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FYI: Rights of Indigenous People of the US

Rights of Indigenous People of the US

Native American Grave Protection Laws and Culture
Native Americans and Land
Tribal  Sovereignty
Treaties - Soverenity  and American Indians
The Demise of the Ongwehoweh
People v. Hall, (1854).
Recognition of Isle De Jean Charles as a Native American Tribe
Indian Redress: How the West Was Stolen
Allotment Act of 1891
Native Sense - Marshall Triology
Dawes Act 1887
Indian Removal Act (1830)
A Bird's Eye View of Native American Law
States and The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Violation of Human Rights of Native Americans

Bibliography on Related Law Review Articles

Lengel, James H., The Role of International Law in the Development of Constitutional Jurisprudence in the Supreme Court: the Marshall Court and American Indians. 43 American Journal of Legal History 117-132 (April 1999)


Rights of Indigenous People:
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