Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Residents Fear Mather Community Campus May Be Closed


Budget Cuts Threatens Families

Residents Fear Mather Community Campus May Be Closed

UPDATED: 11:51 am PDT September 22, 2009
The Mather Community Campus is a place where families can rebuild their lives."There given hope here," said Carolyn Brodt, the Director of Emergency Housing Center.The campus gives them hope in the form of and education, job skills, a stable place to live."Now we are taking away their hope. Their hope for a future," Brodt said.

Tuesday night hundreds of men, women and children came together for some potentially bad news. Facing more budget cuts, Sacramento County could shut down part or all transitional housing program and close the campus altogether.

"They can say they are going to help us all they want, but you see what is happening," said Misty Cantu, who lives on campus. "I think my children will end up homeless or I am going to have to give them up."Many families and single adults have come from the streets, are beating drug and alcohol addictions. Now, they said they feel their being kicked back to those streets.

"I have no where to go with them and it tears my heart apart," said Tina Todd, who also live on campus.Todd has four children and she said if the program is shut down her life will be torn apart."Its not something that I can put into words. I don't want to loose my kids because I have no where to live," Todd said.

People who work here, helping these families rebuild there lives said putting all these people back on the streets will have a huge impact on the county."You think we have a fiscal problem now," said Clint Bunting, a youth development specialist. "Add 100 kids, 50 families back on the streets -- it's going to be multiplied."

Even the director of human assistance, Bruce Wagstaff, said cutting the program will impact other services. But he said they have to cut something."It's extremely hard to cut the programs to the bone. This has been a charge that has been given to all directors of county all directors are facing difficult choices as part of our role in this deficit."The County Board of Supervisors will discuss cuts to Mather Community Campus Tuesday.


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