Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome Christine! New Humane-Rights-Agenda Group Member! Visit today!

Friday, September 18th ~ Welcome Christine! It is early in the morning here in Sacra and still dark outside. I woke up really early today... about 4 AM. Sometimes I wake up and all these thoughts rush into my consciousness.

Please feel free to give us a brief introduction of yourself in terms of who you are, what your general interets are, what other groups you may belong to and how we can make this a better more responsive online group. There is a network group below with another company that has chat built into the group Home Page, unlike this Yahoo one.

I want to delete the dead weight here, believe that quality is more important than quantity and some folks have their Email addresses disabled or they are no longer functional.

I prefer to have all Group Members Edit Membership to at least receive rare Special Notices.

If someone Joins, never posts and seems to be invisible I wonder why they joined in the first place?!? An impulsive moment? For an obscure resume?

Ideally, we want to get a lot of real humane rights activists up on here so we can share, learn from each other and make it a better humane world for all of us.

The concept of HUMANE is not just a play on the word 'human'. The ideal of a humane rights agenda is for us to have common ground for communicating and working together as humane  beings. A humane being will have care, concern and compassion for the people; as distinct from a human being who could simply bge a carnivorous mammal.

There is a systematic method to any apparent madness of mine.

So welcome! Remember my saying that sharing is caring.

It is early here in California and we will see what we will see.  I am employed as a Counselor-Caseworker at a homeless shelter, learn a lot about what is really going on with people in the real world and post up when I can. I believe it is important for us to integrate and diversify our lives in ways that make us more and more happy, humane and balanced.

P.S. I want us all to make sure to have a Yahoo Account and to put some meat in our Profile. The world is undergoing dramatic changes, there are a lot of troubles in society and many souls are riddled with fears. Thanks to the Power of the Internet in these traumatic times humane beings can reach out to each other, get moral-spiiritual support and combat the individualistic isolation of many.

Fear not, open up and let your inner beauty open up and blossom!


Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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Come Together! Join Up! Seize theTime!


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Thank you~

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Subject: Yahoo! Groups: Welcome to Humane-Rights-Agenda. Visit today!
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009, 10:29 PM

Welcome to the Humane Rights Agenda Yahoo Group! A free, easy-to-use Email Group for sharing News, Information and Discussion related to the fight for humane rights worldwide.

Our Group Focus is to help provide a forum for people on the Main Topic of humane rights issues and related subjects.

We support open honest communications with mutual respect, not cyber attacks. As humane beings, we seek common ground based upon our common survival interests with common sense!

We live in times of troubles, human beings are an endangered species and Mother Earth is in  danger. Let us use Internet Power wisely.

You can decide whether to view Messages via Individual E-Mails, Daily Digest, Special Notices or Only at the Group Home Page.

TO VISIT the Humane Rights Agenda Yahoo Group Home Page
Go to=

To POST MESSAGES to Humane Rights Agenda Group Members
Email to=

Email to=

After you JOIN UP, PLEASE POST YOUR OWN SELF-INTRODUCTION so we can all get to know each other better. We want to know about social issues you are involved in and your social interests!

When applicable include an URL or Websource in your post to verify the source of your information, plus, for further research by other Members.

To see and modify Yahoo Group you belong to check out:

Check out the Humane-Rights-Agenda Blog!

Let Us Strive Together Towards A New Humane World!
Peter S. Lopez {aka Peta}~~Moderator
Humane Rights Agenda Yahoo Group {HRA}

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