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Re: - "Healing" - NEW FORMAT! - An "Inner Whispers" Special Edition

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Subject: - "Healing" - NEW FORMAT! - An "Inner Whispers" Special Edition

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A New Message
"Inner Whispers"
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This Week's Features
*   Ashram Tang has launched.  Thank You Message from April and Allen
* Status of free ebook thank you gifts for ordering Ashram Tang by the end of June 2010.

*   Top Secret News about Three Books from April now available on Kindle.

*   This week at VERONICA's Facebook Page

*   (You can get to VERONICA's Facebook Page by clicking HERE.)

The Regular Information 
*   How to schedule your own personal one-on-one or group telephone consultations/readings with VERONICA.
*  The Best Place to Order Ashram Tang.
*   Link to a directory of VERONICA's (free) videos on YouTube.
A New Message From VERONICA
      "Incarnating into the physical environment is a courageous thing.  With free will in place anything can and will occur to the soul who places themselves within the environment.
     Dramas unfold hoping to beckon growth... the soul moving through the lesson with as much vigor as possible.  It should occur with greatness as knowledge and understanding allow expansion.  However, that is often not the case as damage arises while interacting with others who may be reacting instead of acting to the evolution of the soul.
     In these moments the heart may feel wounded as others created abrasive scenarios that one who has agreed to the lesson must endure.  The best plans of the soul do not always unfold with ease.
     The wounding may last for lifetimes but often it is available for a healing moment. 
     If you have been through such a drama it is important to allow yourself the space to heal.
     In the linear this may happen on its own but there are conscious opportunities to allow healing to occur.
     Close your eyes and sense the pulse of your soul as it inhabits the form.  As your heart beats feel the soothing nature of spirit.  Attempt to find a place of forgiveness so that the open wound will stop hurting.
     Often the others in the drama may not be at the same stage of evolution as you are.  In these moments understand that they will continue the drama but you do not have to if you so desire. 
     Choose to be free of it and allow yourself to let go of the dialogue that is wounding you.
     Release it spiritually...
     ... then...
     Release it emotionally...
     ... then...
     Release yourself from the bonds of the physical encounter.
     They will catch up with you when they have evolved.  It is time for you to heal.... and continue your growth.
     It is alright to do so.
     Your healing is the most importing thing now.
     Give yourself permission to do so."
Thank you everyone for helping to make the launch of Ashram Tang a success! 
Whether you ordered your copy of Ashram Tang or not, we know that you were sending us your best wishes.  Since thought creates reality.... every good thought is material and appreciated.
On the day of the launch, which was just last Wednesday (seems longer!) Ashram Tang made it to the Top 100 Best Sellers List.
By the following morning, Ashram Tang made it to the Top 50 Best Sellers List.
While the entities do not really care about such things, they are of course pleased that the work is being read by as many people as possible.  One reason making the Top 50 Best Sellers List is important, is that the extra exposure it affords can open some doors and enhance the "ripple effect" of putting out this kind of material.
So, we thank you one and all!
Best wishes,
-April & Allen
What About Those Free ebook Thank You Gifts?
Well, the launch was just last Wednesday.  This promotion goes on for any copies of Ashram Tang books ordered within the entire month of June.  At the end of June (but probably before), the ebooks will be mailed out.  Note that it is I (Allen) who will be mailing them out by hand one at a time... so please be patient.
April now has Three books available for Kindle


You can see them at:
Or, just click on the pictures below.
How To Make A Telephone Appointment To Talk Directly
- If you would like to schedule either a one-on-one or group personal telephone consultation/reading directly with VERONICA (or if you have questions about the readings) just send me (Allen) an email at
Note:  There is no extra charge for additional people on the same call.
A Note to Professionals:  Many professionals in psychology and intuitive services regularly talk with VERONICA regarding these three areas: 1) Individual Clients, 2) Developing new programs for clients, and  3) Their own Personal and Business Relationships.  If you are looking for someone outside of your usual circle to talk with at a professional level and with a unique perspective and expertise, consider talking with VERONICA. 
Note:  You can read some Thank You Notes and Testimonials from people who have talked with VERONICA HERE.
The Best Place to Order Ashram Tang
Pages: 132
Publisher: Connecting Wave
ISBN: 978-0-9823269-0-9
Price: $9.95 US
The best place to order Ashram Tang... a story... and a discovery  is at will take you to a page with a link directly to the Ashram Tang page at Amazon. 
Of course you can also go directly to Amazon and search "Ashram Tang" or "April Crawford" to find the book.  But it is better for us if you use
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