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Gente> Re: [NetworkAztlan_News] Peta's New Year message

Response: Gracias Hermano! I am still the 'crazy Chicano' up here in
Sacramento. There are some stirrings up here among Chicano/as,  yet
as always there are a lot of meaningful alliances and working coalitions
that need to be forged now and in the future with all peoples.

We have the Chicano Consortium in Sacra but you have to have $35 dollars to
JOIN! Insane!

I cannot even get those folks to come on board online with Network Aztlan!

In short, there is no viable Chicano community organization here that is
known in the
Sacramento area, though there is some promise in Yolo County
across from the
Sacramento River.

Then, I am mainly in Barrio Cinco in the Centro downtown area, without a
vehicle and live by my present job as a Counselor-Caseworker at the local
Emergency Shelter for domestic refugees. I guess I am a street walker at
heart and love walking these streets. It is raining now today.

Plus, I have a Christian Ministry working with homeless addicts who are
interested in progressive recovery.

My on-going sobriety, recovery and spirituality has helped me to evolve and
develop as a warrior. We know that 'dope n' booze' has been the downfall
of many of our people!

Sacramento is one of the most 'racially' integrated cities in the United States.
We have a lot of Blacks (African-Americans) and Latinos-Chicanos here, but
much more need to be done to create solvent solidarity amongst us, including
having common terms to describe our ethnicity!

I love the Sacramento Native American Health Center and they have good
community-orientated meetings there dealing with recovery from alcohol
and other harmful substances. ~

It really irritates the way La Raza is so huge a population within the United
yet is largely treated as the invisible 400-pound gorilla in the room!

We have over FORTY-FIVE MILLION Latinos inside the United States, though
I am sure we have a lot more who do not want anything to do with any kind of
government official, whether they are legal citizens or not.

We need to participate in the U.S. Census as much as possible because we
can go and tally in places where non-Chicanos cannot. MAPA and others
are insane to oppose our participation as a people. Then, there is a lot of
insanity in the land, including the White House!

We are scattered throughout the nation, not only limited to the U.S. southwest.

I am first and foremost a humane being ~ unlike Dear Dr. Sanchez ~ yet I have
a profound love and dedication to Mi Raza as an ol' school Chicano radical.
I like Chomsky definition of a radical as being someone who does not follow
orders! I will certainly not follow the orders of a fascist regime that has become
the curse of humankind, not the cure for a New Mother Earth.

We need to open up our cosmic consciousness, open up our minds, open up
our hearts and have the courage to speak out about our relative truths! Each
of us have our own truth and when our truths agree there is harmony, yet
when our truths disagree we should still love one another.

I myself am working hard to lose my capacity for hate towards any single
being and keep my hate exclusive to hating evil and its manifestations.

It is after ONE PM here, football is on and I still got to have breakfast:
webos con chorizo, papas y tortillias!

Forgive my verbosity and any mistakes are mine. I want us all to be more,
think more, write more and communicate more for greater clarity of
consciousness of who we are in the world today. I believe and know that
we grossly underestimate our limitless potential to transform the world.

Proverbs 27:17 ~
"Iron sharpens iron; so a man enlightens the face of his friend."

Venceremos Unidos! Education for Liberation!
Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta



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