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Aztatl Garza> Re: Toman su familia en un abrazo bien fuerte. Hold your families in a tight embrace.

Gracias Aztatl ~ Clearly we need to work on mass mobilization and it all begins in our own inner consciousness. The repressed mentality is marked by a desire for a fear of the truth, a desire for and fear of freedom, a desire for and fear of organization lest we lose our ego-centric individuality.

In connected reality, there are not United Nations, there can be no true independent nation when the Amerikan Empire rules the roost! Nationhood cannot be only a subjective state of mind with the hand holding a flimsy flag, it must manifest in objective existence with the ownership and control of the viable social institutions in our lives.

In connected reality, there are no United States. Despite the narrow election of President Obama and his regime the so-called United States are still divided based upon various labels: Democrats vs. Republicans; Left vs. Right; North vs. South; White vs. Black; Citizens vs. Immigrants.

As an endangered species of life we need to evolve into a higher consciousness that bonds us together as one humane family surviving day-by-day, seeking to meet our basic survival needs, working together, loving together and knowing the grand strategic aim of toppling and transforming the Amerikan Empire by any means mandatory.

We can never lose so long as we never give up!
Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. López, Jr. aka~Peta
Come Together! Join Up! Seize the Time!


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A Thanksgiving Day message:
false hopes otra vez
The U.N., the epitome of neo-liberalism, & the g8 wolves in sheep's clothing which are never satiated, make a nice married couple, both oppose our people's organizations to improve our lives by sidetracking the work we need to do in order to change our lives, Everyone by right of birth deserves the food, medicine, work, education and land that we need.

So many people around the world falsely believe that the UN is the only hope we have and will do nothing to oppose it, train it by infusing everyday people, off the street if there are no trustworthy politicians,  because billions of people are going to go hungry ? The UN is famous for teetering on the fence. Their twin is reflected in the sold out labor unions which lose millions of dollars in contract concession's that belong to unionized workers who create the wealth of the world.

Open your eyes and hearts amerika. The greed thickens, a juicy gravy for the wealthy.

Thanksgiving day needs to be synonymous with our commitment to create organizations at the work place and community level to make change happen.

Clearly, we must do it ourselves. Obviously we cannot trust anyone else.

~~~~this here is brother aztatl broadcasting from the barrio near the reservation system that confines and abandons our indigenous brothers and sisters, often to poverty and violence~~~~ organize

If I am elected I promise not only one scrawny anorexic chicken in every pot, but a giant turkey (and all the fixings) that cannot fit into an overwhelming  cauldron of good will; not just 40 acres and a broken down mule, but a hundred acres to each person to share with everyone else, and to share with all the plants and animals of our Earth Mother, who nurtures and feeds us...
Toman su familia en un abrazo bien fuerte.
Hold your families in a tight embrace.
Have fun this holiday season, we deserve it. 
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ActionAid (Washington,  DC)

Africa: World Food Summit throws away chance to stop one billion going hungry

18 November 2009

press release

The UN World Food Summit threw away a great chance to stop more than one billion people going hungry.

"You would think that the 20 per cent jump in the number of hungry since 2005, would spur determined and decisive action. But the World Food Summit failed to make any major breakthroughs. And the G8 leaders didn't even bother turning up.  Warm words don't fill empty stomachs," said Adriano Campolina, ActionAid's Regional Director for Latin America.

One of the biggest issues left untackled was the challenge of food security and agriculture while the reformed UN Committee on Food Security is still without sufficient funds, risking it becoming just a talking shop.

Smallholder farmers in developing countries are still vulnerable to the harmful effects of climate change as no signals were sent to Copenhagen to provide ADDITIONAL resources to help them adapt.

"The World Food Summit announced the need to increase production by 70 per cent in order to feed growing populations of up to 9 billion by 2050 through bio-technology," said Francisco Sarmento, ActionAid's head of food rights.

"But we need to fundamentally re-think the way we grow food if we are to sustain people and the planet in future.

"Evidence shows that supporting small family farms with ecologically sound farming practices is the way forward. Agriculture is currently contributing to around 30% of climate change emissions and is degrading the environment. Something needs to change – and fast."

The summit offered more of the same – with increased use of'biotechnology' .  "World leaders have overlooked the opportunity to follow more sustainable options helping to mitigate climate change and feed the world," said Sarmento.

"Governments should have declared that any climate change agreement in Copenhagen should commit resources IN ADDITION to existing aid budgets to help smallholder farmers adapt to climate change."

Meanwhile in the last seven days, nearly 180,000 citizens from around the world have signed a joint Avaaz-ActionAid petition calling on G8 governments to deliver, in full, the $20 billion developing country agriculture and food security package pledged last July.

On World Food Day, hundreds of thousands of people rallied across 25 countries, with ActionAid demanding that governments 'free the billion hungry people' and take action at the World Food Summit.  L'Aquila was a welcome step in the right direction but there must now be a timetable for disbursement, ensuring the pledge is delivered in full, with genuinely new funds.

President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, announcing this week that one fifth of the G8 money would come from the EC, failed to mention that any of it was new," said Francisco Sarmento, ActionAid's Head of Food Rights.

"His pledge was a repacking of existing commitments, such as funds from the one billion euro food facility approved last December, the food security thematic programme and the European Development Fund."

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