Thursday, September 03, 2009

Read: Invitation from Alberto and Linda~Four Winds Society

Gracias-Thank You for the Invitation! I am probably not going to be
able to make it but I support Four Winds. People need to learn more
about the connections between spiritual enlightenment and social
issues, including humane rights in general.

We need to not only transform the present status quo, right the wrongs
of government but in the process change and transform ourselves.

I am following on Facebook too!

Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. Lopez {aka:Peta}
Sacramento, California,Aztlan
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Come Together! Join Up! Seize the Time!


From: The Four Winds Society <>
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Subject: Invitation from Alberto and Linda

The Four Winds Society


A Note from Alberto and Linda: 

Dear Friends, 

We welcome you on this Journey and into a world of magic, mystery, miracles, and healing. Ultimately this journey is about you embarking on your personal healing - to discover the Shaman within; the explorer who seeks to experience the diversity of possibilities that we have available to us in this lifetime.  

Please join us for the Healing the Light Body Session One which starts November 7-12, in Joshua Tree, California at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.  

In the Healing the Light Body School you will learn how to breakdown this wall of separation that keeps us isolated, alone, and disconnected from Life.  You learn to transform and participate in the alchemy of evolution and to mediate between energy and matter and between the sacred and the material worlds. 

This journey will take you beyond linear thinking and into a world where you have an opportunity to explore beyond your current belief system; a real-life adventure into a world where the visible meets the invisible. 

If you have any questions about the Healing the Light Body Session One and the Master courses or the Expeditions to Peru in the summer of 2010, please contact my office and ask for Kelly or Judy, or you may email them at or  

Please come join us and create not only your destiny but help craft the destiny for your families and for the world. This is the most incredible time to be truly present for. A deep thank you for us both for wanting to dream the world into being! 

Alberto and Linda

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