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An Endless War...Till the End of Time ~ Brig. Gen. Hussein Anwar

Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Endless War...Till the End of Time

I will give you the news as it was posted on Aljazeera English and then give you my political analysis from an Army man point of view.

Source: Aljazeera English

Title: Iran and Iraq to hold border talks

The foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq have met in Baghdad in an attempt to resolve rising tensions over a disputed border between the two countries.

Manouchehr Mottaki and Hoshyar Zebari, his Iraqi counterpart, agreed on Thursday that the two countries would hold a series of meetings from next week about the issue.

"We have agreed to normalise the border situation between the two countries and return to the situation as it was before," Zebari said.

Mottaki said the Iranian leadership was "willing and determined to solve the border dispute".

He said the meetings would be held between technical committees to determine the land and maritime borders separating the countries.

The meeting was held nearly a month after standoff between Iran and Iraq over their 1,400km-long border.

On December 18, 2009, Iraq's state-owned South Oil company said about a dozen Iranian troops and technicians arrived at the Fauqa oil field, taken control of Well 4 and raised the Iranian flag.

They withdrew a few days later.

The incursion was one of the most serious incidents between the two neighbours since the US-led invasion of 2003 toppled Saddam Hussein, who fought a devastating 1980-1988 war against Iran.

Co-ordinated bombings

The Mottaki-Zebari meeting came against a backdrop of fresh attacks in Iraq.

Co-ordinated bombings targeted the homes of four Iraqi security officials, killing seven people and wounded six others, in Hiyt, a town in Anbar province, on Thursday.

The victims included relatives of an Iraqi army ani-terrorist special forces commander.

Attackers planted explosives around the bedrooms of the policemen in Hiyt, 60km west of Ramadi, the provincial capital, Lieutenant-Colonel Fadhil Nimrawi, the head of the town's emergency response unit, said.

"At 3am, men planted bombs around the bedrooms of four houses belonging to members of the police force, including Major Walid al-Hiyti, the head of Hiyt's anti-terror department," Nimrawi said.

Al-Hiyti was seriously wounded and his father, mother, two sisters, brother and sister-in-law, as well as a lawyer, were killed, police said.

Nimrawi said several people had been arrested in connection with the attack, but declined to specify how many, citing security reasons.


Before anything the reader must know that Iraq since thousands and thousands of years has been and still is on top of the list of Iranian ambitions, you can check that for yourself reading dusty history books on some shelf. If you concentrate on the time line of these will find that about every 100 years they take us and the next 100 years we take them, beating each other every 100 years approximately.

The Question is WHY Iraq has been on top of the list of Iranian ambitions?

Well why shouldnt it be? look at Iraq's can plant anything you want and it will blossom, it is a very healthy soil from the first degree, we got two rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates which we are very famous for, we got various types of minerals, we got the oil we even got URANIUM in the North of Iraq which the Kurds were more than happy to sell to both the USA and Israel.

What does Iran have?... definitely we have 10 times oil more than Iran. Iran has a rugged land, mostly mountains, and they got few minerals (GOOGLE BOTH COUNTRIES)...they feed on us to live. The only advantage Iran has is that it's head is in Turkey and it's tale goes all the way under the ARABIAN GULF.

So why shouldn't we be on top of the list of their ambitions?

This silly, piece of shit negotiates will end up with ONE thing only...Iran will end up taking Iraqi soil, and taking all three oil wells claiming that it is Iranian land. OH MY! but how can that happen? how will the Iraqi puppet government let them do such a horrible thing? MY MY MY WE DO HAVE A PROBLEM HERE.

Cut the bullshit, this puppet government is IRANIAN, they are PERSIAN DESCENT, they are not Arabs, not Iraqis, have nothing to do with Iraq and Arabism, they all hold Nationalities that are not Iraqi...mostly Iranian nationality, their families still live in Iran, they are Shiites from the same sect as the Iranian leadership. They came to ruin and destroy Iraq, and they will end the negotiations in Iran's favor, they are playing on the Iraqi people, taking them as fools and they are lying to them.

The negotiations will end on the basis that both sides agree these oil wells belong to Iran originally, and they will FABRICATE some bullshit saying Iraq took it by force. This proves only one thing...

let them have it for 10, 20, 30 years and afterwards? afterwards the Iraqis will claim it back, we will not bother going to La Haye...this proves only one thing...

Another War!

How come the Iranians did not even dare to take one meter from Iraq's soil when President Saddam Hussein was alive? How come? NOW...The Iraqi people will acknowledge that President Saddam Hussein was a fork in the throat of the Iranians and he was the gate keeper of Iraq, NOW...they will admit it whether they like it or not, NOW...they will crave to live the times of Saddam Hussein.

So why the USA came to Iraq? ooohhh yes yes yes I forgot, they came to Liberate the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein's Tyranny, oh my how can I forget such a thing?

But...wait a second! did they not say that Iraq was a constant threat to it's neighbors? Who is a threat to it's neighbors now? how come they don't liberate Iraqi soil from the hands of the Iranians? isn't this also Tyranny?...taking over someone's land by force when he is in a weak position?

OH YES YES YES I forgot to mention that USA and IRAN are ALLIES! didn't the Iranians hand over Iraq to the USA on a plate of Gold? did they not launch Tomahawk missiles over the mountains of Iran and then hit Iraqi targets?


Trust me...There will be another WAR!


Venceremos Unidos! Education for Liberation!




 "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable."
~ President John F.Kennedy ~ Assassinated
November 22, 1963


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