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Aztatl y Elena> U.S. Social Forum, Detroit, MI, 2010


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Gracias for sharing with all of us! It looks like there is a Great Depression going on there in Detroit and it is certainly going on in other sectors of the country, especially in the ghettos/barrios. Working in an Emergency Shelter I see the misery of it all first hand. We cannot go by government pronouncements.

What may be a major recession for the middle-class is actually a great depression for the lower classes. A lot of people are losing their homes, their jobs, their anchors and even their ethics/morals/principles.

I was born, bred and raised here in Sacramento, California; have been in East Los Angeles a few times and lived in Phoenix for a few years.

I am a Moderator for Network Aztlan News Yahoo Group. Those who receive this Email should feel free to join up! On the Internet World Wide Web we as a people are too damn scattered out for each of us to have our own little flags and little websites, and then expect to have at least a national impact with international potential. Besides the frontlines of battle for us are the streets with the lions, tigers, bears and wolves!

As a distinct people we tend to isolate ourselves and not integrate with others. In solidarity, we need to be able to accept constructive criticism and make the necessary changes in our personal lives mandatory for us to come together and have a real impact on our planet.

Hell, we cannot even have a common term to identify ourselves as a people: Latinos, Chicanos, La Raza, Native-Americans?!?! La Raza seems to be more relevant in relation to those of our people in the U.S. Southwest, though Latinos can include Puerto Ricans in New York. In a way these ethnic identities are a form of tribalism that once divided the indigenous native peoples of these lands with genocidal results. We cannot let ourselves be divided based upon the illusion of any form of cultural nationalism. A culture in-and-of-itself does not constitute a real genuine nation. A real nation must have its own protected borders, social institutions, army, police and administrative apparatus. If you cannot keep out Amerikan Warlords you are NOT an Independent Nation.

Let us wisely use the Internet on various platforms, create connected websites, engineer matrixes and post pertinent comments on national newspapers online. We know we are not invisible. On a level of unity consciousness we are of all peoples, all cultures and certainly all colors, shades and skin tones. We need to purge any paranoid delusions!

Let the whole world know that we a unique diverse native-indigenous people who are all here in our splendid millions and will remain here and further populate the planet with our seeds. We are human beings of the human race and should strive to be ever more humane as humane beings in unity with all of the Creatures of the Creator!

Those of us inside the United States are already geographically positioned to impact on international events. Watch Venezuela! Que Viva Hugo! Watch Latin America! Watch Detroit!

P.S. For Rolando ~We should cultivate our romance with the Creator, with the people and with our higher self, not mere individual passing heart pangs. Mortal lovers come and go, sooner or later!

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta

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Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 8:39 AM
Subject: Re: U.S. Social Forum, Detroit, MI, 2010
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you should not say those things
you made me weep for our gente
still suffering
we all came from the fields to Detroit
we all helped build this nation y paque?
I often wonder
until I hear the Indio-Mexicano- Xikano
voices from the D, Detroit, still loud and clear,
!si se puede!
I spoke with Rolando G. the other day
he is having a rough time with a new romance
he needs our prayers
On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 8:15 AM, Elena Herrada <elenamherrada@> wrote:


You would not recognize the place. Once proud Detroiters, treating cars like Chicanos treat shoes, shining them up and carressing them, never any dents or missing hubcaps, now all that is gone. People drive beaters and no one has money to pay that expensive insurance to repair any minor or major body damage. Now buildings are empty and people are homeless.

The train station stands empty and always a set for movie makers and tourists coming to gawk at the Decline of auto... no one could have imagined that our schools would be boarded up, no grocery store chains exist inside Detroit, you can shoot a cannon down Grand River, or Michigan. But we remain and we struggle. We invite the world to come for the Social Forum and see what capitalism means, and see what the indominable human spirit of Detroit looks like. We invite all to our humble home to walk with us and let us engage in conversations and work with others from other places and other traditions and other experiences. We have to manage to deal with each other in the massive planning of this event, and it is not easy. Race rules all interactions and it won't be subordinated to anything without clear intentional struggle. And of course, we are always outside that Black White binary in BLACK WHITE Detroit. It is not easy.

But life lived in the struggle is a life worth living, and life outside the struggle is no life at all.

But then there is W. Vernor. It jumps from morning to night. Sundays are like the San Antonio River Walk.... Western High School is a hub of activity that empties out youthful life into the park and onto Vernor, bringing hope of better days and adding new flavor to our long warmed over Chicano stew... new immigrants make us remember our Spanish, lost in collective memory, nearly beaten out of Repatriados, not dead, by lying in wait to be kissed by the newcomers, bringing our cultural memory back to us. We are restored. We are one, even if we are all under siege now.

My father told me it had been years since he was discriminated against as a Mexican; it wasn't until all the new people came that it rose to the surface again. For some, there was never a moment of reprieve, and we are reminded of others' struggles, which we do not want for ourselves. We have no choice but to throw in with them. Why should some be free and others still be in chains? Who decides?

My parents live in North Carolina now. My father, now retired from Chrysler for 23 years, lives well and buys whatever car he wants and their pension allows them to live well. They are in good health, have benefits and pension and they will be the last generation to have the promise of Detroit, the Promised Land.

So named because one could change one's life without changing one's class.

Viva Detroit!

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Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 7:37 AM
Subject: Re: On The Road, poem
To: Aztatl Garza aztatlxikano@

Another world is possible.
Another US is necessary.
Another Detroit is happening.

Un otro mundo es posible.
Un otro EEUU es necesario.
Un otro Detroit esta pasando.

US Social Forum
June 21-26, 2010
Detroit, MI
gracias homie, it makes me lonely for the streets again
people wonder how you do it, year after year without fail...
we appreciate you- jose aztatl garza
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