Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Amazing Numbers Re: Growth of Net & Social Media by Adam Thierer + Comment

January 24, 2010 ·

Most of you have probably already seen this but Pingdom recently

aggregated and posted some amazing stats about "Internet 2009 In Numbers."  Worth checking them all out, but here are some highlights:
  • 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide as of Sept 2009; 18% increase in Internet users since previous year.
  • 81.8 million .COM domain names at the end of 2009; 12.3 million .NET & 7.8 million .ORG
  • 234 million websites as of Dec 2009; 47 million were added in 2009.
  • 90 trillion emails sent on the Internet in 2009; 1.4 billion email users worldwide.
  • 26 million blogs on the Internet.
  • 27.3 million tweets on Twitter per day as of Nov 2009.
  • 350 million people on Facebook; 50% of them log in every day; + 500,000 active Facebook applications.
  • 4 billion photos hosted by Flickr as of Oct 2009; 2.5 billion photos uploaded each month to Facebook.
  • 1 billion videos served by YouTube each day; 12.2 billion videos viewed per month; 924 million videos viewed per month on Hulu in the US as of Nov 2009; + the average Internet user in the US watches 182 online videos each month.
And yet some people claim that digital generativity and online innovation are dead!   Things have never been better.
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Comment: Certain unnamed forces do not want you on the Internet. Just use your common sense, esp. when your children are involved. I have been encouraging many of your in various groups I belong to about at least getting a Twitter Account and if you are bold enough getting a Facebook Account. We are in the New Millennium people! Wake up!
Many times it could be our teenage sons and daughters who are more hip to what is going on via the Power of the Internet than us as parents. Don't get left behind. Be willing to change.

Unidos Venceremos! United We Will Win! ~Peta~de~Aztlan~
Sacramento,California, Amerika
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Assassinated November 22, 1963

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