with them. Be sincere in your comments to them. Engage them. Before you know it you'll be attracting people that you would never have dreamed possible into your life.

I've recently attracted some pretty amazing leaders and people into my life. People from many different parts of the world that I didn't know 30 days ago. The cool thing about this group is we are part of a Tribe. We are committed to each other. To learn from each other and to help each other grow. It's an incredible community of people that give of themselves for the betterment of the group. And in doing so…we all WIN.

If you're currently not part of a Tribe and the concept of a group of people all helping each other to get ahead sounds appealing to you please leave me a comment below. Or, better yet, subscribe to my Blog. We will be taking this concept and expanding on it beginning in the New Year. You can be kept updated here and learn how you can participate. This is an AMAZING way to grow your business. By the way, this one concept takes the idea of SEO to a completely new level. Imagine a core group of people that are helping get your word out to all their connections and in return you do the same for them. The power of this is staggering!

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Go out and Live Your Best Life!

Comment: If we want to really reach out to large groups and individuals
we will need to become adept at utilizing social media. Posting stuff to
Yahoo Group s alone, sustaining a mutual admiration club or preaching
to the choir is not enough. Times are constantly changing, as is the nature
of life, and we must change with changing times, expand our activities,
land on different platforms and wisely use Internet Power.

Nowadays I mainly use Twitter, Facebook, Huffington Post and comments
on various newspapers. Building up my online tribe! We need to learn how
to better share with others and be open to new ideas and ideals.

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