Sunday, December 06, 2009

Special Notice from Peta: Humane-Rights-Agenda Willing and waiting

12-06-2009~ Dear New Member Lorena ~

As an able-bodied adult male I can read your post below as very enticing ~don't get angry females here, keep it real!

I am single now and actually do not even have the time for catering to a steady 'girl' friend these days.

HOWEVER, I think it rather egotistic to join a progressive online group, offer no real self-introduction and throw up this horny 'fuck me' crap when our group has a main focus on HUMANE RIGHTS!

Your Postings are being moderated. Feel free to quit. I still insist on having an open membership here. Maybe the horny  sexual energy that some people have who join up can be re-directed to more positive and productive channels, besides selfish self-indulgence in online fantasy.

I work in a homeless shelter and see people transform before my eyes once they discover who they really are, believe in themselves and are open to suggestions that help elevate their self-esteem and cosmic
consciousness so they see that they are a human being upon a planet in a solar system inside a galaxy of the cosmos.

I am expanding into bigger brighter horizons in my social life and I do not have the time for this ego-insanity of yours, but this is addressed to all our GROUP MEMBERS! It is a space difference between being in sanity and being insane!

Do your parents, IF ANY,  know what you are doing? Do you know where your kids, IF ANY, are? Are your pets, IF ANY, being cared for?

Minus, you had your Membership set to No Email when you signed up onto our OPEN GROUP and that irks me, though it does not anger because I understand you are ill. I changed your Membership to at least receive rare Special Notices. 

I really wish all Members would get a Yahoo Email and create a Profile! I do not really give a damn how many numbers of members we have in the Humane-Rights-Agenda Group. I am into quality, not mere quanity.

Sometimes it just takes one, two or more to impact on the world, though an even dozen would be ideal.

I am proud of the fact that we started this Group BEFORE 911.

I myself am willing to give my all to the People's Liberation War and I myself am waiting for people to wake up, come to their senses and seize the time for engaging in compassionate liberating action to help our people upon Mother Earth. As I  wait, I work, work and work, then take time now and then to just meditate and hang loose... staring out my window!

Here in Amerika the homeless outside are cold, forgotten and abandoned. Indeed, the homeless are the canary in the mine. They are sad examples of a failed state, products of a failed social system and should serve us as constant reminders of the mass evil insanity that has gradually and quietly taken over the world, including in the Oval Office!
Venceremos Unidos! Education for Liberation!

Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta


From: Lorena <>
Sent: Sun, December 6, 2009 9:02:09 AM
Subject: Humane-Rights-Agenda Willing and waiting


I would like to meet someone who also wants to taste all life has to offer. I like to spend time with people who know what they like but aren't afraid to taste new dishes. Personally, who is comfortable enough to achieve and give ultimate pleasure; and who has the right frame of mind to take any experience for what it is.
Willing and waiting: http://looking4you. info/3holes4u

Liberate Brother Leonard Peltier and Prisoners of Amerikan Fascism!
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