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Top Twitter Tools and Analytics that you Must be Aware Of


Top Twitter Tools and Analytics that you Must be Aware Of

Twitter is the key-word that stood 4th all-round the world in the most searched key-words for year 2009. With over 70 million users, Twitter is presently one of the best Social Bookmarking, Social Networking as well as Social Marketing Website on the Globe.
Presently around 70% of people using Twitter for Business purposes.

The user friendly interface with limit of 140 characters and with vast expansion of its empire, making money and interlinking with other sites made it the best in this Business.

Twitter with the phase "What are you doing?" has played a crucial role in social networking and was now with Alexa rank of 6 and with Google Page rank 8.
Here are the Few Important Twitter Tools and Analytics that you should be knowing before you enter into the "World of Twitter forSocial Networking"
  • Buzzom.com : Buzzom lets you mange your account with utmost efficiency. You can Follow the most popular people on the twitter and Flush other people who are not following you.
  • CheapTweet.com : Scouring Twitter for deals, coupons, bargains, sales, discounts, contests and more from the leading online merchants, that people are tweeting about.
  • Repeets.com : Repeets tracks hot retweets from today, this week and this month in Twitter.
  • Twitterfeed.com : This service automatically tweets the most recent post that you have published in your blog onto your Twitter profile.
  • Twitthis.com : is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website, or enter a Twitter contest.
  • Twitpic.com : This lets you to share images at the same time the tweets also on twitter. Its a kind of Flickr on the Twitter.
  • Twitnest.com : Twitnest creates a visualization of your Twitter social graph. See who's following who. Auto-group, automated grouping of users in social graph.
  • Tweetlater.com : It sends an automatic welcome message if any user is following you, you can also use it to send tweets to others in future also.
  • iTweet 2 WEB : It has Built-in auto-refresh, search, Twitter trends & hashtags, View user bio, location, URL inline with tweets.
  • Tweetburner.com : Helps you in tracking the links you share on Twitter and Friendfeed.
We will also provide you with the more Twitter Tools and Analytics in our future posts. Stay tuned and subscribe us for more updates.

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