Sunday, September 13, 2009

Re: Elvira> Re: Serena & Racism

Hola Elvira ~ Gracias.. then we are in agreement: THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE OF PEOPLE UPON MOTHER EARTH!

I am coming off one week's vacation, have a meeting this evening then it is back to Camp Chaos tomorrow. I work at the Salvation Army  Emergency Shelter here in Sacramento.

When I was young my father told me about there only being one race, but having all the answers at sixteen I just thought he was being conservative or even reactionary. Now that I am older, wiser and relatively more knowledgeable I agree with him nowadays on issues we use to argue over back in the day. In fact, I know I am actually ignorant of all that I do now know, so that is most of what is actually knowable.

HOWEVER, this is not to say that there is no such thing as what we perceive as racism, nor does thiat discount the bulk of analyzes on racism, such as those by Malcolm X. It is to say that we need to be more accurate and scientific in our assessments. Much of what we perceive as racism is better seen when we comprehend that the notion of racism is actually a man-made social construction, in fact, it was first widely used by the Spanish Empire to rationalize their treating the indigenous natives of these lands {called America by many but lands I now refer to as Aztlan ~ our land} as these people being less than a full human being, thus, inferior.

A lot of what we perceive as racism is actually a kind of culturalism in terms of seeing one specific culture as superior to another one. A lot of people have been confused over all this stuff over these last several decades, but we are alive and learning!

Yes, there is only one race but much diversity in this dominant race based upon superficial matters: skin color, hair texture, native language, dress and customs.
Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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1.there is really only one race of people, the human race.
I agree,

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Yep.... racism is alive and well... no worries on that score... yet there is really only one race of people, the human race. A lot of so-called racism is actually bias and prejudice, plus, a false sense of cultural superiority.
Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka ~Peta-de-Aztlan~
Sacramento, California, Aztlan
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Subject: Humane-Rights- Agenda Serena


Serena's LAST face off with the same player:

"It was nasty and it developed into blatant racism. Now, eight years after the crowd booed Serena Williams's victory over Kim Clijsters in the women's final at Indian Wells,"

Also see:

Returning Volleys

"Given U.S. racial history, I wrote summarily, it is easy to consider that the loud booing of Serena owed partly to her being, as a black woman, perceived as an intruder."

Richard Williams

"When Venus and I were walking down the stairs to our seats, people kept calling me nigger," Richard Williams told USA Today. "One guy said: `I wish it was '75." (referencing the Los Angeles uprising).

He went on, 'we'd skin you alive' "That's when I stopped and walked toward that way. Then I realised that [my] best bet was to handle the situation non-violently. I had trouble holding back tears."

Tennis Umpires

Were "subjected to racial slurs . . . limited opportunities in a hostile work environment. "

Fear of the Williams Sisters

"Venus and Serena just seem out of place in the lily-white world of professional tennis."

Williams' Sisters Expose Tennis' Racist Heart

Williams Era

"McEnroe implored Chris Russo, the show's host to "move on to the men" after apparently talking too long about Venus and Serena's domination of the women's draw.

McEnroe calls Serena's Behavior Unacceptable - The Same Conduct That Made Him Famous

http://www.terryhow closeup.asp? cid=9&pid=248&offset=7

Liberate Brother Leonard Peltier and Prisoners of Amerikan Fascism!
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