Monday, September 07, 2009

Read: Safe Ground Rally this Thursday at City Hall ~ Sacramento

Gracias-Thanks for the heads up Sister Libby! I am on 'Vacation' all this week so I have the time and opportunity to devote to other areas, including doing my laundry! Fortunately I have the means to do my laundry and I am blessed to have my own sanctuary here safe at home for me to work on my personal spiritual growth and have a place where I can just 'be' in my being without being troubled and harassed by the local police simply because I am 'being' in public.

If our Mayor and City Council were really wise they would see the wisdom of providing safeground for the homeless to have a place where they can dig in for the night just to have a safe night's sleep if they have no regular home where they can go to sleep in relative safety.

The City of Sacramento has 99+ square miles and should be able to vote ONE CITY BLOCK for safe ground for homeless refugees in the its streets!!!!!!

City Council

Yes,  many of the homeless ~ our domestic refugees ~ have personal life problems
they need to address, including unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness and a vast array of personal problems that many millions of other people have who are blessed to have their own homes indoors ~ hidden from public view.

How many people are home miserable getting stoned out of their minds or silently suffering from a complete mental-spiritual breakdown?!?!

To have a home as a safe sanctuary is a basic humane right ~ the right to decent housing ~ the right to privacy ~ the right to a private bathroom ~ the right to a place for our personal possessions ~ the right to have safe bedding at night!

These are basic fundamental rights that are essential to one being a social being in society ~ basic humane rights that are often taken for granted by many without a second thought ~ basic humane rights that should never be violated by anyone,
any government, any state power!

Each and every human being upon Mother Earth has a sacred right to safe ground, a sacred right where one can 'be' a human being! We are human beings! We have sacred human rights!

I will be there Thursday, September 10, 2009 at City Hall Plaza at 10 AM!

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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Come Together! Join Up! Seize the Time!

From: Sister Libby
To: "Sister Libby Fernandez, RSM"
Sent: Monday, September 7, 2009 10:48:08 AM
Subject: Safe Ground Rally this Thursday at City Hall

There will be a:
Safe Ground Rally
This Thursday, September 10, 2009
10 am-11 am
City Hall Plaza

I am working on getting bus transportation for our guests to City Hall and back for lunch at Loaves & Fishes.

Sister Libby Fernandez, RSM
Sacramento Loaves & Fishes
Executive Director
1321 North C Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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