Monday, February 15, 2010

Crossing Over ~ Join Humane-Rights-Agenda Network

Monday, Feb. 15, 2010 @9:29 AM

For those of you afraid of crossing over to our Extension Group consider doing so today. We can chat more easier there and is just a better interactive environment when we are online. Goto~
Now please do not get offended because I used the term 'afraid' above. There are many kinds of fears. Do not take everything personal. Plus, I know there are time constraints we have, other priorities, other daily responsibilities. I work 40 Hours per week in a high-stress position, wish I could work all the time on direct Movement activities but cannot now.

A comrade of mine and a few others are interested in creating a non-profit educational corporation. If you are interested let me know via Email. We all should know that these are extremely tough economics times for many of us.

I am personally interested in all of you, what your personal agendas are, how you make it through life and what motivates you to get up each morning.

So consider crossing-over today. Many times we are just preaching to the choir, though it is good for us all to know each other better on a personal level. Do not be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone, your favorite website, your favorite spot, your favorite chair, your favorite place to be. Explore, desire newness, learn something you never knew before today.

We do not want to spend our lives just posting news stuff on the Internet while the Demons of Darkness get stronger because of their thoughts, activities and websites.
Call them what you will: Evildoers, Oppressors, Fascist Pigs or whatever category you want to put them in. Hell, we have a former Vice-President applauding and approving of torture! Is anyone out there or am I just a madman typing this all out to no one with eyes to see or a heart to feel?!?!?

Where are all our other Groups Members? Asleep? Dead? Maybe it is time for another purge to clean up the lurkers. I know some just go off the radar because they might not have Internet connection, their Email may be invalid because they are not using it or because of another valid reason. I understand or try to understand as best I can.

For those who are more ready for structure, process and programming check out:

Humane-Liberation-Party Portal ~

Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win!
~Peta~de~Aztlan~ Sacramento, California, Amerika
Email: @Peta_de_Aztlan

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."

~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Assassinated November 22, 1963

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