Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re: [Sacramento Homeless] New comment on Mayor hopeful, committed to meeting needs of city'....

OK... no hard feelings and I do not take it personally. You have your own resentments to deal with and I will pray for your enlightenment. I know you have your own personal agenda and prejudices, including those against Loaves and Fishes and all its so-called $$$.

My basic agenda has always been a humane rights agenda, I believe it is important to set an example for others who we come into contact with in or own personal lives ~ that is  why I mentioned my past. I know I am a miracle redeemed by Jesus Christ and Creator God, as are many others I know in my life who have gotten out of their past darkness and walk in the light of enlightenment. I surely do not need your blog to advertise if that is my aim. I just believe that sharing is caring. I got to get back to work. Regret the distraction and I will see you up the road. Adios!



Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta

Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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I am removing your comment because I don't see how it relates to blogpost you are commenting on, and because you seem to be advertising yourself.
-- Tom Armstrong

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I am glad to see this Sacramento Homeless Blog and am a humane rights activist, including being an advocate for the humane rights of homeless refugees who have fallen through the cracks of the torn and tattered social safety in present-day society. I came up out of the bushes by the Sacramento River by Ol Sac several years ago dirty, hungover and humbled. I now have several years clean, sane and sober. I am now employed as a Counselor-Caseworker at a local Emergency Shelter. I will help as I can as I continue to walk a path with heart. Sister Libby, a great humane being, knows hoe to get in contact with me. ~Peter S. Lopez aka Peta~
Email: peter.lopez51{at}

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