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Truth behind Afghan War (2) by Aman.


Truth behind Afghan War (2)

article written by Aman.


Causalities Afghanistan war has become another Vietnam for the American and ally forces. America has suddenly found itself in a sticky situation. Nor it can leave Afghanistan on its own neither it can stay there for long. As it had found reasons to attack the region, now American and Nato forces are once again finding reasons to get out of Afghanistan with some dignity. In recent moths we have seen that Taliban has closed the only Nato supply route from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Taliban fighters many times attacked the Nato supply convoys and looted the military and other equipments. Many times these convoys were burnt and this happened not inside Afghanistan but in Pakistan that is America's biggest ally in the so called 'war on terror'. Taliban guerrillas have almost cut off their supply route which has turned into a bigger problem than Taliban itself. Almost all the American allies in the Afghanistan war are under a lot of public pressure in their countries because of rising causalities among the Nato forces. Number of Nato soldiers are decreasing day by day because of the high causality rate. On the other hand Nato nations are reluctant to send more soldiers and military equipment because of the adverse public feeing to the war.


Afghan People American economy is unable to bear the burden of this war. As the war longs America will have to spend more in this war which can prove disastrous for the American unity as has happened with Soviet Russia. In this situation America is finding itself alone. Though there are many American allies but it looks they are not fighting in this war whole heartedly.  Karzai government has failed to fulfill any demand of the Afghan farmers. Karzai government is dependant on the feudal lords and rural rich people and on the other hand farmers and poor people of Afghanistan are in a 'class struggle' with these people and so the poor people and farmers do not like the Karzai government and American allies. On the other hand, government and military destroy their opium harvest which works like the oil in the fire and this war has started to turn into the farmer's struggle. America's traditional rival, Russia has once again stood on his feet and has started to bring its former parts (Soviet states) under its influence. First it formed a group of seven groups of former Soviet states that include Kyrgyzstan. For some time their talks were limited to security situations but in the last meeting of this group they have decided to form a 'Rapid Reaction Force' which will turn it into a major military power in the future.


Pakhtunistan Afghan-Pak border is almost 2 thousand seven hundred kilometers long which is known as Durand Line. This line was marked under the jurisdiction of British Foreign Minister Martimer Durand. On the both sides of this line Pakhtun community lives. They have never accepted and recognized this border. They have same language, history, rituals and strong economic and social relations with each others. They hate slavery and the interference of foreign powers in Afghanistan. Anyone, who raises his voice against the invaders is considered friend by them and those who lead the war against the American and ally forces are considered heroes by them. This is the same region where Taliban fighters have firmly established themselves and are using the Pakhtun sentiments very cleverly. They have started to demand for a separate state under the name of Pakhtunistan and it looks that it will turn into a reality in the near future. This is the same region which used to be the target of American and Nato forces' missile attacks and now is under the Pakistani military attack. According to an analyst whatever is happening on the Afghan-Pak border line will determine the future of the war.


Analysts Afghan freedom struggle, led by Taliban has its two aspects. First aspect is the feeling of patriotism and second is the religious mentality. Religious aspect of this struggle has its won negative as well as positive points. Its aspect's negative points are the establishment of Islamic law, its negative and backward view about the women and other religions. The secular and democratic forces are very weak in this war. What impact they will leave on the post-war politics depends on their strength and popularity during the war. What kind of economic structure will we established is the internal matter of the Afghan people. A Soviet general has admitted that there is no area in Afghanistan that they have not brought under their control. When ever they leave that area the enemy takes over and every thing turns as it used to be in the past. Despite this proven fact Gorvachev wasted three years and at last fled from Afghanistan. Now Afghan analysts have started to say that American and Nato forces are repeating the same errors that had caused the defeat of Russian forces and had destroyed the Soviet structure. Osama too, has not learnt anything from the history and wants to fight at every cost though people of Afghanistan have lost a lot as compared to Osama.

Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!
~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Killed November 22, 1963

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