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Re: Elvira> Re: Toman su familia en un abrazo bien fuerte. Hold your families in a tight embrace.

November 19, 2009 @10:15 PM

Gracias Elvira and Outward Thoughts to All ~

If you have not noticed, the human family is in big trouble, the world's mis-leaders have long gone crazy and human beings need to evolve as a species in order to discover their original true humane nature. A mere human being can be a mere two-legged carnivorous mammal and many are merely human. Someone makes a big mistake and we says they are only human. 

Being human is not enough for us to survive as a species. We must evolve further up the evolutionary scale and become humane beings. This is so much more than just adding an 'e' to the word 'human' to spell 'humane'.  To be humane requires a constant conscious striving to be humane, it does not come supposedly naturally when our original nature as a species has been conditioned and programmed by being raised inside what is basically a grossly inhumane society, in fact, an inhumane world. Too bad, so sad.

To be humane is a state of consciousness that is obtained through conscious effort, through study, reflection and introspection; it is earned through seeing through the blur of tears shed in times of sadness and exasperation; overcoming inner fears fomented from our own shadowy insecurities; and sometimes just feeling our way through in the dark knowing the truth is out there to be found in bit and pieces by the dedicated truth seeker.

To survive as a species we must evolve and discover our humanness; create new words in order to define and explain new connected realities; perform new bold actions with courage and conviction despite what the maddening crowd shouts or popular opinion dictates.

To echo through the eons: a true humane being must have tender care, conscious concern and loving compassion for all innocent beings. Our inner humaneness must be exhibited through outer compassionate action! Some human beings are just plain evil and have lost their sense of humanity. We know some have said with mere words that they would die for their beliefs, but who is willing to live up to their beliefs? Who is willing to kill for their beliefs and what exactly are we suppose to kill?

The great changes that must take place are not transformative changes in our economic systems, our governments and/or out institutions alone. That would be too easy and there has never been a real global revolution. For revolution to come true it must be global, not regional, but global in order to impact on the dominant world social order.

On the cosmic level the real transformation must take place within our own souls. The revolution begins in the soul, with eliminating our character defects and easing our personal shortcomings to the best of our capacity. For there to be an outer revolution, there must first be an inner revolution.

We do not want to go through all these historic struggles merely to be ruled by a new set of tyrants with a new flag and new national identity. We must all come together as one humane family and know that great transformations in the world demand great sacrifices!

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta
Come Together! Join Up! Seize the Time!


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Love what you said below just want you to know.
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Gracias Aztatl ~ Clearly we need to work on mass mobilization and it all begins in our own inner consciousness. The repressed mentality is marked by a desire for a fear of the truth, a desire for and fear of freedom, a desire for and fear of organization lest we lose our ego-centric individuality.
In connected reality, there are not United Nations, there can be no true independent nation when the Amerikan Empire rules the roost! Nationhood cannot be only a subjective state of mind with the hand holding a flimsy flag, it must manifest in objective existence with the ownership and control of the viable social institutions in our lives.
In connected reality, there are no United States. Despite the narrow election of President Obama and his regime the so-called United States are still divided based upon various labels: Democrats vs. Republicans; Left vs. Right; North vs. South; White vs. Black; Citizens vs. Immigrants.
As an endangered species of life we need to evolve into a higher consciousness that bonds us together as one humane family surviving day-by-day, seeking to meet our basic survival needs, working together, loving together and knowing the grand strategic aim of toppling and transforming the Amerikan Empire by any means mandatory.
We can never lose so long as we never give up!
Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta
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A Thanksgiving Day message:
false hopes otra vez
The U.N., the epitome of neo-liberalism, & the g8 wolves in sheep's clothing which are never satiated, make a nice married couple, both oppose our people's organizations to improve our lives by sidetracking the work we need to do in order to change our lives, Everyone by right of birth deserves the food, medicine, work, education and land that we need...
On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 9:39 PM, PETER S LOPEZ <peter.lopez51@> wrote:
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ActionAid (Washington,  DC)
Africa: World Food Summit throws away chance to stop one billion going hungry

18 November 2009

press release
The UN World Food Summit threw away a great chance to stop more than one billion people going hungry.
"You would think that the 20 per cent jump in the number of hungry since 2005, would spur determined and decisive action. But the World Food Summit failed to make any major breakthroughs. And the G8 leaders didn't even bother turning up.  Warm words don't fill empty stomachs," said Adriano Campolina, ActionAid's Regional Director for Latin America. ~CUT HERE~

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