Friday, April 30, 2010

President Obama Pushes Away from the Immigration Reform Table

President Obama Pushes Away from the Immigration Reform Table

President Obama on Air Force One yesterday stated that Congress may not have the appetite for immigration reform this year.  Truth be told, it has been the President who has turned his nose up to the leafy green immigration reform vegetables.  Unfortunately, what we have witnessed is merely another example of the President's "blame and do nothing" immigration reform strategy that he has employed since being elected.

When running for office candidate Obama's message was clear: he would put a stop to the immigration enforcement practices of the Bush presidency effectuating real change by ending the destruction of families in this country; he would immediately work with Congress to pass the DREAM act and other reform-centric legislation; and he would secure our borders.

Suffice it to say, he is 0 for 3.

Here are the facts: Obama's record on deportation makes George Bush look like a humanitarian.  He deports an average of 1,000 people per day that he has been in office. He is on pace to deport approximately one-half of the estimated undocumented community in the United States should he serve two terms in office, and with one-third of his first term over he has not made any meaningful attempt to work with Congress to achieve immigration reform.

In addition, his administration has been guilty of covering up the abuse of immigrant detainees, has created secret unmarked immigration detention facilities, and his administration regularly moves immigrant detainees far from their lawyers and their support networks to frustrate their defense.

Moreover, since Obama has been elected I have NEVER in my nearly 15 years of practicing immigration law seen more obstacles placed in front of business immigrants who apply for visas to come to this country.  As a result, potential foreign national investors, who create jobs, and pay taxes avoid the United States altogether, because the obstacles at times are insurmountable.

Here is the bottom line: President Obama is dangerous to immigrants, and to the cause of comprehensive immigration reform, and it is time that we start looking for his replacement in 2012.

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Comment: Obama is never getting my vote again. Who cannot be better than Fuhrer Bush was? He has betrayed many who vote for him, despite his brilliance in general he is a buffoon when it comes to certain foreign policies and domestic concerns. We need to look at the next round of Elections in November and into a new Presidential term with a new candidate for the next White House run.
The whole two-party system of the Demos-Repubs is corrupt and archaic. Be an independent!

Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!

~Peta-de-Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
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