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Humane-Rights-Agenda Special Message from Group Moderator: Peter S. Lopez aka Peta-de-Aztlan

September 14, 2009 @9:14 PM-PST

Greetings All ~ I started up this Group BEFORE 911 and I am always proud of that fact and the consciousness that we had at the time to get it going. Cougar Dan, Shelly, Norma and a few others are still alive around here in cyberspace and posting from time to time. During times when I have no regular Internet Access I found that this group kind of has a life of its own and really requires little monitoring or management.

I just Approved eighteen (18) messages that were pending and I do not really know why they were in 'pending' mode. The Yahoo Corporation has its tinkerers too!

Remember you can go to the Group Home Page and Edit Membership in terms of how you all receive Messages, though I want us all to be open to at least receive estremely rare Special Notices.

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I generally try to be concise and to the point when I write, especially as I just do not have all the time I might want to spend on writing. I am gradually trying to get more of a flow in my writing and hope that it all comes out in a smooth readable way. I usually speak the words I write outloud when I am here by myself in my sanctuary... that is an old native way of being an orator and storyteller.

We should keep the primary focus in our Emails on our Group's core central theme of HUMANE RIGHTS in general. Over time I created the Humane-Rights- Agenda Blog and now there is a Humane-Rights- Agenda-Network with

http://humane- rights-agenda. blogspot. com/

http://humane- rights-agenda- network.ning. com/

Nowadays I am the Moderator for several groups, have several Blogs and actually have a kind of presence on the Internet, including with You Tube. Sometimes Groups on the Internet can be kind of a Tower of Babel and many do not really read each other or take the time to respond to each other via the Group Forum.

We should try to use our own creative imagination, engage in experimentation and be open to new ways of looking at old things ~ transforming our perceptions transforms conceptions and motivates new forms of compassionate action. Creative intuitive improvisation will give us new tactics!!!


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http://www.ning. com/

Now I am generally a busy man when I am awake, work full time as a Counselor-Casework in a homeless shelter, have a Christian spiritual ministry for recovering addicts and am expanding more into 'spiritual realms'.

With the revisionism of the old People's Republic of China, the dictatorial ways of the Cuban government in terms of blocking outgoing emigration and the collapse of the old Soviet Union, plus other major setbacks in the former Socialist Bloc, I have come to the understanding that what we must change is not only economic systems from the present dominance of corportate capitalism to various forms of democratic socialism, but more importantly we must transform our own individual characters: eradicate our character defects {the seven deadly sins for starters}, stifle our personal shortcomings and exorcise our own inner demons.

Just using the term 'demons' can spur atheistic prejudices but sometimes I use words in ways that are often left up to the reader to ponder upon. Let's just say that we all have a dark shadow side or shadow aspects of our souls, our personalities, our consciousness or whatever term you want to utilize to fill in the blanks in relation to remnants of our own ignorance, our own stupidity, our own insanity.

Typed words in an Email cannot possibly convey the actual emotion, tone and tenor of what one is trying to convey in real life in real time. Words themselves are extremely limiting in order to fully express ourselves, yet words do have a great power to raise consciousness, to encourage our spirits and to enlighten our souls. There is the spoken word, the written word and the silent word.

A lot of us do not take the time to actually write our throughts out, do not take the time to expres our innermost thoughts and many are fearful of debate, fearful of dialogue and fearful of being criticized by others. We can post from other News Sources yet we should not undervalue our own creative writings.

We should strive for unity, for harmony, for soiidarity among each other, especially when we can agree on the basics of what is going on in the world in relation to the true needs, dreams and aspirations of the masses of people. At other times we can agree to disagree, yet still keep a mutual respect for each other as HUMANE BEINGS!

Remember, for better or worse, we are all in the human family and sometimes folks in the same family argue, bicker and disagree with each other, yet we still remain family.
Even though few of us have met face to face in real life in real time we should still strive to have a loving respect for each other because in the end we all should want love, peace and happiness. Strive if it does not come naturally or lovingly.

So we should be careful what we profess in our Messages. For example, some fanatical Christians rail about demons and Satan and give the forces of darkness more audience than they should have, as distinct from shining the light of truth on our lives and on the lies we may accept in our lives without a conscious awareness, without an ever higher consciousness. Plus, we need to create, to innovate and come out and preach the gospel of good new and not always bitch and complain about what is wrong and forget all about what is going right in the world. All is not dark. We are not defeated! We will win!

Patrick Swayze died today of pancreatic cancer at the same age as I am of fifty-seven (57) years with his courage and common sense wisdom. Let us all recognize that life is very fragile, it can be extinguished like puffing out a candle and tomorrow is not a sure guarantee for any of us. Shit happens!... I mean.... Life happens!

Fight the good fight. Sometimes we can type Private in the Subject Line and send an Email to another Group Member and not necessarily do our dirty laundry outside on the Group Level. All-in-all, we have some beautiful people here in the Humane-Rights- Agenda and I know that someday we will meet in one dimension or another.

Please forgive my dereliction of duty to the Group at times and know that I strive to keep a delicate balance in my life between my time online, my time offline and my time inline in my own personal private life.

I am single with no children, thus I have the time and situation to do what I do here online. For example, I was going to go to White Bison Meeting at the local Sacramento Native American Health Center, but after a hard days work at our local refugee camp I took a catnap and woke up too late to go. Thus, here I am in full view of my own personal imperfections.

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Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!
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